Thursday, February 01, 2007

Veronica Mars: Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves
This week's episode had even better dialogue than the week before, and despite the Dean O'Dell story still being in the hands of Keith only (V just doesn't seem interested) it's getting off the ground a little bit, which is good. The "feminists" are still being demonized, which is unfortunate, but it's nice to see things a little more clearly. Also, I read yesterday that the actor who plays Weevil got sick in the summer, and his body reacted very badly to a treatment he was given, causing his face to bloat out and break into hives. He was self-conscious about it and didn't want to appear on the show until it cleared up, but they still needed to use him. That would explain why, in the fall, he looked like he'd gained 40 pounds and had been attacked by a swarm of bees. But he looked great on this week's ep.

Max didn't leave much of an impression on me the first time I saw him, but he was great last night. I liked that he was right about Chelsea, despite all the odds stacked against him. The bedroom talk between V and Logan was angst-ridden, and points to greater issues that will continue to dog them in weeks to come. The banter between V and her dad was pretty hilarious, and I LOVED her handing him the CD player and telling him to thrust his groin toward the bride-to-be when she saw him wearing the sheriff's uniform. The sheriff was back, but underused (I'd like to see more of him in upcoming eps, though I do understand that with Keith no longer a part of the sheriff's office, and no longer a suspect in anything, there isn't a LOT of reason for them to be hanging around there.

Downsides: No Mac, no Wallace, and most of all, no Piz. :(

Best moment: The discussion between Max and Veronica when he explains how he first met "Chelsea." Max tells Veronica that the love of his life is getting married. He doesn’t know where she lives, or her phone number, or even her name, but if V doesn’t find her, he’s going to take a bath with his blow dryer. Veronica asks the natural question: Does she know that YOU exist?

Max: Yes. We met at this convention thing, we got to talking, we hit it off, we ended up sitting up all night in my hotel room talking about life, the big picture, we connected on some higher plane. Last names at that point seemed trivial.
V: Uh huh, so what was the convention? Is there actually a fake term paper and stolen test provider UNION?
M: It was Comic Con.
V: You didn’t get all sweaty in your Wookie suit, did you?
M: Yuk it up. You know, it’s not all Trekkies and Star Wars. I was there because Dave Gibbons has a new graphic novel that he scripted as well as drew.
V: Sounds cooler now! So, about the one that got away. She was dressed as a Cylon and you only knew her as Six, right?
M: Her name was Chelsea. And she was in regular clothes. And yeah, after the Dave Gibbons thing I may have drifted into the Battlestar Galactica session and yeah, that’s where we met. And okay, we started out talking about how the Cylon raiders on BSG look like Batman’s car when it turns into a plane. But THEN we started talking about our crappy relationships with our parents, and Chuck Klosterman, and moral gradings.
V: And how when you see a plastic bag flying around you think there’s so much beauty in the world you can’t take it?
M: You get the picture.
V: I do. Connection. Higher plane. Then you frakked.
M: No. Sex was hardly the point. What we had was better.

Apparently, not only does V know how to use "frak" properly in a sentence these days, but she's actually watching the show!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could share your enthusiasm for Piz, but I'm hoping he turns out to be a serial killer. There's something creepy about him.

I do still watch the show though, am eagerly awaiting Lost and enjoying Heroes, though they do seem to spread the story a bit thin with so many characters.

Actually, the truth is, I'm in love with Logan and Piz seems like a threat ;)

Nikki Stafford said...

LOL! It's funny, because as a Bangel, I know what it was like when the younger, cuter guy was moving in on Angel's territory, and while I loved Spike, I didn't want to see him and Buffy together. But on this show, I ADORE Piz. He's funny, cute, and doesn't walk around with a perpetual hangdog look 24/7 like Logan. Don't get me wrong; I was rooting for Logan for a very long time. But Piz is my new honey. :)

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, we've changed identities.

Then again, I see that lame guy from season one as Angel, and Logan as Spike. That means Piz is Riley.

The Chapati Kid said...

Oh my GOD, sacrilege! Piz as Riley?! Saying that is a sin which requires an hour of self-flagellation. Beginning now.

Seriously, you may have something there about Piz being slightly obsessive. I can see that. After all, where's Wallace, huh? Under the floorboards in their dorm room?