Friday, February 02, 2007

30 Rock: Black Tie
This week’s 30 Rock pushed the limits of the absurd, and was absolutely hysterical. While The Office was lackluster, with only a couple of funny moments, 30 Rock had me laughing out loud the entire episode. Jack takes Liz to a black tie event, the birthday party for Prince Gerhardt Hapsburg. Jenna crashes the party in the hopes of becoming his princess, but when he shows up he’s a severely deformed man in a wheelchair, played by none other than the brilliant Paul Reubens. Meanwhile, back at the office, Tracy is trying to get Pete to lighten up and be a “Samson” (which is a hilarious metaphor, since he was so easily emasculated by Delilah). At the party, Jack runs into his ex-wife, played by Isabella Rossellini, and the two of them onscreen together are magic. He’s still pining after her, believing she’s moved on, but she hasn’t, and instead is devastated to find that Liz is the love of his life (a ruse they’re carrying out at the party). When Liz finds this out, she walks up to Bianca to tell her that she and Jack are engaged, and the ensuing cat fight includes Liz having her strapless dress pulled down and a chunk of hair pulled out of her head. Jack is beside himself with joy. At the office, Pete decides he’s not a “Samson” and won’t give in to the women, and while Prince Gerhardt does have the hots for Jenna, he drops dead after imbibing champagne, because, as his assistant says, “His body cannot metabolize ze grapes!!” It was pure comedy gold.

My favourite lines:

Pete [on the phone to his wife]: YES, DEAR. Okay, who’s crying, is that Caleb? All right, I’ll try, put him on the phone. [Elmo voice] Elmo wants you to aim your pee-pee at the POTTY! No, not at Mommy, at the POTTY! [angry Elmo voice] How is that Elmo’s fault?! Did Mommy have some wine before she called Elmo??

Jack snapping the necklace box on Liz’s hand a la Pretty Woman, and her freaking out and holding her hand in pain, “Ow, GOD, who DOES that?!”

Liz to Jenna: How did you get in here?!
Jenna: Oh Liz, if you dress well and enter with confidence, you can get in ANYwhere.
Liz: You showed the security guy your boobs, didn’t you?
Jenna: Just one. It’s not the White House.

Gerhardt appears in a wheelchair, with one real hand, one tiny porcelain one, two short floppy legs, buck teeth, bowl cut hair: Thank you, thank you all dear friends… [screams maniacally] FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

**My favourite quote of the week**
Jack: That Gerhardt’s amazing, isn’t he? I mean, most people in his situation would be angry with their family for the centuries of inbreeding, but not Gerhardt. He’s too busy trying to stave off infection.

Bianca: Congratulations, John. She’s much sharper than the last girl you had, what was her name?
Jack: Beyoncé.
Liz: And, unlike the rest of Jack’s girlfriends, I have all my original parts!

Jack: Sexually, she wanted it 4, 5 times a day, always standing up.
Liz: Standing up? How does that even work??
Jack: You’re kidding, right?
Liz: [pause] Uh… yeah.

Jenna: Would you like to dance?
Gerhardt: Sadly because my body does not produce joint fluid, I cannot.

Jenna, on seeing the cake: You’re 25?!
Gerhardt: Yes, finally old enough to rent a car!! AAAHH! AAAHH! Oh, it feels good to laugh.

Pete’s in the bathroom, being tempted by one of Tracy’s girls. Kenneth appears in the vent.
Ken, bathed in white light: Mr Hornberger! You are making the biggest mistake of your life, don’t do it!
Tracy throws open the other vent, with red light behind him.
Pete: Oh, and I suppose you’re gonna to tell me NOT to do it.
Tracy: No, I’m just looking for the lobby, but YES you should do it!
Ken: No, you shouldn’t, think of your children.
Tracy: Be a Sampson!
Ken: Be a better man than this.
Tracy: She’s so SMOOTH!
Pete: I can’t do this. I love my wife. My wife is not a Delilah, Tracy.
Tracy: Hey, that’s beautiful. I feel you, home brother. What’s that tickling my feet? Ah ha ha!

Gerhardt: Knowing I have the love of a beautiful woman has set me free!
Jenna: I think you just lost an eyebrow.

In Liz’s apartment, Jack picks up a pair of Liz’s support undies, “What are these, your bike shorts?”


Crissy Calhoun said...

ahhhhh so funny. probably their best episode yet. or a tie with the product integortion ep.

leor said...

how about "your name sounds jewish, you must be important"

The Chapati Kid said...

Hee hee! Absolutely brilliant episode. Tina Fey looks hotter and hotter. My favourite:
Liz: Okay, I'll come, but don't expect me to enjoy it.
Jack: That's what your mama said to me last night. Boo-yah!

Also: Liz doing the running man in front of Jack.