Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lost 4.03 The Economist
Whew! That one made my brain hurt! Loved it, and I'm just beginning to watch it again, but the posting board is open below to begin discussion.

Thanks to those who helped me out with the closed captioning! You guys rock.

Four of the Oceanic Six down, two to go.

Previously on Lost...
Last week’s episode generated a lot of discussion on one point: Who is Ben’s man on the boat? Here are some possible suspects:
• Michael. We saw him leave in the boat with Walt approximately a month before the current events. Like Desmond, he probably got turned around, and Ben talked him into working for him to continue to try to get away. Maybe Walt is with him, or maybe he got Walt to safety but came back. He’s proven himself worthy to Ben in the past (killing two survivors, freeing Ben, and walking four other survivors into the clutches of the Others), and since we see in the future that Sayid is working for Ben, it’s not too off-the-wall to think Michael could as well.
• Mikhail. He was already in the water at the end of season 3, and he could have gone over to the boat. It’s not clear if the guy’s alive or dead. However, I don’t think he’s had time to get over there, find out information, and transmit it back to Ben. Besides, Ben already knew about Naomi, presumably from the information from his “man” on the boat.
• Charlotte. She was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and he shot her in the chest rather than aiming for her head. It would be just like Ben to shoot someone to throw the others off the scent, and to say “man” on the boat when he really means a woman.
• Walt. He could be on the boat and astrally projecting the answers back to Ben. He’s had enough time to be over there, but it’s not clear in this case what’s happened to Michael.
• Richard Alpert. He came and went from the island all the time in the service of Ben. He seemed to be losing faith in Ben at the end of season 3, but he’s usually been loyal to him, and could have been moving back and forth between the boat and the island. Unfortunately, Nestor Carbonell, the actor who plays him, went off to star on Cane, and CBS refused to let him continue to work on Lost. The show hasn’t had any more episode orders, but it also hasn’t yet been cancelled, which probably holds Carbonell to that show. At the very least, he wasn’t able to appear on Lost for the first 8 episodes.

Episode Recap:
On the island, Sayid goes off to retrieve Charlotte after Frank promises him a spot on the helicopter if he does so. When he, Kate, and Miles get to the Others’ compound, they’re ambushed, and he trades the others to Locke for Charlotte. In the flashforward, we see Sayid, the fourth member of the Oceanic Six, is a hitman and conman who has turned into a more menacing version of Sawyer, taking out a series of people. When he’s wounded in the line of duty, he limps back to the man who’s been ordering him to kill people who pose a threat to Sayid’s friends... and it’s none other than Ben.

I’ve been waiting three full seasons for one of the characters to finally broach the fact that life on the island is preferable to going home. I was so relieved to hear Sawyer voice what fans have been saying from the beginning: Why does Kate want to go home, when home is a prison sentence? Why does Sawyer want to leave, when he’s completely alone and has no one in the real world? Now that Sawyer’s killed the man he’s spent his life hunting, it seems he’s had some clarity, and realizes there’s nothing left for him.

• Miles: “In case you zoned out while you were tweezing your goatee...” This guy is a rude ass, and I love it.
• Jack after Kate says now he knows what it’s like to be left behind: “Does that mean I should wait twenty minutes and go anyway?”
• Jeremy Davies. I think this guy is amazing, and I love just watching him in every episode, with his jitteriness and nervous fidgeting. What a great actor.
• “What’s with the swing set, did these people have daycare?”
• Hurley: “Oh. Awesome. The ship sent us another Sawyer.”

Biggest “GASP!” Moments:
• Sayid shooting the Italian man on the golf course! He was a torturer in the past, tried to work through it in season 1 and wanted to change, and now he’s right back where he started, it seems. No torture, just killing.
• The rocket registering a time of 31 minutes longer than the clock on the beacon. Whoa. This brings us back once again to that whole idea that there’s a time warp, or that time is moving differently on the island, or that everything is happening at once. So is it really December 24th off the island, or does it seem to the outside world that it’s been a lot longer that they’ve been missing? Notice how Jack says, “I can’t believe it’s been 100 days since I’ve seen a game” and the rocket test happens immediately after, as if to signal it hasn’t been 100 days, but much, much longer. This might be the way they can explain Walt’s rapid aging process off the island, if they decide to bring him back into the storyline.
• Et tu, Hurley??
• Sayid and Desmond actually leaving on a helicopter? Did anyone else get a serious rush watching that scene?
• BEN. Off the island.

Hurley’s Numbers:
The second clock that Dan looks at has a time of 03:16:23. He says the times are 31 minutes off (15 + 16).

Did You Notice?:
• Sayid is playing golf in the Seychelles, which is a group of islands off the coast of Africa. In season 2, after Eko’s brother’s small plane landed on the island, some fans speculated that maybe the island is off the coast of Africa, since that plane wouldn’t have had enough fuel to have gotten to the Pacific. These islands were where some fans speculated the castaways really are.
• Frank says if Sayid brings Charlotte back safe, he will take him off the island. That, of course, could mean plopping him in the ocean. He chooses his words as carefully as Ben does.
• Elsa was the name of the lioness made famous by the book and film, Born Free, by Joy Adamson. Interesting, since Sayid is now “free,” but also in captivity.
• When Sayid finds Hurley locked in the closet, Hurley’s eyes dart around and he pauses before saying, “They left me,” as if he’s not completely on board with what he’s doing.
• Ben has the Holy Qu’ran on his bookshelf. I’m sure on further viewings I’ll figure out what the other books are (beside it is a book about religion).
• When Sayid looks at one of Ben’s fake passports, the name on it is Dean Moriarty. Moriarty is the main character in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, based on his friend Neal Cassidy. Moriarty is the one who convinces Sal, the book’s narrator, to follow him around on various adventures, much like Ben convinces others to follow him for better or for worse. (Also, Moriarty has some daddy issues.)
• Ben tells Sayid it’s no use having friends you can’t trust, foreshadowing what happens to Sayid with Elsa. Sayid then says the day he begins trusting Ben is the day he’s sold his soul, foreshadowing who his boss will eventually be.
• Locke brings iced tea to Sayid. The last time Sayid was offered iced tea, it was from Mikhail, who was conning Sayid the way Locke just tricked him.
• Sayid shoots Elsa the same way Shannon was shot by Ana Lucia, which could be one of the reasons why her death affects him so much.

So Many Questions...
• Naomi’s bracelet: “N, I will always be with you. R.G.” Who is R.G.? Is it someone significant? Is it Regina? Is it the person holding this group together?
• When Sayid tells the man on the golf course who he is, the man becomes unnerved. Is it because he knows Sayid is here to kill him, or does he know something about what happened on the island? Or both?
• What is the significance of the volcanic ash that surrounds the spot where Jacob’s cabin should be? Fans speculated last season that it was either keeping Jacob in, or keeping others out.
• Why does Frank tell Dan to hang up the phone if Minkowski returns? Where is Minkowski? Why would he have to hang up if he came? Is Minkowski not there for the same reasons as the rest of them?
• What was with that little room hidden behind Ben’s bookshelf? What does he do in there? Why did he have so many suits? Money from other countries? Passports? Has he been coming and going from the island as well?
• What list is Sayid referring to? Why are these people trying to hurt Sayid’s friends? By “friends,” is Ben referring to the Oceanic Six, or the people left behind?
• Why is Elsa wearing a bracelet that’s the same as Naomi’s? Did Sayid keep it from Naomi and give it to Elsa, or was Elsa already wearing it when they met? Do people who are part of a certain organization wear this bracelet?
• Why do Daniel and Charlotte decide to stay on the island? Have they been given a mission that’s being kept a secret from Frank?
• Is Ben a veterinarian, or is he just using the O.R. of an animal shelter as a meeting place with Sayid? Does Ben have surgical experience?
• More importantly, why is Sayid working for Ben? Why are these people on the list? Who made the list? Is it another list by Jacob? Is the island still playing a big part in the lives of the Oceanic Six, even after they’ve left? Are the others in Ben’s hold, too, or is he just lording over Sayid?

Next week: Locke declares a dictatorship, and Kate and Sawyer look like they’re going to play house.


Robbie said...

He said "Won't they know i'm coming for them now?" Or something

eric said...

I don't know what he said, because the episode hasn't aired yet here. I guess you guys are on East Coast time, but I'm on West Coast time, and it airs in an hour and a half.

Brian Douglas said...

I also wouldn't mind seeing a transcript of Jack/Miles conversation at the begining when they were focusing on Sayid. The music made it hard to make out.

I figured that assassin-Sayid was working for Ben as soon as he said the "I'll sell my soul the day I trust someone like you" line.

I remember you were wondering who Zoe Bell was last episode. She was the voice on the phone with Miles this episode, and likely was in last weeks as well.

Miles little experiment has my brain all a twitter. I'm going need some time to ponder the physics here. I'm probably reading too much into it and trying to apply real physics to sci-fi.

Anonymous said...

The Seychelles is where they were playing golf. His name was Mr. Avellino, think you were right about him being Italian.

As for the transcript at the end:

Ben: "These people don't deserve our sympathies". "Need I remind you what they did the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun".

Sayid: "You used that to recruit me to killing for you".

Ben: "You want to protect your friends or not, Sayid?". "I have another name for you".

Sayid: "But they know I'm after them now".

Ben: "Good".

Anonymous said...

Sayid working for Ben?!? Blows my mind...never saw that coming.

The bracelet that Elsa was wearing after Sayid shot her - the same as the one Naomi was wearing on the island? I mean..exactly the same one and Sayid had taken it from Naomi's body and gave it to Elsa or is it something more significant? Both Naomi and Elsa wearing bracelets that link them to a person or organization? Also, what were the initials in Naomi's bracelet...was it RG or RC?

Anonymous said...

I was complaining to my girlfriend last week how, on the Find815 game, they found 815 right around Christmas time...And if it's about Christmas time on the island, then the time doesn't match up at all, because it's obvious that all of these new characters learned about 815 awhile before they came to the island.
Now it makes perfect sense as to why the time doesn't match.

This is definitely my favorite episode of the season so far. To me, Sayid's past had nothing left for us to learn, but his flash forward was incredible this week. He is a bad ass.

kathy said...

What's up with Hurley and his vacillating allegiance? Where did Jacob's cabin go? I did not see Sayid as one of the Oceanic 6 - very cool. He - like Jack, Kate, and Hurley - is a very sad case in the flashforward. What is happening with Faraday and the time lapse? Loved the episode.

Anonymous said...

So Daniel's experiment pretty much confirms that time moves slower on the island, which explains why Walt looked older in the S3 finale.

poppedculture said...

Perfect that this is the episode they air on Valentine's Day. Such a tale of love and heartache.

Brian Douglas said...

obscure: Time can't move slower on the island (at least with respect to the boat) or else they wouldn't be able to communicate. Otherwise the people on the boat would sound like they were talking in super slow motion.

Anonymous said...


Maybe it does now....or maybe it only slows down on the wrong heading coming to the island. But remember that Desmond's computer printout date lined up right with when the LOSTies said they crashed- Sept 22.

Perhaps the hatch blowing up has skewed things.

Brian Douglas said...

Re: Faraday's Experiment

The two clocks that weren't in synch would indicate that there was a relativistic time dilation effect on the probe. This would mean that the probe would have to have been going very fast (I'm going to work out the calculations tomorrow to see approximately how fast it would be going). However, this would also mean it would travel a much greater distance than expected (1000 miles of course?). Now why this doesn't seem to affect radio waves, and what these has to do with the bearing (Faraday's actions in this episode seem to indicate that there is a correlation there), I have no idea. Of course, I'm trying to figure things out using REAL physics, whereas the writers might just be doing something more nebulous.

Brian Douglas said...

Highlight: I just wanted to point out that for me, the highlight was Hurley's line: "Great, the boat sent us another Sawyer."

The Chapati Kid said...

Oh. My. God. Ohmygod. I can't stop saying that. If you could have seen me watching this episode, I was waving my arms about in excitement at the start of each commercial break.

So does this mean Ben is one of the Oceanic Six? Sheesh. What a brilliant opening, with Saiyid golfing. And closing too, with him concerned that they'll know he's after them, and Ben saying Good. I've never seen fear in Saiyid's eyes, but in that closing scene, there's absolutely no doubt about it.

Mr. Avellino sounded totally like he had a middle Eastern accent, but then he said something in Italian before they started playing.

What did Ben mean by saying that he made a decision with his heart before (I'm paraphrasing here) and it got him into Ben's hands. Does this mean that Ben's blackmailing Saiyid with the threat that he's going to harm those left on the island? Is that why Saiyid's following his bidding? To protect all those who were left behind? Is that why S is so afraid? It seems like he isn't in control of the situation - even when the Others had a gun to his head, he didn't look so afraid.

And what a brill scene - the woman's all falling in love, and we're thinking, poor thing, and the writers sucker punch us all.

The time lapse thing is definitely intriguing, but the story is set up in such a random, oblique way, don't you think? Even Faraday himself is like a twittering sparrow -- nervous, jittery, evasive. I read about the real-life Faraday cage on Lostpedia -- "a cage that prevents electromagnetism from leaving it."

And why so much attention to the dead Naomi? Her body comes back over and over. And Saiyid's somehow invested in her being taken back -- right from Scene 2. I just found out her last name is Dorrit. Could this have anything to do with Charles Dickens' "Little Dorrit"? The name is too rare to be a coincidence.

The Chapati Kid said...

Okay. Ignore the Little Dorrit bit -- there I was thinking I had thought something original. It's all over Lostpedia.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes me as happy as a Sayid episode, unless it's a Sayid episode in which he wears a tux.

He's just too good at what he does, and it will always conflict with his tender heart. He's been used by too many people.

I figured his boss was either Abbadon or Ben, so I wasn't surprised to see Ben at the end.

Is there some rule that says James Bond can't be played by a South Asian actor, because he has my nomination.

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that Danielle is not only staying arond, but is helping Locke and co. In the past, she used to fade into the jungle and go back to wherever it was she lived. Now she could take Alex and Carl and disappear, but instead she is right in the middle of things. Strange.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Ben is one of the Oceanic six, since he was not on the Oceanic flight.

Paticus said...

Like anonymous,I was thinking that both Ben and Desmond could get off of the island and not be part of the "Oceanic Six" since they were not on the plane. So perhaps 8 people could get off of the island ?
And did anyone else think that now it could have been Ben that Kate was saying "would be wondering where she is" in the Season 3 finale ?

Paticus said...

Or, alternatively, I guess it could also be Ben in the coffin ?

Anonymous said...

Totally blew my mind, I still have a headache thinking about what happened, what an awesome episode:

Favorite moments:
- Hurley about Miles "Great the freighter brought us another Sawyer" LOL
- Miles on Hurley asking if he was sent to kill them "Not yet..." chilling!
- Mind bending Sayid Ben alliance...and the amazing scenery when Sayid takes off in the copter
- the whole James Bond of it all in Sayid's scenes
- In general how the "freighties" have integrated with the Losties so seemlessly, hear that Nikki and Paolo???

- the obvious big one, why has Sayid sold his soul to the devil Ben? He's been broken just like Jack has been broken
- the bracelets of Naomi and Elsa are the same, who is this RG inscribed on Naomi's bracelet? I went through all the characters and none fit, but we do not know the freightie's Regina's last name, perhaps she will be more prominent later on?
- Where is Nadia? Sayid was so desperate to find her and no mention of her at all. Is she dead?
- The time delay on the island of 31 minutes, I can't see this explaining "taller ghost Walt", did this happen before or after the hatch implosion/explosion?
- Did Nikki get into trouble from her hubby for drooling over Sayid in a tux and shirtless in bed with Elsa? :)

I loved this weeks episode more than last week, this show just gets more breathtaking all the time!

Nikki Stafford said...

Thanks again to everyone who posted the closed captioning. That was awesome, thanks!

Brian: If you can figure out something about the time travel, that would be amazing. You're our resident physics guy. I'll admit, I too was wondering how there was a time delay with the rocket, yet their voices are in synch somehow.

Michele: The weird thing about opening up the comments board and then going off to write my column and then checking in the following morning is seeing so many of my own thoughts voiced here! :) I wondered the same thing about the bracelet, and also wavered back and forth between C and G. I think it's a G, though.

Jeff: Same here. My original teaser off the main Wizard page was "Sayid is the fourth member of the Oceanic Six... and he's a badass." Then I changed it to be less spoilery if you were coming onto the main page and not wanting to see the column just yet. :)

K J Gillenwater said...


A time delay of 30 minutes for something that should have taken just seconds could definitely explain why Walt looked older. I wish I were a mathematician, but let me make some kind of educated guess. 1 second on the island means 3 minutes off the island. So there could be years worth of difference between island time and 'real' time.

I've been trying to figure out the ratio, but I suck at math. Anyone want to help???

Emilia said...

I feel that since Nadia has been established as the key to Sayid's heart in his flashbacks, Ben has used this information to get Sayid to work for him.

Anonymous said...

I think it all depends upon how longthis "time warp" has been going on or when the hatch imploded, did something happen to distort the time continuum (I feel like this is a Star Trek discussion LOL). I'm no scientist, but I suppose that if real time and island time became distorted without correlation (sometimes real time is ahead, sometimes island time is ahead) that would possibly explain the multiple planes of existence of the characters (like Charlie, here, but not here)

Nikki Stafford said...

Obscure: I thought exactly the same thing about Walt!

Saza: Good point about the computer printout, though. Hmm... never thought of that.

Chapati Kid: Ben couldn't be one of the Oceanic Six, because he wasn't on the flight. I talk about the Dorritt connection in my book. You've read it, right? RIGHT?! heehee... I loved the line about Sayid using his heart instead of his head... I wonder if when he was freed something happened with Nadia and he acted with his heart, and now he's dead inside because of it. Wah.

Nikki Stafford said...

redeem: I meant to put a note on my blog post that "This will be an episode that redeem will no doubt LOVE." :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Anonymous: Good point about Rousseau! I assume it has everything to do with Alex. She's reunited with her daughter, and now must stay with her, but Alex won't leave Ben, so she's stuck with the group.

Nikki Stafford said...

Paticus: Great points all around! I love the idea that Ben could be the one who is wondering where she is at the end of season 3, awesome catch! A few people speculated that Ben was the one in the coffin, but I'm not sure it would have broken up Jack too much. And something tells me that guy will live forever. I think you're onto something with your idea that he's the one Kate's referring to.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Sayid and possibly Kate working for Ben, I wonder if this doesn't turn into the last season of the A-Team, where the team was performing missions for Stockwell (Robert Vaughn) to earn freedom. Ben could have them all doing various jobs for him (such as killing people) and has them only think they're saving their friends.

Anonymous said...

what a fab episode! how i heart sayid as james bond! hee.

i'm still trying to wrap my head around all that's going on. there are so many new characters being introduced with the rescue storyline that i can't keep them all straight. my only thought for now is that i think michael is ben's man on the boat, and he will be one of the members of the oceanic 6 ... causing a lot of resentment with kate, jack and the other losties, as possibly foreshadowed in the S3 finale. no idea who the 6th and final member will be.

K J Gillenwater said...

Roland, I really like that explanation! It would also explain more about Desmond and his ability to see forward in time. And it would seem to mean that this happened only after the explosion, right? Or did that just jumble everything up more?

There was a first jumble when the plane crashed, and the second one when Desmond 'turned the key.'

So strange. But I love it!

I am in love with the flash-forward arrangement. Because now it is impossible to know when things are taking place in the future...was the Jack/Kate stuff before or after Sayid's killing assignment? It plays so well into the whole idea of time being manipulated.

A theme within a theme, so to speak.

And for those who are not Losties, they are really missing out on some very sophisticated television. You can still enjoy it from an amateur perspective, but there are all these deeper threads running through it. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristin for acknowledging my amateurish theory! Sometimes I get the feeling I'm in public school and the other kids are laughing at me for saying something stupid in class! I'm still awaiting Nikki (our school teacher) for validation -- its all very Freudian LOL

Crackedout said...

Is it just me or was Ben wearing the same outfit at the end of this episode that he was wearing in the picture that Miles has of him (from the end of the last episode)?

Nikki Stafford said...

OK, baby napping, now back to posting my responses (I've been doing it in batches because I keep getting distracted by the babe).

Roland: LOL on the shirtless Sayid comment!! Actually, to be completely honest, the drool happened not in that moment (sorry, Sayid lovers) but Desmond coming up over the hill with the rifle slung over his shoulder and his shirt open. I was momentarily unable to function. :::drool:::

Good point on Nikki and Paulo!! Somehow these 4 new characters intrigue us, and Nikki and Paulo made us wish they'd be buried alive. Yay for wish fulfillment!!

Kristin: I agree... there's something going on that can be worked out through a ratio (see my next post) and it's very intriguing. I can't wait to see some of the theories that jump out of this one. :)

Emilia: I also think Nadia's played a part in this flashforward that's just not clear yet.

Roland again: Interesting theory! Saza pointed out above that Desmond's computer readout had the correct date, BUT if his electromagnetic shakeup caused time to alter afterwards, then the dates might be haywire afterwards, but the same up until that moment. We also need to remember there had been an "incident" as Marvin Candle said on the Dharma orientation film... did it cause the original time warp? Then Locke's shakeup could have altered time again, and then the hatch explosion could have thrown all of it off balance.

anonymous: Love the A-Team idea. :)

Kristin: Ha! You already wrote what I just wrote above. I should learn to read all comments before answering single ones. I agree about the flashforwards. Hurley's came before Jack's, and Jack's was in April 2007. But there was no "tell" to let us know where in the scheme of things Sayid's fell, and I know that was deliberate.

Roland again: HAHAHA! I validate you, Sir Knight. I always love your posts.

crackedout: AH! I think you're right! When I saw him at the end something looked strangely familiar, and that would be it.

Now that reminds me... where did Miles get that picture?? I'm assuming it was on one of Ben's missions to the real world, since with all those passports we can safely assume he's been making several visits.

The Chapati Kid said...

Doesn't Ben look like he's standing at a security line in an airport? Just before you put your things on the conveyor belt and go through the metal detector. Or am I making this up.

Oh Nikki! I've read the first Finding Lost cover to cover! Got to get my hands on the second one!

Jazzygirl said...

Just watched it for the first time and there's not much more I can add to what everyone has said.
I did find it interesting however that Jacob's cabin disappeared. In last week's episode it was clear that this was happening when Hurley ran away and then it reappeared. I can't figure this one out at all. Does is appear when you need it? This whole Jacob thing has always confused me.
As for the time travel thing....has anyone watched the Season 3 DVD's? On the last one with all the extras, there is an orientation video for the last station...the Orchard. We haven't been exposed to this one on the show yet. The guy who does it looks like Marvin Candle but he says his name is something else (can't remember right now). He also does not have a prosthetic arm. In the video, he's holding a white rabbit with the number 15 on it. (We've already seen the 8 rabbit) He is starting to explain the point of the station when things start shaking...sort of like an earthquake. No one seems to be surprised, but he says to the cameraman, "cut" and then they start to reshoot the video. Suddenly a woman comes running into the scene and starts screaming "oh my God it's number 15!" They pan over and there's another white rabbit on a shelf with the number 15 on it. The guy starts FREAKING out and says something like "get it away! don't let them see each other!" And then it ends.
I immediately thought of time travel. And if you come in contact with yourself in another "time", bad things could happen. It reminded me of Harry Potter, if anyone has read those...when they go back in time but can NOT run into themselves.
This whole thing would support the time travel thing, no?
Just thoughts...

Brian Douglas said...

jazzygirl: I was thinking maybe it was an antimatter twin and that they shouldn't allow them to touch because it would cause annihilation (of course if that were the case, then this would have happened as soon as the anti-matter rabit touched ANYTHING in our universe, not just his or her clone, but I digress).

K J Gillenwater said...

Hmmm...what about the parallel universe idea? Two beings who are the same can exist on separate planes, but they can't meet...?

It also makes me think about what Miles told the helicopter make sure he flew the same exact path on the way out. Could it be if he deviated from this path, he would end up somewhere else? (a parallel universe to our own or a different time?)

I just keep going back to the crashed plane with the dead bodies. How in hell does someone create a 'fake' plan crash? How could you secretively move and drop a HUGE plane like that with bodies in it? I just don't think that could happen.

I'm more likely to believe that OUR Oceanic plane and the crashed Oceanic plane were from two different parallel worlds. When the event happened on the island, the universes were warped for a split second and the two planes switched places. One crashing into the ocean, the other crashing into the island.

Just another idea...

Anonymous said...

If the wormhole theory is applicable, then the Frank the pilot would HAVE to fly back exactly the same way he came in in order to get back out again. Maybe it's a wormhole between spaces AND times.
- Chapatikid

Anonymous said...

Nikki - I have read both of your LOST books & they are fabulous.

Just wanted to say that before I went in with my 2 cents worth on "The Economist".
Other than the obvious questions (times being different on & off island, what is Ben holding over Sayid, is Ben the him that Kate refers to, where the heck is Nadia), I think my biggest question is what exactly is Charlotte & Daniel (and Miles for that matter) there to "study"? That intrigues me. Just when we think we know what we need to about Dharma, it seems that isn't the case now.

Matthew D said...

Do you think its possible that Mile's connection to all of this is a relative or friend that was killed by Ben in the purge? His explosion in 4.2 wanting to know where Ben was seems so emotionally charged. It can't just be about money. He'd be a lot cooler and methodical if that were the case.

Were his parents part of the Dharma project?

pete said...

matthew d: Interesting comment about Miles and the purge. Maybe his father was Marvin Candless?

Jazzygirl said...

Yeah I got the feeling that there was something personal there with Miles and maybe the purge. How long ago was it? I forget.
But "they" hired HIM so he must have some ability that was desirable and talking to ghosts is the only one we've seen. Speaking of which, after watching it again, I'm still confused about what he did in that house in his flashback. Did he somehow know there was money to be found? When he says "you need to tell me where it is". The whole thing didn't make any sense to me except that the picture on the wall reminded me of Eko.