Friday, February 16, 2007

The Big Question
OK, so in my extremely tired state last night where I blogged on The Office and why it was so funny and so sweet and so heartbreaking, I forgot to ask the one big question that the episode left me with: Why didn't Jim come to Pam's art show? Was anyone else stunned that he didn't make an appearance? Is this some sort of revenge for Pam getting back together with Roy? He certainly avoided Pam in the office after Roy had stood at her desk telling her he wouldn't miss it for the world. (But sadly missed Roy rubbing her nose in it later that no one else from her office had come.) Or did he not want to run into Roy? I thought it was very surprising, and expected him to be the one tiptoeing around the corner as Pam sadly took down her paintings, not Michael.

Sigh. Will this love ever be requited?? Has it moved into the emotional punishment and jealousy stage already?


The Chapati Kid said...

Oh dear... I was thinking the same thing too. Wondering why Jim didn't show. I think they'll answer it in the next episode. Pam will act like she doesn't care, and Jim will be ridden by guilt, or some such. But oh man, the Dwight-Jim vampire running gag was brilliant.

Crissy Calhoun said...

From Kevin Malone's myspace blog: "FYI- As a whole, the next 4 "episodes" [starting w/ Ben Franklin ep] of our little show, may be the best 4 episodes as a whole arc that we have ever had. Not a promise (cause I haven;t seen anything) but our little story is really heating up. How is that for a teaser."

So maybe we will get a Pam/Jim confrontation...

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for Joss. He gets to direct an episode of a show he likes - and then he finds out why. Look, vampires.

I don't really like the show myself (though I do like the British version) but my favourite part was the bit at the end in the art gallery. That was very sweet, even though she must be pretty desperate to value Michael's opinion. Especially since it's worth zip.

To be fair, though, it's only the second episode I've seen. I guess it's not my kind of humour.