Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost: One Hour and Counting...
So... I've got on good authority that tonight's episode is a helluva doozy. I'm not sure who the flashforward is, but I've heard it's this person (highlight the white area below to see):

Kate. And if it is, I'm hoping we actually see who "he" is that she was referring to, who would be waiting for her. Someone mentioned in the comments that "he" could be her child, and I thought that was an amazing theory. I can't WAIT for tonight's ep.

Happy watching, and check in here when it's all over. I'm gonna try for a new Wizard posting record tonight, but depending on the ep, I might not be able to post it that quickly. Last week I'd finished writing by 12... let's see how quickly I can do it this time.

Until then, check out this AWESOME interview with Darlton, at Entertainment Weekly. They don't reveal any specifics, but they DO say what will be answered this season, including (use that highlighter again:

Who the Oceanic 6 are (by episode 7); whether or not the flashforwards are the actual future or a possible future; who is in the coffin!; more explanation as to why Christian was sitting in Jacob's cabin; what 2 possible explanations there are for why the plane is at the bottom of the trench; what extras are considered canon; where they get the names for people (and yes, Abbadon was totally taken from Wikipedia); and more.

It's great, and not so much spoilery as intriguing. Read it here.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is getting better and better! Best moments for me:
- "You're not bringing my son into this." ( I think my jaw literally hit the floor)
- Regina saying that she thought the helicopter was still on the island (where ARE they? We know they're not dead)
- Jack's testimony - 8 survivors? Kate was the hero? If there's an Oceanic 6, who are the other 2 survivors who aren't part of that 6?
- Aaron! I literally let out a yell at that point - luckily, I didn't wake my daughter - although immediately thereafter, I thought to myself: "D'oh! I should have seen that coming.

I am blown away by this season. next week looks like another exciting one!

Brian Douglas said...

- Regina saying that she thought the helicopter was still on the island (where ARE they? We know they're not dead)

I think the question is WHEN are they given the time shift. We'll probably find out next week.

- Jack's testimony - 8 survivors? Kate was the hero? If there's an Oceanic 6, who are the other 2 survivors who aren't part of that 6?

I'd bet Claire was one of the 8. It'd be pretty tough to try to pass Aaron off at Kate's biological baby (although her mother acted if that were the case).

Does Aaron count as one of the Oceanic Six? He can't be one of the 8 survivors because he wasn't born yet.

Matthew D said...

Just a thought before bed...

What if Claire and Aaron both die on the island. Kate is really pregnant with Sawyer's baby (she just didn't want him to know) and she names the baby Aaron in memory of baby Aaron.

It would explain why Jack doesn't want to see the baby... why wouldn't Jack want to see his nephew. It has to be Sawyer's baby.

Totally saw the end coming because of the chat between Claire and Kate early in the show.

I'm bummed Miles is just a greedy punk. I wanted so bad for him to be something more sinister.

What's up with Dan's memory?

Where's Minkowski?

Good episode, but not my favorite this season...possibly my least favorite so far.

Jazzygirl said...

So many holes in the story!!!
I too let out a yell when she said "Aaron" although yes, I guess I did see it coming in some respects. I am on the fence whether Kate was pregnant and didn't want Sawyer to know...or if the writers are messing with us.
We were told we'd learn of the next Oceanic 6 survivor and Aaron was the only survivor revealed so it makes me think, yes, he is one of them. Does Claire die?
Remember, Jack doesn't know Claire is his sister.
When Kate says "I know why you don't want to see him." Is it because they had to take some shady deal from Oceanic? We already know they are forced to lie about what really happened.
A highlight for me was when Sawyer finds out Kate isn't pregnant and he yells for joy, sees her reaction, and then quickly says "I mean...oh" And seeing him in bed with only shorts on was nice too. :p
I'll have to watch it again of course. Yes, the fact that Miles is a greedy bastard takes away much of the built up mystery.
And yes, what's up with Dan's memory? It doesn't seem that the survivors had issues with that?
Also, when Kate was first walking into court through the crowd of reporters, there's this one burley guy who yells something mean at her...can't make it out...but his look reminded me of the Others. Maybe it's nothing...but this show rarely has "nothing".

Brian Douglas said...

matthew: Jack might not want to see Aaron if he felt guilty over what happened to Claire. Also, just cause he doesn't know that she's his half-sister now doesn't mean he still won't know by the end of the series.

jazzygirl: I think they were refering to Kate as the next Oceanic 6 survivor. Technically, he wasn't born yet, so he doesn't count as a survivor.

Also, I think Kate is infertile (and have for a while). She wasn't able to get pregnant with Kevin, and many of her reactions would indicate that this was the case.

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey all: I managed to send in my column at 11:30 last night (new personal record, and that's with having to go in and calm the baby at one point) and it's still not up, so there must be a delay of some sort.

Michele: I felt EXACTLY the same way about the Aaron reveal, and actually looked at my husband and said, "Now WHY didn't I figure that one out ahead of time?!" ;) LOVED that bombshell.

Brian: I don't think Claire's one of the 8. He called Kate Mommy... if Claire survived and Kate took Aaron, that makes her far more nefarious than she already could be, so I'd suggest Claire died and Kate agreed to take Aaron.

Matthew: I don't think it's Kate's biological baby. Jack goes nutso in 2007. This happens before that, probably 2006 or even 2005. That kid was 2-1/2 or 3 (they might have chosen an actor too old for the part, actually) so there's no way she conceived in 2004, had him in 2005, and had a 2- or 3-year-old by 2006. I don't think there's anything deeper to that one than it being the real Aaron.

I think there's more to Miles than the money. There's definitely something else going on with him.

Jazzygirl: I honed in on that burly guy, too! I backed it up several times and listened with my eyes closed, but absolutely couldn't make out a thing he was saying. I hope someone else does, because I'm sure it's key.

Brian: I wonder if in that scene Jack DOES know that Aaron is his nephew, which makes it even harder to look at him, knowing his half-sister is dead (if she is).

Brian Douglas said...

Nikki: I was saying Claire is one of the eight, not one of the Oceanic Six. I take that to mean that they are claiming 8 survived the initial crash, but 2 of them didn't survive to be rescued. Claire would have had the crash, had Aaron, then died after giving him to Kate. At least, that would be the story they told everyone.

Nikki Stafford said...

But IS that the story they would have told? Or is Kate really trying to pass off Aaron as her son? Notice her mom asked to see her grandson, not her adopted grandson. They could be suggesting Kate was 6 months pregnant when she got on the plane (and not showing), had the baby on the island, and is bringing it back.

Or, as you say, maybe they really are telling people that the real mother of the child died. It wasn't clear from the episode, but as you say, it's a definite possibility.

Nikki Stafford said...

P.S. After all, it's not like Kate will be returning with a single stretch mark on her body. ;)

Brian Douglas said...

nikki: Is it possible to be six months pregnant and not showwing? I wouldn't think so, but I have to admit I'm a bit ignorant on the subject.

Matthew D said...

If Aaron is Claire's Aaron (I'm not completely convinced) then Maybe Jack's reaction is because he did something that allowed Claire to die or be killed and he can't bring himself to face Aaron.

Maybe Jack was forced to pick the 6 or maybe he makes a mistake that costs Claire her life. That would explain it. Kate seemed to say that it was important for Jack to reconcile what happened and until he does, she can't be a part of his life.

atruebluehusker said...

I have't rewatched the episode, so maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't the lawyer say something to Kate when he first mentioned Aaron about people needing to know what she had done? It sounded like her having Aaron was more heroic than if it were her natural child. I'm wondering if somehow the 6 didn't "sacrifice" Claire to escape, and that is why Jack doesn't want to see the baby. Of course, with LOST, this all just conjecture.

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: Personally, I don't think someone could be as skinny as Kate and not be showing at 6 months. But when I commented last season that there's no way Sun is 4 months pregnant (when there had been speculation that Jae had impregnated her) and still not be showing, you might recall a ton of people jumping all over me saying that when THEY wer pregnant, or their sister was pregnant, or someone fictional person they'd heard about was pregnant, they were like six months and not showing at all.

I didn't buy it, but hey.

However, there is a mom in my daughter's daycare who is 6 months pregnant, and when she told me I laughed at her, thinking she was kidding. She's not showing at ALL. Then again, she's not the size of Kate (she's a normal, healthy-looking size) but she's not a big woman, either. So it might be possible. But not when you're as tiny as Kate.

Which means, maybe they're on the island for a while longer...

Or, maybe you're right and she just adopted Aaron and made that public.

atruebluehusker: Yes, I noticed that, too, so you're right, maybe she's saved Aaron somehow, and everyone knows that, which makes her more of a hero than simply having a baby. (Unless the lawyer is referring to the very act of having a baby on the island, which is pretty heroic, but I doubt it.)