Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Breathe, Nik... BREATHE
So... remember when I was talking about the PaleyFest08, which was going to feature a cast reunion of Buffy, and I joked that even if they got a few of them out, there's no way Sarah would be there???


I was wrong.

Check out the list of the confirmed Buffy peeps who will be at this live reunion... on stage.

Amber Benson, "Tara Maclay"
Nicholas Brendon, "Xander Harris"
Charisma Carpenter, "Cordelia Chase"
Emma Caulfield, "Anya"
Eliza Dushku, "Faith"
Sarah Michelle Gellar, "Buffy Summers"
Seth Green, "Oz"
Alyson Hannigan, "Willow Rosenberg"
James Marsters, "Spike"
Michelle Trachtenberg, "Dawn Summers"
Joss Whedon, Creator

The only two stars who haven't confirmed are Boreanaz and Anthony Stewart Head. Not sure why Head won't be there, since the guy still does cons (and there's still hope he might change his mind) but it's probably a scheduling conflict of some kind, and here's hoping that might change. David is saying it's a scheduling conflict for him... BUT, due to pressure, he's decided to either be beamed in via satellite, or film a message ahead of time to be played on stage.

Oh, and THEN... they've added freakin' FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS to the lineup, so THAT cast will be appearing the night before.

I read both of these things and went NUTS. Like, decided to strap infant to self, jump on plane, and just GO. I clicked on the "Buy Tickets" button.

But it's sold out.

Could someone maybe mail me a box of hankies? I'm gonna need 'em. Wah.


The Chapati Kid said...

Nikki. If you get a way to get tickets, ask me if I want to come with you. BECAUSE I WILL.

Anonymous said...

Even people who joined the Paley Institute so they could order tickets didn't get tickets.

It's the Buffy Event of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

You're Nikki Stafford. You shouldn't need a ticket.

But if you do, try this:

Nikki Stafford said...

I can't believe I was so naive as to think people wouldn't have snatched these up within milliseconds. I'll definitely be watching the eBay sale and see what happens! I'm assuming all the press passes are gone, too, because the critics love this show, or else I'd be attempting that route. Sigh. I shall just have to wait for the DVD (Paley usually puts the panels on DVDs for sale later).