Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angel S5: Eps 7, 8, 9

5.7 Lineage
5.8 Destiny
5.9 Harm's Way

For my lengthy analyses of these episodes, follow along in Once Bitten.

This week marks a turn in the events, with "Lineage" and "Destiny," two great episodes. As I've mentioned, Wesley is my favourite character in the Whedonverse, and every time the writers throw Wesley for another loop, my heart sinks for him, but soars for me as a television viewer, watching the extraordinary Alexis Denisof sink Wesley deeper and deeper into himself. The torment he endures in "Lineage" shows us that Dark Wesley wasn't a new thing, and perhaps was inevitable if that was really his upbringing. The Wesley we were first introduced to in S3 of Buffy was covering a lot of pain. (Despite the sadness of the end of this episode, we get that fantastic line from Spike where he mentions the events from "Lies My Parents Told Me.")

In "Destiny" Angel realizes he's got some competition for greatness, and of all creatures to pose a threat to him... it's SPIKE. I love the race for the Cup of Perpetual Torment.

"Harm's Way" is ok, but it distracts from the overall building tension of the season.


Marebabe said...

I don’t know if I’ve shared this before, but very often, action sequences bore me. (Car chases, too. *yawn*) But in the opening minutes of “Lineage”, we had a truly exceptional action sequence, one that made my socks roll up and down. I am referring, of course, to the moment when we saw Wesley, in slow motion, leaping sideways and firing two guns! Anyone who has seen the movie, “Hot Fuzz”, will know why I found that so delightful. As soon as I saw that Wes was holding two pistols, I thought, “Oh please oh please.” And I got my wish! Such fun!

AND we got electric cyborg ninjas and people leaping through glass windows? This was one of the best actiony openers EVER!

I was surprised when Eve talked so matter-of-factly to Angel about Connor, and he wasn’t at all shocked that she knew about him. It’s been established that she is the liaison to the Senior Partners, but what ELSE is she?

When Wesley’s dad called him an “embarrassing failure” as a Watcher, he was saying that the Watchers’ Council was embarrassed about him, right? That statement didn’t ring true for me, because the Council was always hidden from the public and super-secret, right? It’s not like anything Wesley ever did was being reported and criticized in the press. It seems clear to me that the Council wasn’t embarrassed before the public. Rather, Roger felt embarrassed before the Council.

When Wesley said, “The books are safe where they are”, I thought the books were going to burst into flames right then. I’ve been trained to expect Whedony irony.

I didn’t like Wesley’s dad from the start, because of his despicable habit of belittling his son. But when he bashed Wes on the head and did his spy thing in the vault (“Phase one complete.”), that sealed the deal for me. I can never be friends with Roger Wyndam-Pryce.

What was the point of having a spotlight from a police helicopter illuminating the drama on the roof? The police were not involved at all. Or was that a W&H helicopter? I just found it confusing.

I was wondering if Fred noticed how intolerable Wesley found the threat to her safety. (Please, Fred – notice!) I mean, it’s OBVIOUS to viewers like me that he cares deeply for her. And I really wanted a final scene between the two of them. So happy when we got it. So happy when Fred began to move toward Wes. THEN stupid Knox had to interrupt. I didn’t realize it before, but I hate Knox!

Marebabe said...

I enjoyed the heck out of “Destiny”. All the way through. But even in a stellar episode, there can be nitpicks and downright oopsies. For me, all of these minor distractions were crowded into the abandoned opera house sequence. Taken together, the mistakes reminded me of westerns made in the 1960s, where the women had teased 1960s hairdos and were wearing bras, not corsets. Careless stuff like that.

That conspicuous beam of light shining down on the pedestal with the cup was supposed to be sunlight, right? Streaming in from a hole in the roof? Everyone knows that the Earth is spinning AND tilted on its axis, and beams of sunlight are among the least constant things on the planet. Also, as Spike reached for the cup, his hand should’ve started to sizzle in the light.

Before we knew that the fancy cup was a fake, I was thinking that it and everything else in the place would’ve been caked with about an inch of dust, and any liquid in it would’ve been evaporated long ago.

I was mighty distracted by those pieces of rebar that Angel and Spike were dueling with. Distracted with thoughts of when was modern rebar invented? As near as I can tell, no one in Wikipedia-land knows for sure. It may have been around 1875-ish. Regardless, one thing I know for sure about rebar is that it rusts like a sumbitch. Those rebar sticks would’ve been completely RED with rust.

By the way, Nikki, I loved the list of Angel nicknames in your book. I ran across them while reading about this week’s episodes.

Marebabe said...

“Harm’s Way” seemed to have almost nothing to do with the larger story of Angel S5 (says this first-time viewer). Maybe you long-time Angel fans are now snickering and saying, “Just you wait!” Watching this episode made me think of someone stepping off a still-moving cable car in San Francisco, suddenly changing direction and pace. Actually, by the end of the episode I was strongly reminded of all the stand-alone episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You’d have your strange-looking aliens (demons, check), and/or put the spotlight on one particular character, like Reginald Barkley (Harmony, check), and resolve the central conflict in a (usually) surprising and (always) eminently satisfying way. Anyway, for all its formulaic aspects, I really enjoyed this episode. It was different, and I liked getting to know Harmony better.

P.S. There is a possibility that next week, the 24th, I will be later than usual posting comments. Nobody panic. It may be as late as Wednesday evening before I get to share my thoughts on Angel with you, but I will be here!

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Pretty sure the heavy Dante was Scott Schwartz, a stunt man who started on Buffy and played the vampire Buffy fought for the weakening Glory orb.

Where the heck were the ninja cybogs from? Doctor Who? El diablo robotica? How did the fake Roger know so much about Wesley? One clue to it's fakeness - the Slayers would never allow Roger and his yahoos to take over again.

Spike must have some particular need to discuss the embarrassing aspects of his sex life - robots, his mom...

Roger wears white male privilege like a crown - and I suspect from Wes' reaction to the cyborg that he's pretty true to the original.

Roger could easily deactivate the cyborg - he knows where his own off button is.

Emotionally, Wes murdered his father, and I don't think it was just because of the gun on Fred. Not that many bullets. Man needs some therapy. Maybe if he had some help he WOULDN'T BELIEVE GIANT TALKING HAMBURGERS. Yes, still holding that grudge.

Wes and Angel had pretty much the same father.

BTW, I love Knox. And Jonathan. And his desire for all night bowling (long story)

Angel and Spike - sexual tension you could cut with a knife. :)

Even though James is older than David, Angel seems older than Spike.

That two souled vampires throwing things into chaos is pretty much what Beljoxa's eye said about the Slayers.

The New Testament wasn't written in Aramaic. It was written in Greek.

Angel and Spike have a sort of Captain Jack/Captain John relationship. Watch Torchwood.

The scene with the guy through the window with an axe is similar to the one of Buffy and Spike outside Wood's office. This time watching I'm noticing more things that remind me of Buffy episodes.

Okay, Angel, how many times DID you save the world? Getting skewered doesn't count.

Angel and Dru laugh at William the way the party goers did in Fool For Love.

From Angel's comment, I wonder if he thinks Buffy slept with Spike AFTER he got a soul.

Spike can hold a cross. Angel can't.

Skip Schoolnik would go on to work on The Walking Dead and Torchwood: Miracle Day.

I looked up the mentioned Yoyodyne because I knew the name from Buckaroo Banzai, but apparently it's been used by other shows and films and was first used by Thomas Pynchon.

I really feel for Harmony. She works so hard and Angel ignores her. And yes, I think this episode will have later significance. She's right about the camel, and she's right about Wes' feelings and the spiked thermos. Still waiting for a character who is muffins. I'm betting on Andrew.

FRED is giving dating advice?

Since when is Fred a forensic pathologist?

Harmony finally gets a good fight scene that doesn't involve slapping. Luckily for her, W&H staff eat a lot of Thai.

Spike has the lamest excuse for not leaving a show ever.

Harmony breaks my heart a bit when she says, "It's not like I have a soul. I have to try a lot harder."

The Question Mark said...

@ MAREBABE: Hot Fuzz is the greatest comedy of all time!

After watching "Lineage", I really can't fathom why Alexis Denisof isn't a mega-huge movie star by now. He's an outstanding actor, his characters are deep and likeable, he does one hell of a good British accent, and he's handsome to boot. Seriously, I've got me a man-crush on Wesley Wyndham-Pryce.

Christina B said...

Okay, Destiny? BRILLIANT. It's definitely now tied with Waiting in the Wings as my favourite Angel episode so far.

You all know I LOVE the flashback episodes, and this was the best. We finally get to see how Spike and Angel met, and WHY they hate each other so much.

And that fight scene?! How epic was that! WHOA!

And, if we're being honest here, I kind of lived the sexual tension between Spike and Angel in those early days. Hot! ;)

Lineage was great, too. I'm so glad this season is living up to the high expectations I had for it. If it stays this amazing, I definitely see and Angel rewatch in my future (but can I skip all of season 4?) ;)

I adore Wes, but unlike you, Nikki, he hasn't yet become a favourite. Maybe he will eventually?
But my heart breaks for him in this episode. Alexis is a brilliant, brilliant actor.

Harm's Way was fun. I never in a million years thought I would say, "Aw, poor Harmony!"
And this episode definitely made me like her a bit more.
I'm glad they brought her in for season 5.

It's still bugging me how everyone's just forgotten about Cordy, though. Argh.

And just to clarify, Buffy doesn't know Spike isn't dead, right?
He was just planning to show up in Italy without her knowledge?

If that's the case, I'm not buying his excuse for staying in LA. The writers could have come up with a better reason.

The Spike I know and love would never put Buffy through the pain of mourning him just to go out on a high note.

But then again...This IS Spike....

Well, I don't like it, either way! :P

Dave said...

I'm delighted that this is continuing. My toughts on the first half of Angel season five are here.

Dave Wrote This

Quarks said...

This week the episodes of Season 5 start to pick up, and this trend continues all the way through to the finale (with only one or two exceptions). In fact, I would probably say that all the coming weeks are better than this one, and I loved this week. The gang have pretty much all found their place within W&H, and starting to feel at home there.

‘Lineage’ is probably my favourite episode this week, if only because Wesley is by far my favourite ‘Angel’ character and I love almost all the episodes focused on him. Even in this world where he didn’t kidnap Connor, Wesley is certainly the character who has developed most in ‘Angel’, possibly even in the whole of the Buffyverse. I liked Wesley back in the earlier seasons, but I didn’t consider him anything special. However, since he changed he easily became my favourite. Like Angel says in this episode, he’s the guy who does what he has to to protect the people around him, and he is one of the few characters in the Buffyverse who is willing to do whatever it
takes to protect his friends.

It’s interesting that the things that I like about Wesley are the things which made me hate Buffy in Season 7. I suppose the difference is, other than the fact that ‘Angel’ is a different, more ‘shades of grey’, show, that at heart Wesley does what he does to protect the people he cares about while Buffy was becoming more concerned about the fate of the world than about her friends. Obviously, the fate of the world is something which Wesley does have to consider at many points, but I think that generally he would look out for his friends more.

What I like about ‘Lineage’ is how we get a bit more backstory for Wesley. Like Giles in ‘Buffy’, we know comparatively little of his past and family compared to the other main characters, although it has always been implied that he and his father don’t get on. So it is nice to see Wesley’s father appear in this episode (sort of) and give some insight into what Wesley’s life was like growing up. It also gives a certain degree of insight into Wesley’s reaction as to ‘The father will kill the son’. He knows how fathers can ‘destroy’ their children, and he doesn’t want Angel to become like his father.

As a side note, I finally watched ‘Firefly’ over the past couple of weeks and Wesley’s relationship with his father is a lot like Simon’s with his.

@Marebabe: Slightly tangential, but I live relatively near to where ‘Hot Fuzz’ was filmed (or at least part of it) and I saw them filming a (very small) part of the film when it was being made a few years ago.

Caleb and the Bringers were trying to end the Slayer line, and part of that was destroying the Watcher’s Council. So why did they leave any Watchers, like Roger Wyndham-Pryce, alive?

One of my favourite lines in this episode is from Wesley: “Really? I beat out everybody dying in an explosion as most embarrassing failure.”

I also love how both Angel and Spike try to comfort Wesley by telling him how they killed their parents.

Quarks said...

‘Destiny’ is another great episode this week, with the relationship between Angel and Spike being looked at in much more detail. Prior to this, most of what we’ve seen is just the two antagonising each other, with the occasional bit of jealousy thrown it. It’s quite interesting to see that back in their unsouled (which Word initially auto-corrected to unsoiled) days the two were fairly close, and that really it was Angelus who made Spike who he is.

I also really enjoy the fight between Angel and Spike; I think it was one of the more impressive ones we’ve seen on the show, especially considering I don’t think we’ve seen Angel and Spike have a real fight before. It’s also very interesting that Spike won, even though it’s Angel’s show.

Spike also becomes corporeal in this episode, which I’m pleased about. I liked Spike as a ghost, but there was only so much he could do in terms of plot. Just a shame that Fred wasn’t the one to do it, as she’s been working so hard on it. As a side note, I’ve mentioned this before but I really like the relationship between Fred and Spike. I think Fred is the only person on either show who Spike is really close to and not sleeping with.

‘Harm’s Way’ is another good, enjoyable episode, even if it doesn’t contribute much to the overall plot. Perhaps it’s because I know the timings of how things happen now, but I enjoyed this episode much more this time around. Probably initially I was slightly annoyed by how it was taking up space without contributing to the overarching plot. The only other problem I have with this episode is that it is so focused on Harmony that we don’t get to see the other characters so much.

As I believe I said a couple of weeks ago I’m not a big fan of Harmony, but I did feel for her a little in this episode. Angel does take her for granted, and she really is trying to help him and make a good impression.

It’s also quite interesting to see what her life is like, as someone who we don’t see much of in the show, and to see what role she has within W&H. And we also get an idea of how the ‘lackeys’ behave behind the scenes.

In terms of Spike not leaving, I think perhaps a better explanation is that the last time they saw each other Buffy told him she loved him and he knew she was lying. So when they reunited either Buffy would still say that she loved him and he would still not believe her, or Buffy would have moved on. Either way, it is better for him to stay away so that he can pretend to himself that since his death her opinions have changed and she really does love him.

Overall, this is where this season starts to pick up, and next week is even better. We have the 100th episode of ‘Angel’ next week, and it is phenomenal. Remember the 100th episode of ‘Buffy’ was ‘The Gift’ and you can see just how well Whedon shows do ‘special occasions’.

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey guys, just testing...

Nikki Stafford said...

I've had a couple of people mention to me that they can't publish something on Blogger this morning, so I'm just testing it out. I got a note the other day that Blogger has enabled threaded comments, but I can't seem to see that here. Anyway, I hope if you're having a problem commenting it clears up soon!

Marebabe said...

While reading all of your comments just now, I thought of something else from “Harm’s Way”. At the beginning, when Harmony was doing her morning routine, getting ready for work, she had a bathroom mirror with “Be Your Best” (I think) written across the top. Cute. When I watched that scene, I wasn’t mindful right then of the fact that vampires have no reflections. I’m at work right now, and my DVDs are at home. How I would love to look at that again, to see if they did it right. Even if Harmony didn’t have a reflection in the mirror, her early-morning grooming (brushing her pointy fangs, I really enjoyed that!) was done just like normal humans do theirs, checking the results in their mirrors. I’ll be looking at that scene again this evening.

Marebabe said...

Hey, I got it to work! If you're having trouble posting a comment, try skipping "preview" and go straight to "publish your comment". (That's how I finally got Blogger to agree that I'd typed the correct characters for the verification word.)

Dusk said...

Yes, I like Lineage for all the reasons stated. Also, I think Roger survived because he was retired.

Alexis wasn't in the next one because of his real life wedding to Alyson!

The Spike/Angel fight made me think of the Buffy/Faith ones. Who would win in a Faith/Angel vs. Buffy/Spike brawel do you guys think?

I surprised nobody so far expressed surprise at the ending of Destiny.

Also, the writers have changed the vamp mythos over the seasons. Angel, Spike Harmony, all mantain traits of their human selves. This leads me to believe Buffy's orginal assumption of "the person dies and a demon with their memories takes over" is wrong. It seems the writers have evolved it into siring takes away any morals you had and encourages your darker desires, but the orginal human is in there still.

Buffy's orginal conclusion was probably created by the Watchers and made it easier for the Slayer to do what there supposed too. Could Buffy really have staked Ford back in S2 if she knew it wasn't all demon?

Also, for any total spoiler-phobes that have the DVDs, close your eyes when you get to the menu for episode 5x12.

Christina B said...

OMG, duh! I can't believe I forgot to post that!

My reaction at the end of Destiny would have given Deb from Dexter a run for her money!

I literally said out loud, "Holy $^&#ing #^%&!!!!"


I did NOT see that coming AT ALL!

Lisa (UFN) said...

Ok, I haven't re-checked the Harmony morning routine thing, but haha if they goofed it up. I will check later too. Good catch. Marebabe. Another goof that I saw and did re-check is that Harmony says she's a "left biter" and couldn't have killed the guy from the bar. But when she and Spike took over that guy's office for a "nooner" in Destiny, she totally bit Spike on his right. Oh well.

Love Spike's shagging mother and robot confessionals!!!

Colleen/redeem147 said...

It's been a long time since I first saw the end of Destiny, but I do remember screaming a little bit. :)

Dusk said...

In Destiny, a goof I noticed was you can see the bride blink at least once at the start.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

The bride wasn't dead.

Marebabe said...

Well, this is interesting. I just rewatched the opening 6 minutes (or so) of “Harm’s Way”. There were no vampire-reflection mistakes in Harmony’s morning grooming and dressing. It still seems odd to me, the way she smiled into the bathroom mirror, as if she saw and approved of her reflection. That’s what started this whole reflection hunt. I did spot one tiny, little goof, however. At work, when she reaches into the fridge for Angel’s Thermos-o-Blood, AND as she pours some into the boss’s mug, you can see her hand reflected in the shiny, stainless steel surface of the Thermos. I’m sure I never would’ve noticed it if I hadn’t been intently looking for vampire reflections. I’ll just bet some continuity person is tasked with staying constantly alert for any naughty reflections. No small job in the Buffyverse, with so many undead characters in practically every scene!

That’s all I have to report at this time. ;)

Marebabe said...

But wait, there’s more! Because of all the exclaiming over the end of “Destiny”, I looked at that again. Believe it or not, it didn’t register on my brain that it was Lindsey. I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him before. Veeery interesting. And guess what else! As Harmony was undressing, taking off her shoes, and walking over to the bed, you can see a faint reflection of her in the shiny, hardwood floor. They really need to comb the area for shiny stuff before every vampire scene!

Marebabe said...

What a maroon! (I mean me.) Just ignore me. It was Eve in the scene with Lindsey, not Harmony. I guess I had Harmony on the brain.

Suzanne said...

Here are some of my thoughts, although I may be repeating others who have already commented since I am a little late again this week:

Destiny and Lineage are two of my all- time favorite episodes of Angel. Lineage is Wesley at his best and Destiny highlights the Angel/Spike dynamic in all of its awesomeness. I love their relationship (non-relationship?). I was glad that even though they mentioned Buffy in their argument that the resentments between them weren't all about her. I am glad the tensions began with Dru but had even more to do with Spike's feeling that Angelus turned him into even more of a monster than he would have been without Angelus. Of course, couldn't Angelus make the same claim about Darla's influence on him? And couldn't Darla blame the Master for his influence on her? These questions all point to the underlying irony of the vampire's situation: he or she did not necessarily chose evil (unless their name is Bella), so they can usually blame the person who turned them, yet the person who turned them didn't choose the situation either.

As for Wesley in Lineage, I love him for loving Fred as much he does, driving him to kill for her without hesitation. However, his darkness is frightening since he really let his father have it by dumping far more bullets into him than needed (as was mentioned before in these comments earlier this week before I could post these notes).

As for Spike's reason for returning to LA and not going to Europe, I did find it kind of lame, especially on a first watch. However, there doesn't seem to be any explanation that would satisfy me (as a fan of Spike and Buffy in the end), so maybe they knew that and just decided it was no-win for them. However I like someone's suggestion (can't remember who, sorry) that Spike might have known deep down that Buffy could never love him in the way he wanted, and he didn't want to face that kind of disappointment again. This would certainly connect well to what we see of his disappointment in his relationship with Dru from the flashbacks.

In Harm's Way was lighthearted and funny, but I have to say that I don't like Harmony well enough to see an entire episode devoted to her. The episode seemed to put the brakes on an fast-moving steam engine, and I didn't like slowing down. I really wish we could have seen more of our regulars and in a season where we so little attention paid to Gunn and Lorne, I really resented the time spent on Harm even if it gave me quite a few laughs.

Missy said...

This is waaay to late for anyone to come back and check but,Out of these 3 episodes I watch 'Harm's Way' more often than I watch 'Lineage' which just winds up making me feel probably a sh!t as Wes does when all is said and done and 'Destiny' which I find a little to silly because I'm of the mind that the Shanshu Prophecy IS ANGEL'S and as much as I LOOOVE Spike(and James more)I get pissy when they try to say it's his..so to avoid annoyance I just don't watch it often.

Which I suppose is stupid because LINDSEY!!!!!Is back!!!!Can't wait til Wednesday ,the shock and awe from newbies is going to fun to read. ;)

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Why couldn't the Shanshu be Spike's, Missy? All it says is vampire with a soul. Plus, Spike's the vampire who doesn't have a curse (and who knows how a curse could mess up the prophecy - the human who finds pure happiness and loses his soul?)

Missy said...


I know it's intentionally vague,but I feel like it has a massive part in the series overall story and the series loses abit of credit when another vampire from another series(who was a much bigger part of the other series)comes in and can potentially take it away from our Hero.
Don't get me wrong Spike is my favourite character ..but you cant just take something thats fundemental to Angel(the character) and Angel(The series).

You know? :)

Blam said...

Angel 5.7 "Lineage"

Fred: "It's like an M.C. Escher picture, but with wires and flesh instead of geese."

Spike: "Aha! So you're not ruling out that a human being could've boffed a robot. (pause) Sex with robots is more common than most people think."

Angel: "What happened?"
Spike: "I can explain. Apparently, when Percy here was younger, he used to be known as Head Boy."
Angel: "I already knew that."
Spike: "Right. I have nothing else to report."

They do need to get on with Spike's dilemma, to give him a role beyond snide Greek chorus, but when the writing is on his comments are often the highlight of an episode.

Angel 5.8 "Destiny"

Spike walking into the door would be a lot funnier if (a) we didn't see it coming and (2) it made any sense that he wouldn't already realize that he was corporeal.

Angel: "Do me a favor first: Stop by the lab and tell Fred I need to know the second she figures out what's causing this."

I know you're bad with the phones, Angel, but really...

Why is there a red heart on the elevator panel?


Blam said...


Sirk is saying that there's no "if" — that the drinking from the cup is preordained. Yet the balance of existence has been thrown out of whack because the prophecy is now fluid thanks to Spike returning to corporeal (undead) life. If Spike's reclamation of his soul and/or his manifestation after apparent death in the Hellmouth changed the game, then who's to say the rest of the supposed scripture holds?

And how the frakkity-frak does an ancient prophecy know to refer to Nevada? I mean, yeah, obviously it's only doing so elliptically — paging Nostradamus — but Sirk is speed-reading through this thing and sure of what it means.

Of course these comments are based on Sirk telling the truth, which he wasn't (to at least some extent), but since he wasn't the verisimilitude he was trying to lay on was rather poor — besides which, I think that Spike's ensouledness being a game-changer still holds.

Spike: "All these years thinking you're the signified monkey only to find out you're just a big hunk of 'nobody cares'."

Angel 5.9 "Harm's Way"

Fred is tan. Is it me? She's tan, right?

Spike: "Any message for Buffy?"
Angel: "Tell her you're a moron."

Harmony: "What? I don't get a goodbye just because I went crazy and tried to rip your throat out while we were having sex?"

Harmony: (to Fred) "I just wish I were more like you. Except for the part about being all into science — and not having a lot up front."

Fred: "The size and depth of the wound indicate a female vampire."
Harmony: (excitedly) "Or gay!"
Fred: "It... doesn't really work like that."

Chopstick-shiv fight!

VW: later — ... Wow. The word verification really has my number. 8^)

Blam said...

Marebabe: I can never be friends with Roger Wyndam-Pryce.

Yes, Marebabe, because he's fictional.

Colleen: That two souled vampires throwing things into chaos is pretty much what Beljoxa's eye said about the Slayers.

So true! I can't believe that I've never made that equivalency before.

Missy: This is waaay to late for anyone to come back and check

Nah; I'm later than you — and I suspect that folks doing their own rewatches will be checking these posts for years to come.

VW: adangst — Paging Don Draper!