Monday, February 25, 2008

Lost Sneak Peek (no spoilers here)
A few people have asked if it's OK to talk about the sneak preview of this week's Lost that's currently being shown on the ABC site. There are two scenes from this week's upcoming episode, one on the beach, and one... not. Both of them are "whoa" moments.

I won't talk about them right here, because some people would consider them spoilers. I'm a serious spoilerphobe, but in the sense that if a week ago someone said, "Okay, in this week's episode Kate's on trial and JACK shows up and starts talking about how she was a hero" I would consider that a spoiler. But if ABC had been showing the scene in advance and I was able to watch it, I don't consider it so much a spoiler because no one spoiled it for me; I was able to see it for myself.

So if you want to talk about it, go here to watch the two previews, click on the square with Sneak Peek and Sneak Peek 2, and then I'm opening up the comments board below to discuss. If you don't want to see them or hear about them, please don't look at the comments.

But one thing before you comment: PLEASE only talk about these previews. I don't want any talk about anything outside them that you might have heard. I go into each episode unspoiled, and if spoilers start to fly on these boards, I'll just delete this post. I'd love to chat about it in advance (hell, Lost fans will talk about anything, so considering we've got about 4 minutes in clips to discuss, I'm sure we could go on for weeks speculating!) but I don't want to be spoiled for anything else. Thanks!


The Chapati Kid said...

Oh no! I just hope desmond isn't in trouble. The poor man has been through so much already.

But kudos to you all who write on this board, and you nikki for bringing us together with your insight -- looks like Sneak Peek 1 has confirmed all those speculations we've been making!

Matthew D said...

The interesting thing I find with Dan's sneak peak is that presumably he's saying that time on the island appears to the losties as moving faster than it really is on the outside. For some reason I've always felt it would be the opposite. If an hour helicopter ride (outside time) appears to take a whole day on the island, are they saying that the 90 days on the island so far is in reality only 90 hours real time?

This blows up lots of our theories about how Walt is older and Richard's youth would mean he's had to spend most of his time off the island, not on it.

I get the sense from the Des 'peak' that he somehow get's ported off the helicopter and ends up somewhere other than Frank & Sayid. The first few seconds remind me of his first few seconds on the island... alone, confused, grabbed by strange men etc.

Is he treated differently going through the bubble than the survivors? Does he get put on a rescue boat having been rescued out of the ocean where his boat crashed? As if the island never happened??

Will the same be true of the Oceanic 6? Will they instantly pop to the site of the real crash and be rescued in real time... just hours after the plane went down?

Jazzygirl said...

Okay I'm glad we can talk freely here about the previews. I can't see the beach one. My work computer isn't streaming right. I have seen the other one though. (And I just need to add that I have the hardest time getting the ABC site to work for me. I am wondering if it's a Flash problem on my computer but my home laptop is pretty updated. Weird.)
Anyway...Matthew, I think that makes sense that Desmond got picked up where his boat crashed originally. It would explain why he says "I'm not supposed to be here." Makes you wonder even more about why he was back in Scotland before and all that stuff with the old lady in the jewelry store. Although the guys who throw him in the room certainly look shady. Not a welcome you'd give a person who's been shipwrecked, right?
When I first saw that guy on the cot, my first reaction was that is was Leonard...the guy in the looney bin with Hurley who gave him the numbers. I'd have to get out my DVD's and take a look at him again. Or.....maybe it's his buddy from the military..although I don't think he had an Australian accent. I'm probably reaching but I have always thought that we'd see Leonard again because we still don't know the whole story about how he got those numbers aside from "hearing" them. Hell, we still don't know what the numbers are! LOL

Nikki Stafford said...

CK: Thanks! It's the discussion of the show that makes it so much fun. :)

Matthew: I thought EXACTLY the same thing!! That if they'd been on the island for 3 months it would have been like 3 years outside... but now it looks like their 3 months could be a few days on the outside. And as you say, that makes no sense that Walt is older... unless it goes back to the wormhole theory and he's gotten trapped in one and aged?

I wondered a similar thing about Desmond... is he going back in time?

Jazzygirl: I've had a ton of problems on the site, too. I can't watch any of the Missing Pieces things there (I was watching them on YouTube until ABC had them yanked).

I think the man in the cot is George Minkowski. The actor is definitely Fisher Stevens, and Minkowski's voice sounded like Stevens. It would explain where Minkowski went (unless this is happening in the past) but the question is, why is he there? And who is he?

Brian Douglas said...

I don't think time off the island is shorter than time one the island. How would that explain the amount of time Desmond or Juliet have been on the island? Ben's use of dates? The Redsocks video? Two-way real-time conversations with the boat?

I still think Dan was refering to the time of the helicopter. What is 1 day to the island, the freighter, and the rest of the world, is only 20 min. to the helicopter, so to them they've only been gone 20 min.

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: So do you think the helicopter itself is like a type of wormhole? And only inside the helicopter time moves differently?

cartographer said...

I also had some problems viewing the online episodes. I don't know if this is what you encountered but I got a message saying something along the lines of the video couldn't be displayed at this time because the adverts couldn't load. If this is what you experienced the fix is very easy if you recently updated to IE7/IE7Pro: Select the Tools tab, select IE7/IE7Pro Preferences, select Ad Blocker from left column, uncheck the enable Ad Blocker box, and then hit OK. This solved the prob for me, hope this helps!

Nikki Stafford said...

Cartographer: Thanks for the tip! I hope this helps some people. I was able to get the sneak peeks to load OK, but not the missing pieces. With those, nothing at all happens. I click, and it just sits there. I begin clicking random boxes, it just sits there. It's very strange (I've tried different computers, too). Oh well! :)

cartographer said...

What if the helicopter's egress course was not exactly along the 325 bearing, and we are seeing Desmond experience the "side effects?" What if the side effects are that the helo entered into an eddying current that runs along the "river" of a worm hole or "vile vortices" or whatever the "window" is... and Desmond is transported to one of the other portals of the vile vortices perhaps the Bermuda Triangle since at least one of the boat hands is from Florida. Perhaps Sayid went to another place altogether based on the Hawking theory that gravity and such forces can be extremely local... as Nik pointed out... if one were to enter the event horizon of a black hole, the point at which even light can't escape the gravitational force of the black hole, that the pull is so extreme, and locally focused at that threshold, that a human body would be extruded like a piece of spaghetti into the black hole... So, the eddy of the vortices, could have swept Des into one "portal" and Sayid into another...

Jazzygirl said...

Nikki, didn't think of Minkowski. I guess because he always seemed so non-cooperative?? Or someone the helo team feared? Guess we'll have to wait two days (three for me) and find out! Agh!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to put forth a theory as to the perceived time differences on the island. Please pardon my poor, clumsy wording.

Space-Time (did I lose anyone yet?). Space-Time is the model that is used to represent the world we perceive. The current theory is that Space-Time is curved around objects with a large amount of matter (hence a large amount of gravity). See this pic:

Or, if you want, imagine a tablecloth spread over a flat surface. Place a marble on the tablecloth. The cloth will make a small divit/indent where the marble rests. This represents the curve that forms in Space-Time around objects with large masses.

We know that the Island has some crazy properties. The Hatch was guarding some Magnetic Anomoly...perhaps that anomoly was related to some crazy type of matter that curves space-time? Maybe the writers are proposing taht this magnetic anomoly is curving space-time in the same way that gravity does? Perhaps the Island sits at the bottom of a Space-Time well...and that is what caused the payload to take so long to hit the bottom.

Think about it like this. You are a golfer, putting your ball into the hole. Of course, this hole happens to be very deep. You putt, and of course you sink your putt. From your perspective, as soon as the ball is over top of the hole, the ball is in the hole. However, from the perspective of the bottom of the hole (which, in this case, is where the Island is), the ball still has to drop down and land on you. I think this is where the 31 minute difference came into play.

The freighter/payload could act the same way. The freighter is the golfer, the payload is the golf-ball. Once the payload is over the island (and over the Space-Time well), the freighter thinks the payload is on target (0km away from the island). However, the payload still has to travel to the bottom of the well and land on the island....which takes 31 minutes.

Would it take longer than 31 minutes to travel out of this well? Think of a waterfall. A fish could swim over the waterfall and use very little energy. It still would take time for the fish to reach the bottom of the waterfall. The same fish could travel up the waterfall, but it would take a lot more energy. As well, that same fish would take longer to travel up the waterfall than down (since it is swimming against the current).

Does this make sense...or am I just reaching?

Brian Douglas said...

Nikki: I think there's an area of warped space-time around the island.

I don't think it's a wormhole. If the wormhole to the island takes you 30 min to the future, then going back through the same wormhole would take you 30 min to the past. In that case, the helicopter would arive at the freighte rabout the same time it left the island, which it doesn't. Now we know the helicopter deviates from the heading at that could explain it, but Daniel doesn't seem to be worried that this might be the case.

The other explanation for a time lapse would be relativity, but I said after the Economist, the numbers involved are rather too large for that to be the case.

cartographer: Negative mass could prevent the spagetti effect of wormholes. Negative mass has, well, negative mass (as opposed to everything which has positive mass). This isn't to be confused with antimatter, which has POSITIVE mass but reversed charge (i.e. positive charged electrons, called positrons, and negative protons, called anti-protons). However, unlike antimatter which DOES exist, negative mass is entirely theoretical at this point. This has been your Phun Physics Phact for the day. :-)