Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost 4.04: Eggtown
Was that a bombshell or was that a bombshell? While there wasn't much to the stuff going on on the actual island, the flashforward made for some intrigue about what is going to happen in the eventual rescue. Will Claire be sacrificed? Will she die and Kate rescues her son?

And, uh, who thinks they'll start having nightmares about Locke? Sheesh almighty.

I love this season!

Lies and the lying Oceanic Six liars who tell them . . .

Previously on Lost...
Last week’s episode saw Daniel Faraday conducting an experiment that resulted in a 31-minute time discrepancy between what the clocks on and off the island said. Here’s a suggestion I made on my blog: Maybe there’s a bubble surrounding the island, being held there through electromagnetic energy. When Desmond reads the printout and says his electromagnetic surge was on September 22, it would indicate that time is actually moving at the same pace, since that’s also the date off the island. But what if the actual bubble is a black hole, and if you get stuck in it, time moves differently. Last season there were several references to “A Brief History of Time,” and in that book Hawking talks about black holes and how time moves differently in them (he also suggests that if a person fell into one they’d be ripped into spaghetti, but let’s not get into specifics). What if by passing through the bubble, you can age more quickly while in there, so you have to move through it as quickly as possible? Notice that Faraday tells Frank at the end that he has to go back exactly the way they’d come. Maybe he found the hole that allows them to pass through the bubble quickly, and he needs Frank to follow that exact same path or risk getting stuck in there? It could certainly help them deal with the fact that Walt is 12, but Malcolm David Kelley is almost 16 — the writers could trap him in the black hole and he’ll age three years in a matter of minutes.

Another possibility is that there are wormholes in that bubble, allowing people to pass into a different time, into the future and into the past. In that case, the flashbacks, flashforwards, and present time on the island could all be happening at the same time. On with this week’s episode.

Episode Recap:
Great episode! While Locke turns into a madman, Kate takes Miles to Ben, where Miles insists that he knows who Ben really is, and asks Ben for a ransom of $3.2 million so that he’ll tell the people on the freighter that Ben is dead. Kate and Sawyer play house for a bit, Locke trumps Sayid as the most sadistic torturer on the island, and Juliet and Jack find out that the helicopter didn’t actually make it back to the freighter. Three years later, we see Kate on trial for her pre-crash crimes, and discover one blond-headed secret she brought back with her when she was rescued. (And no, it ain’t Sawyer.)

• Seeing everyone hang out in Otherville as if they’re in the real world.
• Hurley: “You just totally Scooby-Doo’d me, didn’t you?”
• Hurley watching Xanadu. Ha! (I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning to Kubla Khan and Coleridge or just the stupid movie and the Greek muses, but I’ll leave that to you guys to hash out.)
• Wine in a box.
• Sawyer referring to Locke as Montezuma when he hears the toilet flush.

Biggest “GASP!” Moments:
• Jack’s many, many, manymanymany lies, beginning with Daniel and Charlotte being there to rescue all of them.
• Locke saying if he were a dictator he’d just shoot Kate. Gah!
• Kate’s got a SON?!
• Jack showing up at Kate’s trial… and telling more lies. That the marshal had died in the crash… that only 8 people survived the crash… that Kate had assumed the role Jack really had in the crash…
• Regina not knowing about the helicopter. Uh oh…
• Locke reaching a whole new level of torture technique. Holy Gestapo, Batman! Horrific… (interesting that we now have something connecting Locke and Mikhail)

Yes. Aaron.
The big bombshell at the end of the episode was that Kate’s “son” is in fact Aaron. Is Aaron one of the Oceanic Six? He wasn’t technically on the flight to begin with, and Jack mentions in court that eight people survived the plane crash, and six of those people lived. Aaron wouldn’t have been one of those people if he’d been born on the island, so I’m thinking there may still be two other people who will be revealed. Jack doesn’t want to see Aaron because he’s a reminder of their deceit, presumably. Aaron calls Kate “Mommy,” so I would assume Claire is not one of the Oceanic Six, and Kate has raised him as her own. What happened to Claire? Did Kate and Jack sacrifice her somehow? Or did she die and Kate agreed to take care of Aaron for her? Was Aaron’s existence publicized when the survivors made it back to the real world? The lawyer talks about him like some well-kept secret, which would have been difficult considering the publicity surrounding the rescue. One thing is for sure: Now we know who Kate meant when she said at the end of season three, “He’ll be wondering where I am.”

Hurley’s Numbers:
Miles asks Ben for $3.2 million, and Ben asks why not 3.3, or 3.4. I SO wanted Miles to say, “Uh… because 3.2 could be turned around to 23, which is one of Hurley’s numbers?”

Did You Notice?:
• The episode opened on Locke’s eye; in previous seasons this always signalled the episode and flashback would be about him, but not this time.
• Locke sleeps in Ben’s hospital bed.
• The book that Locke chooses for Ben is Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi novel VALIS. This is a thinly veiled autobiographical work about Dick’s philosophical and religious beliefs, where Dick narrates, but creates a main character named Horselover Fat, who is also Dick, to add some objectivity to the situation. The two argue throughout the book in a Socratic way about their Gnostic belief systems. VALIS stands for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. From Wikipedia:
VALIS has been described as one node of an artificial satellite network originating from the star Sirius in the Canis Major constellation. According to Dick, the Earth satellite used “pink laser beams” to transfer information and project holograms on Earth and to facilitate communication between an extraterrestrial species and humanity. Dick claimed that VALIS used “disinhibiting stimuli” to communicate, using symbols to trigger recollection of intrinsic knowledge through the loss of amnesia, achieving gnosis. Drawing directly from Platonism and Gnosticism, Dick wrote in his Exegesis: “We appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiential information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction – a failure – of memory retrieval.”
• When Locke gives Ben the book, Ben says he’s already read it, to which Locke responds, “You might catch something you missed the second time around.” This seems like a comment on the viewers who watch the episodes over and over again, catching new details every time.
• The scene where Ben and Locke face off mirrors the same scene in season 2 when Benry was locked up in the Armory. And just as he did then when he walked out and smashed all the dishes all over the place, Locke falls for it AGAIN and lets Ben know that he’s won this round, and has gotten to him. Locke, Locke, Locke… when will you learn??
• This is the first conversation between Jin and Sun we’ve seen all season. Interesting that last season so many fans were up in arms for the first three episodes because we didn’t get to see enough of the other characters, and this season we’re seeing even less of the others, yet no one is complaining. Looks like the writers finally found the right balance.
• Emilie de Ravin looks like she’s wearing a wig.
• The backgammon is back, but it’s so different now. In season one, when Locke was playing it with Walt, he seemed like a generally good guy. Now he’s… not.
• Everyone seems to be referring to Hurley as Hugo these days.
• Kate’s listening to Patsy again.
• Kate was never able to resolve her issues with her mother by remembering her in flashback, and finally resolves them in the flashforward, which is a first.
• I was hoping that Sawyer didn’t want Kate to be pregnant because he was scared she’d die. Now I realize it was a more selfish reason.

So Many Questions…
• Eggtown?
• Did you notice the way Miles was sitting in the boathouse when Kate came down to see him? He was all hunched over in the chair. Could he have been communicating with the ghosts of the island? I’m convinced that Miles has been talking to them since he got there… he’s possibly talked to Dharma victims from the Purge, other survivors who didn’t make it, Nikki and Paulo (no wonder he’s raving like a lunatic; wouldn’t YOU be if you had the Undynamic Duo in your head?) Could he have been talking to the dead on the flats when Jack and Co. first came upon him?
• Why has Jack maintained that Kate was the real hero in the crash? Was it out of love? Was it to deflect attention from himself? He’s clearly been doing it since the rescue (she mentions that she’s heard him say it over and over).
• Why would Sawyer immediately tell Locke about Kate’s plan? Is he trying to stop her before Locke does more damage to her?
• Miles tells Ben not to treat him like one of them, and says he knows who he is and what he can do. Who is he? What can he do? Miles talks to him with a lot of hostility. Does it have anything to do with Miles being a ghost whisperer? Are the dead telling him things that Ben has done?
• What the heck were Charlotte and Dan doing with the cards? How was Dan able to know what those cards were? Why is he so frustrated that he’s not making “progress”?
• So what happened to the helicopter? Did they not follow the same path?
• In case I forgot to mention it… AARON??!!

Next week: Looks like things don’t go so well for Sayid and Desmond.

UPDATE: Lostpedia is posting that the definition of an "eggtown" is the following:
Egg-town is a pejorative term that refers to the days of bartering, during the Great Depression. A traveling salesman would have to barter his candy or tobacco or shoelaces for different commodities. A poor exchange would be for eggs, a relatively common item that is also highly perishable. Nobody wants to trade for eggs from a traveling salesman because they have their own, so the salesman who accepted an egg in exchange was forced to accept a bad deal. Salesmen would use the term like "If I were you I would stay away from Bogart. That's an egg-town." Of course, the lack of trust among salesman was also high, and it was likely that one salesman would lie to another about the quality of a town's customers to keep them for himself. Invariably, the second salesman ventures into Bogart only to find it is truly an egg-town. He is either persuaded to not visit a town that has good customers or is tricked into visiting a town that can only offer eggs. The term "egg-town" represents a deal with undesirable outcomes in either case.

UPDATE 2: Bill Ervolino's got a great rundown of the episode over on his blog, including pointing out the conversation Claire had had with the psychic way back in "Raised by Another," where he told her that that baby could absolutely NOT be raised by anyone other than her. Hmm...


cartographer said...

I'm not sure exactly how DNA fingerprinting works, but could there be enough common DNA for Kate and Jack to claim that Aaron is their baby?

Brian Douglas said...

• Jack’s many, many, manymanymany lies, beginning with Daniel and Charlotte being there to rescue all of them.

Well, I think Jack believes that to be the case. Even if that's not the reason they came to the island, he thinks that they will arrange to get all the survivors off the island.

• Jack showing up at Kate’s trial… and telling more lies. That the marshal had died in the crash… that only eight people survived the crash… that Kate had assumed the role Jack really had in the crash

Were these lies, or just embellishments of what Kate actually did?

• Locke reaching a whole new level of torture technique. Holy Gestapo, Batman! Horrific…

I don't think the grenade was live. Locke wouldn't risk Miles accidently killing himself before he answered Locke's questions.

• Miles asks Ben for $3.2 million

He needs the money for something in particular. That number is too specific to just be random. Ben's a sharp guy and picked up on that.

• Eggtown?

Is it a literary reference or something?

• Why would Sawyer immediately tell Locke about Kate’s plan? Is he trying to stop her before Locke does more damage to her?

That was part of the con. Sawyer said as much later in the episode.

• What the heck were Charlotte and Dan doing with the cards? How was Dan able to know what those cards were? Why is he so frustrated that he’s not making “progress?”

I think she showed the cards to Daniel, and he was only able to remember two of them. It would appear Danny has memory problems. It reminded me of the flashback where he didn't know why he was sad.

• So what happened to the helicopter? Did they not follow the same path?

From next week previews, I would say no.

Brian Douglas said...

cartographer: It is POSSIBLE that the baby has enough of Christian's DNA to claim it was Jack, but highly unlikely. Jack and Claire would have had to have gotten all the same traits from Christian, and Claire would have had to pass on only these traits to Aaron. Unless Aaron's father is also one of Christian's lovechilds, but it's still unlikely 1/2 Aaron's DNA is identical to Jacks.

In any case, barring future familiar revelations, Aaron has no DNA in common with Kate.

Nikki Stafford said...

Cartographer: Interesting theory... Aaron would definitely share *some* DNA with Jack, but I don't know if it would be enough. Good point!!

Brian: I think when Jack says that Daniel and Charlotte are there to rescue them, he no longer really believes it. Notice the way Juliet looks at him when he says it, like she knows he's lying.

I think it was clear from what he was saying that he put Kate into his own shoes. Yes, she helped a lot, initially going on the trek to find the radio tower and such, but she wasn't the one finding the water and helping the people and bandaging them up and getting food the way Jack said she was... that was him.

I actually don't think the grenade was live, either, but the torture is psychological, which makes it worse.

Eggtown: I saw that it could be a reference to a children's book. Not sure if that's a stretch or true.

Oops, must have missed the Sawyer comment.

Ack, I never thought of the cards that way, that she'd been showing him the cards moments before and now he couldnt' remember them. That's really intriguing! Could he have short-term memory loss?

K J Gillenwater said...

Not much of a bombshell when you guess it halfway through the episode. But it does add more questions to what happens before the Oceanic 6 come back to the 'real world.'

K J Gillenwater said...

Could "Eggtown" be a reference to the Easter Eggs people look for in each episode?

Crackedout said...

Here's a question: Why doesn't Jack want to see Aaron? "He's a reminder of their of their deceit", well so is Kate and Hurley and yet he has no trouble seeing them. Did he find out that Claire is actually his sister? Does he know that he's Aaron's Uncle? Jack is a pretty stand up guy so something real bad must ahve happened if he doesn;t want to see Aaron.

Okay, so eight survive the crash and six make it home. Are the two who didn't make it home already dead? Boone, Shannon, Ana-Lucia....wait, it can't be Ana-Lu. Remeber back to the first episode and Hurley telling the cop that he didn't know her!!!!! So where was I....Boone, Shannon, Libby, Eko, Nikki, Paulo......Charlie...... Or is it two who haven't died yet?????

I wrote the following on another thread before last nights episode and just wanted to get some feedback on it:

"From what I've read, as soon as Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes Lost will be moved to 10 pm(pst). This is supposed to take place sometime in April. April 24 to be exact.

Is it just me or does "Naomi's Bunch" know more than they're letting on? Here's my theory: Abbadon, or whoever he works for, has Michael. Either willingly or unwillingly, Michael has given up inofrmation on the plane crash, the survivors, the "Others" and the Island. When Michael left, at the end of season 2, Ben gave him coordinates to take him from the island but said that he would not be able to return. This explains how the Freighter is in the area but couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the island. I think that this crew, "Naomi's Bunch", already knew that there were survivors from the crash. Think back to the question Namoi asked about survivors and Abbadon's answer, "There were no surivors". I believe that he knows there are survivors and he's instructing her terminate them. Naomi knew that she'd find Desmond on the island. Her story, which we know to be fake, was that she was hired by Penny to find Des. How lucky for her to crash on the island he's been stranded on!! She knew he was there and had her cover story ready. Frank's studied the passenger manifest so he's able to distinguish between those who were on 815 and those who weren't. None of them are surprised that there are survivors, as if they knew that the plane found in the Sundra Trench is a fake.

If not Michael, then Abbadon must have a spy in Ben's camp. Someone has supplied them with information. They know who Ben is and that he's on the island.

Here's a question: If their main objective is to capture Ben, then why not send a merc group? Why send a Physicist, an Anthropologist, a Ghost Whisperer and a pilot? Faraday and Lewis are obviously there to study the island. Miles is more than likely there to communicate with the dead. Frank, I'm still uncertain here but his knowledge of the plane, and the survivors, could come in handy. Plus, he's a pretty good pilot. So I ask again, why send this particular group to capture Ben? I think you'd want to send people who are skilled in hunting, trapping or capturing. I don't believe that capturing Ben is their main objective. I think they're there to gather information and getting Ben just falls in with that."

michelle woolley said...

I knew it! I knew it! Well, not "knew it" in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn't know. ;)

So I was right about the baby – but wrong about the baby actually being Kate’s (I also believe it really is Aaron and not Kate’s baby). I also think that Kate believes that she can’t conceive – however, as the Island has proven – sometimes medical problems are miraculously resolved there. So even if she couldn’t conceive before…then maybe she can now. Maybe Jack can’t face Aaron because Kate DOES get pregnant at one point (with him??!!) and looses the baby – so Aaron represents the son that he lost? I know I’m reaching here – but the show tends to make us reach to these wild theories all the time doesn’t it.

I actually think that the reason Jack can’t face Aaron is that by this time he knows that Claire is his sister and that he’s let her down – that he didn’t save her. Whether she’s dead or simply still back on the island doesn’t matter – he didn’t save her one way or the other. I think she could still be alive – as a mom I could see giving up my child if it meant that she would be somewhere safe and in the hands of someone I trusted (especially my own brother) – even if it killed me to do it. Maybe Aaron was meant to be with both of them. I still don’t understand how people think that Aaron could be Kate’s (the people on the show that is). I mean, how could they explain his age? That would mean that they would have to be on the island for at “least” a year – Kate could maybe get away with saying she was 3-4 months pregnant at the time of the crash – which would leave 5-6 months until her “delivery” (although they could have said Aaron was premature) and enough time to pass so that the age’s could be blurred. Even then they’re pushing it really.

I think that Charlotte and Dan were testing to see if their psychic abilities have increased since being on the island.

Miles and the money. It seems as though either Miles needs a specific amount for something or that he feels that Ben owes him that much – others have thought that maybe Miles was the son of the mysterious Marvin Candle – if so, maybe the money has to do with the connection?

I think “Eggtown” refers to Locke saying that those two eggs were the last ones – he kills the Chicken after all. There’s got to be more to it though – got to investigate that.

Locke really has gone down that Colonel Kurtz route – holy crap. That grenade thing freaked the crap out of me!!

As for the 3.2 million – here’s a wild theory – what if Miles was trying to tell Ben something – that he and his crew came into the island at heading 3.2.5 (same as Ben told Michael was the way off the island to be rescued – 3.2 million = 3,200,000 (1 3, 1 2, 5 zero’s). Could Miles be Ben’s man from the boat? Telling Ben that he’ll say that he’s dead – letting him know that he’s the man who “sees dead people” and therefore his contact?

Anonymous said...

I thought Eggtown could be something to do with the two eggs Locke gave Ben for lunch - and a reference to Wild West towns and Locke being all sherif-like...

Crackedout said...

Okay, Aaron is not one of the Oceanic 6. They said that eight survived the crash but Aaron hadn't been born yet so I'm confindent that they're not counting him. I think the other two of the six are Sun and Jin. It has to be. I'm fairly certain that something happens to claire and that she is not one of them. Locke's not leaving that island unless it's in a bodybag! I don't think Sawyer is going to leave either. Rose and Bernard aren't leaving. Desmond wasn't even on the plane, nor Juliet. Out of the main characters from the very beginning of the show; 4 have been revealed as members of the six (Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley), 3 are dead (Charlie, Shannon and Boone), 2 are missing (Miachael and Walt) and the other 5 I just mentioned (Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Sun and Jin). I honestly believe that it's characters from the very beginning of the show and I'm looking at Jin and Sun. The other possibitly is that it's Michael and Walt....somehow.

Anonymous said...

Favorite moments:
- Hurley: You just totally Scooby Doo’d me, didn’t you? Ruh Ro!!
- Ben to Locke: You are as “Lost” as ever…nice play on words
- Even though I suspected the boy would be Aaron (they might have telegraphed it too much with the whole Claire getting Kate to pick up the baby!)

Things that make me go mmm???:
- Claire: I guess the dingo didn’t eat your baby! But I hope Claire is not the major death that is projected to occur, although I don’t want any of the original 815ers to die either! My hope is that she is still on the island, and Jack is guilty for abandoning her and allowing Kate to take Aaron and hence he doesn’t want to see him because it reminds him
- since when does being a celebrity and saving a few lives (based on Jack’s testimony) free someone from a laundry list of crimes, including murder? In reality I would suspect the jury would definitely convict Kate of at least a few of those crimes and she’d be spending a long long time in prison; just seems rather convenient
- whats up with the card guessing games? Do the Freighters suspect that mental telepathy is a side effect of the island’s powers?
- did the helicopter not take the direct path Daniel advised last week and/or does the time delay between the island and real world cause the copter to disappear for a few hours (seems like this is true based on previews)
- was it just me or when Kate told Sawyer she wasn’t pregnant and he was relieved that she was just testing him and maybe she WAS pregnant and is not going to tell him? (and maybe name her baby after Claire’s Aaron, which would be the other possibility)

Matthew D said...

I'm leaning towards thinking that Eggtown is simply a reference to 'otherville' and the eggs/chicken thing. I'd not heard the old west/sheriff reference, but if true, I think that makes sense.

If you want to stretch it further, lots of the ep dealt with fertility and Miles ended up with an 'egg shaped object' in his mouth.

What about Sun & Jin talking about US cities to live in and then Sun saying she wants to go back to Korea? My guess is that this is set-up for something coming.

Is the 'sonic' fence turned on at this point? In the deleted scene Miles, Kate & Sayid walked right through it. How can the barracks provide protection for Locke's group if the fence is not on? Nobody seemed on 'lookout' for the bad guys coming.

K J Gillenwater said...

Jack doesn't want to see Aaron b/c he is the one that is going to allow Claire to die or kill her. I'm pretty sure of that. She *is* with the group that doesn't want to leave the island, and Claire has had very little to do with all the action as of late.

Matthew D said...

My guess is the 'Kate as Hero' story is agreed upon as a way for Kate to hopefully not go to jail once they got home.

She now knows that the outside world knows her story so she's not voluntarily leaving without a chance of not going to jail. They may not be in control of how many get off the island or even the lie that only 6 survived, but I bet there's an agreement between all the survivors that Kate has to be the hero.

It just hit me... didn't we get a reference to Jack being a hero from the Hurley ep? I'm sure they're all celebraties, but I think we've now heard both Jack and Kate refered to as Heroes of the event.

Nikki Stafford said...

Kristin: I just posted an update to this post, with a possible (if confusing) definition of eggtown.

crackedout: That's my thinking... I believe Jack knows Aaron is his nephew, and that's why it's so hard to see him. He's upset about something that's happened to Claire.

Good question on who the other 2 are that they'll say died. If Brian is correct and it's been made public that Aaron is Kate's adopted son, then Claire might be one of them. So the question is, will the other one be someone who's already dead or someone who's alive now but won't be by the end? (Or someone who IS alive but they're lying and saying they're not??) Does this mean everyone really DOES die, or does it mean they left them behind? The end of Jack's flashforward would indicate they've left them behind, and that's why he needs to go back, but now it's unclear.

One thing's for sure: the other two are NOT Nikki and Paulo. The people on the island couldn't even remember them, so there's no way the general public will. Not even hardcore fans of Expose. ;)

I also agree with your theory that the freighter folk are there to study the island, because a jittery scientist and an archeologist don't seem like the sort of people you send in on a hostage-taking mission.

Michelle: I LOVE your theory on 325... I've been trying to figure out since crackedout suggested something's up with Michael being sent off in the boat, what "bearing 325" could signify, and you've hit on an awesome point!!! I love it.

crackedout again: I agree; I really don't think Aaron is supposed to be one of the Oceanic 6, but I could be wrong and they weren't doing the math (but that seems really odd for a show that's as grounded in numbers and physics as this one!) I wonder if it might be split down the middle? That the other two are Michael and Jin? Or Michael and Sun?

Nikki Stafford said...

Roland: Agreed on Kate getting away with murder. One of the big things that baffled me at the end of season 3 is how Kate was free, when she should have been in prison. That was a little too convenient for me. I was hoping she'd get off due to something far more sinister, like Oceanic or Dharma somehow making it look like she hadn't killed Wayne and covering it up for her, and her going along with it.

Brian had suggested that it's not a card-guessing game, but that Charlotte had shown him the cards ahead of time and then asked him to immediately remember, and he can't. I love that idea, and that maybe he has a memory problem, which is why he always seems so scattered and weird.

MatthewD: Of course!! Maybe it's a reference to an egg in the womb! I never thought of that. Wow, now I'm really wondering about Kate.

I, too, think they're setting up something with Jin and Sun. I hope it's not bad. :( I still haven't recovered from Charlie's death, and I'm not sure who else I could lose at this point.

Kristin: Since Christian was spotted in Jacob's cabin (and maybe it wasn't Christian but Jacob making himself look like him) I wonder if he'll show himself to Jack and Claire in Claire's final moments and she'll say, "Dad?" and Jack will look at her, and... too late. ;) And, as you say, Jack could be the one who kills her.

Anonymous said...

and hello.....what about Aaron's age! 2? 3 years old maybe? Thats quite a gap in time considering he is only a few months old on the island.

Nikki Stafford said...

Saza: Exactly. That's what I was saying in the other comments this morning (I'll put it here, too):

I don't think it's Kate's biological baby. Jack goes nutso in 2007. This happens before that, probably 2006 or even 2005. That kid was 2-1/2 or 3 (they might have chosen an actor too old for the part, actually) so there's no way she conceived in 2004, had him in 2005, and had a 2- or 3-year-old by 2006. I don't think there's anything deeper to that one than it being the real Aaron.

K J Gillenwater said...

I don't think there is any hint that people know Aaron is her 'adopted' son. Even her own mother seemed eager to see him. As if she thought he was her own grandchild. I think they are keeping it a secret that Aaron is Claire's baby.

Nik, I do think what you are predicting might be a good guess. Jack finds out Claire is his half-sister too she is dying at his hand or something.

I'm so curious to find out how Jack and Claire can go from an almost non-relationship to an antagonistic one over the next few seasons. Perhaps it is also a sacrifice that Claire will sacrifice herself for her child but only because Jack forced that choice??

Argh! Must have more LOST now!!!

Matthew D said...

In it's simplest form, bearing 325 means just a little North of Northwest. For navigational purposes, the compass is divided into 360 degrees, 0 being due North, 180 due South etc. 315 is true Northwest so 325 is just a bit North of that.

If you've ever wondered what the big numbers on airport runways mean ie 18R or 27L they stand for the compass direction (add a 0). 18R would be headed 180 degrees which is due South.

I have to think that a boat or aircraft navigating in or out from the island would have to use satelite navigation because the magnetical forces would totally screw with a traditional compass.

I heard a discussion somewhere about whether there was a 'hole' they had to hit to make it through or if it was more an alignment to a very specific compass direction. If Michael left on bearing 325 is the way back in also 325 or is it 145?

Anonymous said...

Kristin, that would be heartbreaking if Claire actually died directly because of Jack and that he finds out she is his half sister as she dies (but mind you it would be just as dramatic and effective as Charlie's death). I can't see any way that Jack, as dark as he is to become, would kill Claire. I suspect that if she dies, it would be more likely that he would try to save her and unable to, which would kill Jack, as he has always been the fixer upper type. Hence the guilt with Aaron...

dorito addict said...

I've been reading the comments and there was soemthing that I noticed that nobody else has mentioned. I may be reaching, but here it is...

When Locke gave Ben breakfast he mentioned that those were the last two eggs and then he killed the chicken. And over on the beach, it seemed like people were starting to scrounge the Dharma supplies. I think they might be running low on food and they have no idea where more might be coming from. I think there about to be heading into some pretty hard times right about now.

Crackedout said...

This theory may be reaching but bear with me: What if Ben is one of the Oceanic Six? All he'd have to do is steal the identity of one of the victims of the crash. Remember that Patchy was compiling data on all the passengers, alive or dead. All he would have to do is find one he could pass himself off as. One who has no family and wouldn't be reconized by anyone. The passports lead me to believe that he could fake documents. Without the Sub Ben currently has no means of leaving the island (that we know of). Yet we see him off the island directing Sayid. How'd he get there?

Nikki Stafford said...

Kristin and Roland: It's definitely intriguing to imagine why Jack can't look at Aaron. Roland, you might be on to something there... Jack gets all upset if he can't fix something, and he seems to have it together in the Kate and Hurley flashforwards, but falls apart slightly later, insisting they go back. I wonder if it's like that Hitchcock film, Lifeboat, where only 6 people were allowed on the helicopter and Jack reaches out for Claire and she hands him Aaron instead. OR... if there were already 6 on there, and Kate smuggles Aaron on board... OR, if there were already 6 on there, and claire still hands him over to Jack. Either way, he didn't hurt Claire, but he's left her behind.

WHAT IF (I just thought of this as I was typing) in the Hurley and Kate flashforwards, he thinks they've left everyone behind and they'll live a nice happy little life, and they've not only promised each other not to tell, but the people on the island don't WANT to be found, so they've promised on their behalf to leave them alone? But then he finds out Christian is Claire's father AFTER the rescue, and is so distraught he needs to get back to the island to save her? OR... Claire could be dead, so Kate's got Aaron and he can't look at Aaron because it's a reminder of the life they all used to have (maybe Kate and Jack had promised Claire to raise him together, and now Kate's doing it alone or maybe Sawyer played into it somehow) and then after these flashforwards Jack finds out Christian was somehow behind things on the island... hm.

Matthew: Thanks for the explanation on ship bearings; I had no idea what it referred to, thanks! :)

Robyn: I think Locke lied about killing the chicken. He'd just thrown the plates against the wall in anger and he probably cut himself, and now had to lie to Kate about why his hands were all bloody (or he might have just been taking out his anger on Ben's face again).

crackedout: Good theory! I think Ben has another way on and off the island (I wonder if he can astrally project? But that wouldn't explain the passports, I suppose... I do think there's something magical about him that we just don't know yet), but he could absolutely pose as another passenger, if he could just figure out which ones have absolutely no ties. Maybe he needs to kill Sawyer and become him...

Brian Douglas said...

Nikki: I also thought that Locke cut himself on the plate, and was covering it.

Jazzygirl said...

Well you guys have covered most of my points and ideas! LOL
I did want to add something to thing with Daniel and the cards. I do agree that perhaps he has some weird memory Nikki said, maybe that's why he's always so scattered and wimpy...we know the island has healing powers....maybe he's trying to see if it will "heal" his issue?
I have to say that I went to bed thinking about the episode and thus my dreams were littered with LOST related stories and I was mixed up in it!! LOL!
I am going to rewatch this now I think to see if I can catch other stuff. Yes, I do think they writers were doing a shout out to us when Locke mentions reading the book a second time to catch something new and also Ben telling him he's Lost. :)

PS Nikki...I also tried to rewind and make out what that burley dude was yelling at Kate but I just can't make it out!

Jazzygirl said...

One more thing! Xanadu!??!! LOL
I about died. I remember watching that movie in the 80's when I was young. I loved roller skating and Olivia Newton John so I liked the movie...hey I was like 10 or something. ;p
But I agree with Nikki...there's got to be something behind THAT. Nikki, I found myself reaching for your book out of habit, because you always explain those things..and then stopped myself with a DOH!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the impression that the card had anything 'psychic' behind it. It seemed like a memory test.

What if Daniel suffered some type of horrible head trauma off the island, which has affected (effected?) his memory/cognitative abilities?

In the 'enhanced' replay of the episode of Confirmed Dead, a pop-up states that the woman who asked Daniel why he was crying was his 'Caretaker'. I think that gives more evidence to the argument that Daniel has some memory related disability.

What if, off the island, Daniel was a Hawking-esque physicist? Could he have experienced some accident that limited his brillance? Now he has been taken to an place that has proven healing properties. And, he's conducting experiments to test if he's been healed.

Charlotte feels Daniel is making progress, Daniel disagrees. However, if Daniel has a severe memory problem, would he be able to remember how much progress he was making?

What purpose would Abaddon's group have in bringing Daniel to the island to be healed? Surely, they could have found an uninjured physicist.

Is it just me, or does Daniel Faraday look like a younger Alvar Hanso?

ARTAR said...

nikki, enjoy the blogs, wizard articles and i have both of your Lost books.
i dont think anyone gets off the island until final episode in season six. at the same time in flashforwards I think the oceanic six return to the island during the final episode. this leaves the show open ended and available for future tv specials or movie.i have nothing to support this prediction. just felt like sharing.
im a huge comic fan and if you ever read peter milligan/duncan fegredo's enigma from DC's Vertigo it ends beautifully where you are left to imagine the final battle. I personally love stuff like that.
best, a.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jazzygirl: Ha! I'm not alone! Every Thursday night I hit my bed around 12 after writing the column, then my son wakes up around 12:30 and I have to feed him, and then he's usually up about every 2 hours after that (he used to be the world's best sleeper... not any longer) and so I'm only going into a lighter sleep, which is where you dream, and I swear every time I wake up I've been having nothing but Lost dreams. And they're not GOOD ones, like, oh, Sawyer dreams, or Desmond dreams. Mmm... Desmond dreams...

OK, I'm back. So yeah, every Friday morning I wake up and think, MAN, I have to watch another show before coming to bed on Thursdays!

Yes, I'm sure there will be plenty of theories about Xanadu... I should come up with my own. ;) I'll post it when I can think about it.

fiveagainst: Fascinating theory! I keep missing the enhanced episodes... are these the ones that run from 8-9 before the new eps? If that's a caretaker and he's in some sort of home, that lends an entirely new view of his character, doesn't it? And it makes him very sympathetic, too... I mean, this poor man's undergone some trauma that has left him very unstable, and then you stick him on a helicopter and send him into a stormy, scary, place, and throw him out of the plane. NICE. Poor guy! I just want to hug him.

Artar: Thanks!! Welcome to the blog, it's great to have you here. I, too, love things like that. Were you a fan of Angel? If you are, read on, if not, stop for fear of spoilers...

Season 5 ended with Angel and the gang running into an apocalyptic battle, and we have no idea what happened to them. A few fans complained it was a copout or a cliffhanger leaving things open for a movie, but I didn't feel that way. I felt like we would always be picturing them running into a battle, ready to face anything, forever. I love that idea.

I, too, hope that season 6 ends with the rescue, but we already know what's going to happen to them because we've pieced it all together. What an incredible way to end the series!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the enhanced episodes run from 8-9. It's basically Pop-Up-Video.

Personally I think the enhanced episodes are a big cop-out. The big draw to Lost, for me at least, is doing the detective work to find out with things mean...and then actually THINKING about the episodes. The enhanced episodes really remove a lot of that, and suddenly I feel like I'm watching Lost-for-Dummies.

That being said, I have two young daughters who LOVE lost, but can't stay up late enough to enjoy the 9pm episodes. So, the early episode works out great for them.

Back to Daniel. It does really change the way we'd have to look at him. Jeremy Davies has a great way of delivering Daniel's dialogue...a mixture of nervousness, social awkwardness. If we look at Daniel as a physicist, we can just assume he's spent too many hours in the Lab. If we assume he has cognitive issue, his delivery of his lines takes on a whole new meaning.

Is it Thursday yet?

Robbie said...

My theory on why Jack doesn't want to see Aaron is because perhaps he found out Claire is his sister, which would make Aaron his nephew. Not only would it be weird to date the mom of your nephew, but he could remind Jack of his perhaps late sister, who he didn't get to know as much as he wanted to?

bev said...

Did anyone else think Aaron looked like a child with Down's Syndome?

Anonymous said...

bev, I hate to admit it, but I was thinking the same thing when he was waking up, but then I thought to myself...Nah...

I just had a flashback (!!!) to the first episode with Hurley denying ever meeting Ana Lucia to her ex partner. It makes sense now because if only "8 people survived" (according to the Oceanic 6 story), he couldn't have possibly met her in the first place! That's the great and mind boggling thing about this show, you can link things you see in current episodes to the ones in the past! My brain can't handle all these details! The pain....LOL

Brian Douglas said...

fiveagainst: Sure, they could have gotten another physicist, but in what field? Most physicists specialize in a particular area, whereas Daniel's introduction leads us to believe he's a jack-of-all-trades physicist. Also, his mental handicap might be an inidcation that his brain is like Einstein--wired for physics at the expense of day-to-day stuff the rest of take for granted.

Nikki Stafford said...

bev and roland: I absolutely thought the same thing. When they showed the child waking up, I said to my husband, "He has Down's" and then I realized he was just waking up and he was making a face.

fiveagainst: I tend to agree; if they give us all of the answers, where's the fun in that?

Jazzygirl said...

Yeah, I thought Down's too. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the other survivors are prisoners on the Island. I think that's what Ben is using to manipulate Sayid.

How would Locke know if the grenade were live or not (unless he'd pulled out the pin before and hung around to check it out)?

Who the heck is Ben anyway? Is he a schmuck who grew up on the Island, or Doctor Evil?

I'm getting a headache. I like it.

The Chapati Kid said...

I'm sorry. I wasn't crazy about this episode. For me it was mostly about the writing. Did anyone else think that the writing was a little overly dramatic in this episode? Like, for example, when Kate's talking to the lawyer about the character witness, and the lawyer says, we have to put him on the stand, and they do this him, him thing back and forth. I was sitting there rolling my eyes, thinking, Oh come on, get over it and tell us already. And then so dramatically, Kate goes, My SON, cut to commercial. I sat there gobsmacked, thinking, am I watching the Young and the Restless, or Lost?

That was example 1. Example 2: right after that, she's drying clothes with Claire. After being relatively ignored for the last few episodes, Claire's suddenly present in 60% of the scenes in this episode, and they keep going on about Aaron not being able to sleep, and Kate not being able to deal with kids. D-oh. And as soon as Kate tells Sawyer she's not preggers, I knew it.

Example 3: The whole suspense of the child's name at the end. As she picked him up, I spoke her dialogue before she did. It was THAT predictable.

That apart, I loved other aspects of the episode. Locke going postal on Miles was one of those scenes. Sawyer being shirtless was another.

pete said...

After consulting with emilia, I am also of the opinion that Aaron does not have Down's Syndrome or anything like that. I thought when he woke up he seemed cranky and irritable in a Sawyer-like manner, as if James was the father. But emilia believes that Aaron, being born on the island, possesses some "special powers" that may be revealed in future episodes. There's got to be something very different about a kid born on such an island.

Matthew D said...

I too thought that Aaron was Downs when I first saw him. Knowing that so many people thought that, might there be something to that?

In the Bible, Aaron is the Brother of Moses. Both are descendants of Jacob. Aaron and Moses work together as a team to lead God's chosen people out of captivity.

Aaron was the first high priest in Isreal and also the mouthpiece of Moses. Moses had a stuttering problem and while he was the leader, Aaron was the communicator.

Its funny, the character sketch of Aaron in my Bible goes on and on about how effective teamwork happens when each team member uses his or her special skills to contribute something important to the team effort.

Whether we ever see Aaron grown up, I'm sure he'll have powers being both born on the island and also a descendant of Christian Shepherd (If he's really Claire's baby!)

Crackedout said...

I don't think that Ben is manipulating Sayid. Sayid said he was recruited by Ben which leads me to believe that Ben has shared information with him that has convinced him to aid Ben. Then again "recruit" could be another way of saying forced! My brother has this wild theory that Ben has Nadia and is using her to get Sayid to help him.

Locke probably just took the core out of the grenade. He has done extensive research on all kinds of things so it wouldn't suprise me if he knew how to diffuse a grenade.

Nikki Stafford said...

redeem: Locke spent a LOT of time on that island alone, away from everyone else, and I'm sure that island's seen its share of war. I wonder if he found the diffused grenade somewhere, missing the pin, and put a pin in it to make it look like it was live? It obviously hasn't exploded or there wouldn't be a grenade left, so either he's done that or diffused it, as crackedout says below.

chapatikid: I tend to not try to figure things out, and whenever I do, I'm paying attention to the smaller things and I miss the bigger picture. When Kate asked the nanny where he was and started up the stairs, I said to my husband, "Oh man, what if he's ASIAN?!" Thinking, of course, of Sun's baby. I was in the right ballpark, wrong kiddo.

This episode was a lighter one, for sure, containing more drama and soapy moments than the previous, but considering all the physics and sci-fi in last week's, this week's felt like a welcome respite from it. I hope next week's ramps up again into a more hardcore ep, but Kate's flashbacks have always been more about the story than time travel or what-have-you. (I think next week is Desmond, which means it'll be back to time traveling again.)

Pete: No, Aaron clearly doesn't have Down's. It just appeared that he did when she first walked in the room, but it's because he was waking up and the actor had scrunched his face up.

Matthew: Thanks for reminding us of the Biblical Aaron! I think it's important at this point to start remembering the basic things we'd figured out in the first couple of seasons, because things are starting to come back around to those. He wasn't named Aaron by accident, and as you say, having been born on the island (which Ben claims to have been, but he was wrong) it links Aaron to Alex, who was also born on the island, but also Christian, who is his grampy. ;)

crackedout: To come back to another theory from the first seasons, I wonder just how long the manipulations have been going on? Could Ben have been "recruiting" people from far back? What if Nadia was a recruit from a time before, and she was forced to manipulate Sayid? And Christian was working on Jack? And the marshal or Diane was behind Kate? etc. etc. You wonder just how far-reaching Ben's hold on people has been. How long has he been leaving the island, and is HE the one who made the crash happen?

myselfixion said...

• When Locke gives Ben the book, Ben says he’s already read it, to which Locke responds, “You might catch something you missed the second time around.” This seems like a comment on the viewers who watch the episodes over and over again, catching new details every time.

In the book VALIS they discuss the cultural phemomenon of a movie called VALIS. The movie a cult classic and people watch it over and over to find hidden things they might have missed the first time around. One thing referenced is the mention of a symbol that shows up everywhere {Dharma?}. It is a great book and it is clear that the witers and creators are VERY familiar with it.

Jazzygirl said...

Okay watched it again.
Does is bother anyone else that every time Regina answers the phone, her tone is so casual, like she's being this is just a normal call? What's up with that?
Stuff I caught/confirmed the second time around:
When Kate leaves the courthouse via the back door, she sees the taxi and smiles almost with recognition. My first instinct when I first watched it was that she knew the driver. What supported this for me was when Jack walks up to her. She keeps glancing at the taxi she doesn't want Jack to see the driver.
During the conversation she says to him "Wanna come by for a visit?" I think the word visit is clue. Who do you "visit"? It suggests that Aaron is Claire's Aaron and Jack now has some history with him...or it's a term you use when you're divorced and have a kid together. It just struck me odd. Then of course there's the comment about why he doesn't want to see the baby and until he does, they can't be friends. Indicates that WHATEVER happened, they were on two different sides of the decision.
When she gets home, she makes sure the nanny kept him away from the TV. Could be just because she was in jail but I think it's because of the crash, etc.
Also, when she goes into the room, I tried to pay attention to what was on the walls. Right above the bed there are cut-outs of what looks like hand drawn robots? There are two of them holding hands. They never treat decorations casually in this show. There was other stuff around but hard to make out. week's preview: I decided to go through it frame by frame because so much of it was rushed. Looks like there's 2 new people we're going to see. One of them busts through a door. Maybe it's Minkowski? They show John right after but hard to tell if it's the same scene.
THe last scene struck me most interesting. It's Desmond throwing Daniel up against a chalkboard yelling "Am I gonna die?" And it's the short haired Desmond from the flashes...and Daniel has long hair! Does Desmond wind up in an alternative world again? Does he find out his role and wants to know the outcome? Can't wait for next week!
What stinks for me is that I work my second job on Thurs nights so I don't get to see it until Friday night. I am a teacher by day so I can't stay up to watch it at 11pm when I get home. I was on vacation this week so I got to stay up! :D

Nikki Stafford said...

Jazzygirl: Ooh, I can't BELIEVE I forgot to mention this until you did! The first time I watched this episode and Kate came out the back and saw the taxi, I, too, was CONVINCED that she knew the driver, so much so that I paused it and said to my husband, "ooh, ooh, who's going to be in the car??? Is it Ben? Sawyer? Locke? Christian?" and my husband -- not one to play such guessing games or really even discuss the episode afterwards -- looked at me like I was a lunatic and said, "I don't know, just hit PLAY!" hahaha (I had it on the PVR) I was so surprised when she pulled away and we still didn't see in the car.

Good point about the use of the word visit. I didn't notice that about Desmond's hair!!! That's so intriguing. :)

Brandon Kotowski/ job: fan of LOST said...

hey guys, just wanted to say that some of these ideas are great, and "Eggtown" was a really surprising episode.

I predicted that Aaron would be one of the Six, if he does indeed count, and that Kate would take care of him, so kudos to me.

I would like to find out if Kate is indeed pregnant, and if so, what happened to her baby? Also, does this mean that Claire dies, and is that why Jack can't stand to see Aaron, or is it because he knows he's the uncle, or both?

I don't believe the grenade Locke stuffed into Miles' mouth is live, because if it is, Locke is definitely starting to get desperate under Ben's pressure of words.

Locke is evolving into an enemy of everyone around him, and I believe it is only a matter of time before the castaways perform a mutiny against him. All in all, I can't guarantee a bright future for Locke's faction.

Where the heck is Minkowski? What is up with this mysterious guy? I'm beginning to believe more and more that he is indeed Ben's inside man, and that can only spell trouble for Desmond and Sayid.

Speaking of these two, judging by the preview, I believe Desmond is going to start having flashes again. In the preview, I think it shows Desmond pin Daniel against a wall, and that would mean it's a flash of the future (or past). Also, getting back to Claire, if Desmond had a flash of her and Aaron getting on a helicopter, let's assume now that there were two helicopters, and for some reason, Claire and Aaron were separated. Did something happen to Claire's helicopter (crash, explode, sabotage), and is this why Hurley doesn't want to see the ocean in the future (other than it obviously reminding him of the island)?

I believe the card game between Dan and Charlotte is to help Dan remember things. In "Confirmed Dead", he can't remember why he is upset about the crash, so this guy definitely has some mental problems to cope with.

As for the helicopter disappearing, perhaps they ran into that "time-warp-wormhole" thing that prevented the payload from reaching the island on time. But if that's the case, why is it taking them a day, and not thirty one minutes, to reach the freighter?

I am really enjoying this season so far, and think it will only get better. In Entertainment Weekly, Lindelof and Cuse said that by the seventh episode, all of the Six will be revealed, and that we will find out who is in the coffin in TTLG by the end of this season, as well as focus on Michael and more of the original season one cast members.

Looking forward to "The Constant", and am hoping to find out where Dez and Sayid are! Keep on blogging, Nikki!

Brian Douglas said...

brandon: Well, the helicopter much slower than the rocket. Depending on just what is causing the time shift, that could be a factor.

Matthew D said...

I don't know what any of you consider spoilers but there's a 'sneak peak' video that is quite revealing posted on ABC's website that involves Desmond and several new people. Please let me know if conversations about officially released 'peaks' like this are ok for discussion or not.

Jazzygirl said...

Just watched it, Matthew. WHOA. I won't say anything just yet in case others don't want to go there. But WTF????

Anonymous said...

What!!!???!!! Just watched the 2 sneak peeks at ABC. I'll repeat jazzygirl's comment..."WHOA!"

Anonymous said...

Well, that was ...


In unspoilery news, apparently Sawyer's nickname for me is "Wilbur".

Steve gee said...

I have a feeling that the man on the boat is actually both Walt and Michael. When we last saw them two Ben told Michael to follow these coordinates excatly and they would be able to get home and they headed out. At that same time Locke destroyed the hatch and there was a brief time that the island was visible to the "Dharma Inititive" group and maybe they narrowed down the island's whereabouts, and sent out a ship to try and find it. I have a feeling the "Dharma Initiative" Boat intercepted Michael and Walt's small boat and has been holding them as prisoners on the ship trying to get answers as to where the island is. The last time something like this happened is when they "opened the gates" to bring in Juliet and in doing so caused Desmond to crash on the island by accident. They both arrived three years prior to the plane crash and maybe the Dharma people tried to locate it back then or have never stopped since.

Miss Klugh mentioned to Michael at the end of season two that they administered tests on Walt. I wonder what kind of tests they were? I wonder if these tests have anything to do with his ability to appear as an apparition to people. If so then maybe Walt can appear to Ben and give information about the boat and who is on it or what they are planning. Or maybe Walt can talk to Jacob and then Jacob relays messeges to Ben. It would make sense to why Locke would try and stop Naomi & Co. at all costs.

The reason I think that these people on the boat work for the Dharma Initiative and are on the island is because they are going to settle the score and get thier revenge with Ben and the original inhabitants of the island for killing off the old Dharma people. Kate and Jack stumbled upon that metal case that had the gas masks and biohazard markings inside that fell off the helicopter shortly after they met Dan. There must be some plan to "Purge" the inhabitants and reclaim the island. Making sure there is no one left and that would also include the survivors of Oceanic 815 because to the outside world they are already dead. It seems that the "powers that be" do not want any witnesses left to talk about what they are about to do. They seem to have gone to alot of trouble to stage another plane and bodies to throw in the ocean. If you recall when Naomi was talking to Abbadon he clearly stated that there are "no" survivors from that plane crash. Abbadon's whole world would come crashing down if 40 or more people were found alive from flight 815 after all the news footage showed the plane and all the passengers were dead. It was probably a huge problem that 6 of them showed up. I'm guessing that the surviving six were probably told not to talk about what they saw or happened. They all probably got paid some serious hush hush money (did you see Kate's house and she had a nanny) and can travel for free as well. I'm assuming Hurley turned down the money because of his past experience with money. I also think it's to risky to have them alive as well. Maybe Abbadon eventually has them killed off one by one because he fears that they might talk. At the end of season three Jack did go to a viewing and I am assuming it was one of the six and maybe they talked.

I still think Ben is right in saying they are the "good" guys and that these people will kill off everyone on the island. I also think Locke is still good and has done everything in the best interest for remaining survivors. eh who knows.
My guess for the last two of the six survivor's won't be Clair(I thought she would be but not now) although I still think that Desmond's vision's are true in that he does see her get on the helicopter . I just think that something terrible happens to the helicopter on one of it final attempts and Clair falls out and Jin or Sawyer (which ever one is still alive) jumps after her or something of that nature. Which leaves me with Sun and Christian Sheperd as my final two. I can't wait until this week's episode.

Brian Douglas said...

I don't know...I'm thinking the second plane is a "wormhole duplicate" or something like that.

Crackedout said...

Here's my theory on the "second" plane. I think that the company that Talbot, dude from the find815 game, works for (Rockwell Group or something like that) planted the fake plane in the Trench. They then sent Talbot on this fake expedition to find the Black Rock. Dude had the exact coordinates to where the plane was located. The expedition was supposed to last for months so Sam must have screwed up Talbot's plan by finding the coordiantes and then taking the boat there. I'm guessing Talbot was supposed to find the boat at a later time. As for the mysterious person guiding Sam.....I'm still up in the air about that one.

Matthew D said...

The problem with connecting any info from either of the games to the reality of the show is that the producers have yet to say either game contains cannonic information. Didn't I read somewhere that they simply instructed the creaters of Find 815 to build a game that ended with the finding of a plane in a trench. I thought I remember them saying they weren't responsible for any of the other info in the game.

That would mess up a lot of people's theories about Hanso, Widmore etc. But again, they could be saying that to throw off people traveling down the right path!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible, and I'm just reaching here, that maybe Jack doesn't want to see Aaron because Kate takes Aaron from Claire and she's NOT dead? Like, there isn't room for Claire, and Kate just grabs Aaron and jumps on the helicopter? I'd think that if Claire were dead, Jack would want to raise him, or at least see him, and I don't see any possibility of Jack shooting Claire, in any scenario...