Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Charla and Mirna: Lost in Translation
On this week's Astounding Race, one scene stood out as one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the show. Charla and Mirna, the warring cousins, paid a taxi driver so they could follow him to the pit stop. The Barbie dolls decide to follow, and Mirna has a small fit that she has given ALL OF HER MONEY to this guy and she will NOT let them follow her. Cab driver suddenly pulls over. Barbies get out, Mirna and Charla can't speak the language, Barbies say look, just give us a map, and Mirna freaks out that either they help pay the guy or they can go away. Barbies leave, complaining about the freakish cousins. And then follows absolute hilarity. See, as I've mentioned before, Charla and Mirna believe, if you can't speak the language, just speak English loudly with an Italian accent, and ANYONE will understand that. So here follows the conversation.

Charla: The other teams are all passing us now!

Mirna: Oh-a no! We-a don't have-a time, amigo!

Cab driver: ....

Teri and Ian drive by, hooting and hooraying.

Mirna: Oh my GOD, just give him whatever he wants!! [she runs back to the car and grabs her purse and then THROWS IT AT THE CAB DRIVER] Take-a all of our-a money! [big hand gestures, touching their chest and kissing their fingers and waving them in the air]

Charla: Yes-a, take-a alla our-a money!

Cab driver's thoughts: Do these stupid bitches think I'm robbing them? oh my god, I'm going to lose my job for this... [he thrusts it back at them, looking incredibly confused as they run back to the car]

Mirna, taking it back and beginning to cry: What do you want? What-a do you-a want from me?

Charla: What-a do you want??

Cab driver: Oh my god, they're seriously insane.

Mirna, taking some money out: Here! Here is-a money for-a food. I no eat tomorrow.

Cab driver: Wait... they want me to eat their money now? Get me out of here!!! [he nods, and gets back into his car]

Mirna, not remembering what country they're in anymore, crosses herself, puts her hands in a praying position and begins bowing deeply, then kisses her fingers again: Muchos gracias, grazie, oh merci, senor! Thank-a you, God-a bless-a you!

Charla: Thank-a you, thank-a you!


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Anonymous said...

I was deep in Oscar mode Sunday night, and forgot about The Amazing Race Monday on OLN.
That hilarious quick recap was all I need to get me to next week!