Thursday, July 05, 2007

Random Stuff for a Thursday
Sigh... waiting for the day when The Office returns to my Thursdays... But until then...

There's been a lot of talk about whether or not Harry will die in Book 7. Psychologists are already weighing in on how parents should grief counsel their children should the male wizard bite the bullet. English profs are arguing whether or not his death would follow the grand epic tradition or if it would be ludicrous. What do you think? Will he die? Or should we just read the damn book before arguing this? Speaking of which, this is my little plea to people to find a local bookstore -- a children's bookstore, or an independent of some kind -- and either pre-order the book from them or pick it up on Saturday. While the Amazon Saturday delivery is nice, and the deep discounts even nicer, this book is a chance for the small guy to actually make some cash, so try to give it to them. For Torontonians, I'm pretty sure Book City takes preorders; it's where I've gotten my past couple of books. (In fact, they do; I just picked up the phone and called them, and they'll take them right up to the 20th.) Support your local independent bookstore!

Sex and the City is definitely going to be a movie. Hmm... I LOVED this show, it made me laugh hysterically, and I constantly bounced from one to the next on who was my favourite, though usually it ended up as Charlotte. The thing is, we last left the girls in 2004, and I was pretty happy with how it ended. Do we really need a movie?

I loved this Popwatch column on EW, where you have to mention your geekiest pop culture moments. First of all, LOVED Life Goes On. When Chad Lowe's character was nearing the end of his AIDS battle, I would cry for days afterwards. And as for the calling each other on the phone, during the first two seasons of Amazing Race, my friend Sue and I would call each other on every commercial break, and sometimes continue the conversation into the actual show, doing simultaneous "Ooooohh!"s and "WHAT?!"s while we watched. And it was not a local call. I'm sure these don't rank up there as my geekiest moments (in fact, I know they don't) but I have to seriously think about what mine would be. What are yours?

Ah screw it, let me think: Um... I wrote a bunch of books about TV. That's GOT to rank right up there. When I was 10 I touched Donny Osmond's jacket and thought I'd never wash my hand again (I did). I went to see the Jacksons on their Victory Tour, but I was 11 and couldn't see a damn thing. My brother and I would set our alarm clocks for 1 a.m. and get up on Saturday mornings, all groggy and tired, to watch this music video show that was only on then. My parents, for some reason, let us. Years later, we'd set our alarms for 1 a.m. Sunday mornings and get up to watch WWF wrestling. Why the scheduling was like that on those shows is beyond me. Once playing weird charades with my cousins, my brother picked me up in a piledriver hold and I thought my grandmother was going to pass out in fear. I collected E.T. collector cards (the ones that came with that crappy pink flat stick of gum). I watched Dukes of Hazzard every Friday night and NEVER missed it. I was in love with Bo Duke. I tried to learn the Doogie Howser theme on piano, even though I kinda hated it. Fastforward.... I collect Buffy action figures. I touched Larry Mullen Jr.'s arm at a U2 concert and nearly passed out with glee. I almost beat up someone at a Morrissey concert when Morrissey threw his shirt into the audience and I grabbed the sleeve of it, and 8 other people had parts as well (I held on as long as I could, but lost it... years later my husband went back to see him again and he got the front panel of the shirt and brought it home as a prize; we still have it on the wall). I followed Radiohead for a week of shows, and on night 3 Thom Yorke caught on that we were following them and dedicated a song to us from the stage. I was on the subway once with my friend Jeremy and we were testing each other's Simpsons knowledge and he asked me to name the word Bart used in Scrabble, and I said, "Kwyjibo," and Jeremy just stared at me and said, "I bow to you." (Considering he's the single biggest Simpsons fan I know, this was a proud moment for me.) I attended the Toronto Film Festival for about 3 years in a row with my best friend Sue and we'd see 30 films in 8 days, and then blog about them extensively every night, even if we got home at 1 a.m. (at the end of the week, the blog would exceed 25,000 words... seriously). Since we didn't actually have a blog, we'd just email it to friends.

I have way more, but I'll stop there. Out-geek THAT! (Yeah... you probably don't want to...)

Nathan Fillion is apparently joining Desperate Housewives. Frak. Why can't he join the cast of a show I watch? Wah. But... good for him.

The White Stripes are currently touring Canada (EVERYWHERE in Canada, including Nunavut) and showing up in secret shows across the country. Go to YouTube and type in "white stripes secret" and you'll see them joining a busker on the street, playing on a bus in Winnipeg (20 fans were told they'd be escorted to a secret show, and then the bus had to "make a stop" and Jack and Meg got on), playing in a bowling alley, and playing a Youth Centre in Burnaby. They rock. The only reason I'm not going is I went to see Muse at this same point in my last pregnancy and found it uncomfortable, and only afterwards heard that the baby's hearing is already sensitive so it was probably quite frightening for her, and I don't want to do that again. They'll be back. Anyone who sees them in the next few shows, post to let me know just how awesome they were.

I don't know how I missed this, but a month late, here's a rundown of some of the cast of Battlestar Galactica at the preview party for season 4. It's worth it just to read Jamie Bamber's response to Olmos winning an ALMA award.

I probably have lots more to say, but I'm tired tonight... more soon! :)


Crissy Calhoun said...

toronto white stripes show was great last night. packed crowd, happy crowd. they played a good mix of stuff over the albums, some hits, some new stuff i didn't know. highlight for me was Jolene and when Meg sang that cold,cold night song. Doorbell was of course fun too. Next time you'll be there with (door)bells on. :)

Kris Eton said...

I also had a big, horrible crush on Bo Duke! And then there was the thing I had for Lee Stetson on "Scarecrow & Mrs. King." Oh, my, I *loved* that show.

But my big, totally geek moment was going to a Star Trek Convention was I was a junior in high school. Yes, I did it. And it was a blast! No dressing up. Just wanting to see what it was all about...this was the first season of "Star Trek: TNG." Marina Sirtis was there (Counselor Troi). I went with two nerdy, Asian twin friends of mine.

fb said...

i collected pac-man and ms pac man cards (they had the awful pink gum, a sticker and a replica screen of the videogame, where you scratched off circles to let pac man move around the board).

music geekery: um ... i've followed U2 to ireland. and new york. and london. and germany. and montreal. i haven't missed a U2 show in toronto since 1987, i think i've seen them 21 times, including 6 times on their last tour, plus live8. (oh yeah ... live8. flying to england for just over 24 hours to go to that is way up there in my hard core geekage.)

more music geekery: there is not a single thing about duran duran that you could ask me that i wouldn't know. (although after seeing JT during the concert for diana on sunday, i admit my love is waning ... he looks like keith richards's protege ...) my room was plastered with their posters -- ceiling, walls, you name it. not a square inch of paint to be seen. scrapbooks, buttons, tshirts, hats, stickers, mugs ... every tacky accessory that declared my love, i had to have. i'm a card-carrying member of their fan club, and while i haven't followed them around as extensively as U2, i've seen them about 15 times, including a front row centre show in new york last november (to their credit, it was absolutely awesome).

book geekery: harry potter. i think the less said about that, the better!

TV geekery: roswell. 'nuff said. ;-p

Nikki Stafford said...

Crissy: I'm so glad to hear the show was awesome. My bro and hubby will be at the London show tomorrow night.

Kris: Oh man, I can't believe I didn't even mention all the conventions I've been to! Weird how I didn't even think of going to a sci-fi convention as being geeky! D'oh...
Oh, and my first REAL crush was when I was 5 and I saw Star Wars for the first time, and I told my parents on the way home that I was going to marry Luke Skywalker.

fb: I totally remember those pac-man cards that you scratched! I bought some but didn't collect them. I bow to your music geekery ANY day. You are my music fandom goddess.

Nikki Stafford said...

OK, my friend Sue reminded me of another moment: when we stood in line for Harry Potter 4's midnight release on a Friday night.

I also forgot to mention the time my husband (then boyfriend) and I went to Athens, Georgia for a week on an REM hunt. We met Peter Buck's wife working in a bar, saw all their houses, and then ran into Michael Stipe. Twice. Heaven!

But as I said to Sue, 80% of my life is made up of geek moments, so I'd probably sit here all day listing them. :)

Steve & Megan said...

Harry won't die.

My money's on Draco dying before the middle of the book and Snape dying at the end.