Friday, July 27, 2007

Lost at Comic-Con and Other Stuff
BuddyTV has given a report of Damon and Carlton at Comic-Con (they were joined partway through the Q&A by a familiar face to Lost fans, pictured at right, care of BuddyTV). Check out the article to read highlights of what was revealed. Sounds like when they said they were going radio silent, they meant it. Most of the comments were, "This MIGHT happen, and we're planning on this, but it might not be until the following season" sort of stuff. But I don't care. I'm happy to hear anything about this show. :)

Dan Fienberg at Zap2it has also posted on the panel, and mentioned that Damon and Carlton each had little bells, so if they thought one was about to give too much away, they'd ring their bell to make the other one stop talking. Finally, here's TV Addict's take on it, minute-by-minute, which is pretty funny. Though it would be nice if he didn't always refer to the attendees as smelly nerds.

Other news from Comic-Con: Zachary Quinto has been cast as Spock in the upcoming J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Trek. (A friend of mine sent me this news the other day with the subject line, "Spocklar?" that nearly made me spit out my drink.) I think the casting is PERFECT, and apparently, so does Leonard Nimoy.

Neil Gaiman, god of, well, everything, has suggested there may be a Sandman feature in the future. I think I'd faint from excitement if this happened, but the Sandman novels are pretty intense, and I'd hate for it to be screwed up in some way. It needs to have a Mirrormask look to it, I think. But darker. With Robert Smith circa 1987 playing Sandman. With a deeper voice. See? How hard could all that be?
His new movie, Stardust, opens soon. The trailer is pretty awesome.

In other news, remember how excited I was that The Office would have five hour-long eps this year? Well, turns out four of those eps will be the first four of the season, and they're not planning on spreading them out. Sigh. Maybe fan demand will make them expand the episodes later in the season. I can never get enough of this show.

Johnny Depp is developing a feature version of Dark Shadows. How wicked is that?! More cult TV coming to my movie screen... who's going to do The Prisoner, and when?

DarkHorse has just launched a new online digital comic, as announced at Comic-Con, and the first issue is co-written by none other than our beloved Joss Whedon! Go here to read it.


Chris in NF said...

Candidates to play Morpheus:

Johnny Depp
Cillian Murphy
Viggo Mortenson
Joseph Fiennes

Candidates to play Death:

Kate Beckinsale
Mia Kirshner
Alicia Witt
Reese Witherspoon (seriously! think about it!)

Candidates to direct

Guillermo del Toro
Joss Whedon
Tim Burton
Alfonso Cuaron

fb said...

hahahaha! love, love, love the robert smith casting spec ... almost as much as spocklar. (i'm picturing sylar fighting nathan with these really wicked pointed eyebrows ...)

and how THRILLED am i about the brief rousseau snippet in the linked comcon article? eeee! finally, my fave character gets some attention! awesome. :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Chris: I can TOTALLY see Reese as Death; Death was always so perky!

fb: I knew you'd be thrilled with the Rousseau mention; as was I! :)