Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Finding Lost Earlier Seasons

This is me hawking my books again. :) Many of you have picked up the latest guides to Finding Lost because you've happened upon my site more recently, or you bought them directly from me. My Season 5 guide is currently at #1300 on Amazon (yay!) largely due to the S5 box set being released yesterday.

But for anyone who still wants (no... NEEDS) those earlier guides, Amazon is offering a deal where you can get all three of the early books (which cover seasons 1 to 4) for $32.15! Can you beat that? NO!

Do you have the guides already? No problem... you can buy them as Festivus gifts for everyone. Just go here to see the season 4 guide, and scroll down to see the deal below.

Last week all of my Finding Lost guides were in the top 10 of the top Guide books on Amazon, which was awesome! I printed it off and it's on my wall right now. Since I'm already working on Season 6 ("what do you mean? how could you be doing that if the season hasn't yet begun?" you might ask... "hmm... what DO I mean?" she replied in a Miles-like manner.) it's been great incentive to get going on it.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

I already have them all, but thanks for the info! Just need season 5, and it's on my Christmas wish list already!

Austin Gorton said...

how could you be doing that if the season hasn't yet begun?

If you've figured out time travel, you can't not share it with the rest of us!

JW said...

Good job, Nikki! I'm proud of you. I can't wait for your next book.

Rebecca T. said...

"hmm... what DO I mean?" she replied in a Miles-like manner.

ah hahahaha! Love It :D

Definitely - if you do not own them, buy them now. This is me using my mind powers on you--- you will go to Amazon or your nearest bookstores and buy any of the volumes you do not have

Did it work? :D

Verification: DePit - where you will be if you don't own Nikki's books. DePit of Despair, that is ;)

The Shout said...

Season 5 just came out in the UK. couldn't believe it when i read my quote on the back cover!! What an honour- I feel like I'll be part of the legacy of Lost for years to come. Great to see so many other familiar names in the intro too.

humanebean said...

BEFORE I read Nikki's books, I was a 143 lb. nerd who lived in his mother's basement. The girls at the beach all laughed at me in my plaid swim trunks. I had sand kicked in my face by a 7-year-old with a Mohawk. My only friend was my hamster, Ben.

THEN a friend told me about Nikki Stafford's Finding LOST series and I borrowed some money from my mother so that I could go to the bookstore at the mall and buy myself a copy.

NOW I am a strapping 195 lbs. and the girls at the beach all comment on my buns of steel when I walk by in my Speedo. I buried the kid with a Mohawk in a sand pit and his mother not only thanked me, but asked me to come over and clean her gutters while she admires my washboard abs. Ben and I moved to a houseboat at the Marina and the guys at the boatyard invited me to join their weekly poker game.

THANKS, Nikki! I owe it all to you and your life-saving Finding LOST series. They are fun and affordable and I think everybody should own a complete set. They're SWELL!

*Actual mileage may vary. Offer void where prohibited by law. Please consult a physician before reading these books if you have a heart condition, are pregnant or think you may become pregnant or are easily spooked by jungle whispers, polar bears, smoke monsters or visions of deceased persons. Please do not operate the Frozen Donkey Wheel without the appropriate headgear. If your enjoyment of the series lasts longer than six seasons, please consult your doctor immediately.*

Nikki Stafford said...

LOLZ!!! Oh humanebean, you rock. I just sent this to my publicist and insisted he use this in PR material. Haha!!

humanebean said...

; ]

Blam said...

That's just brilliant, HB.

Blam said...

Well, Nik, I'm hoping that it means you're squeezing in a look at the series to date from the perspective of our Rewatch, as well as any -- *gasp* -- out-and-out corrections that may be necessary, but if so you'd better be prepared for some of that perspective to change yet again given whatever happens in Season 6 (like you hadn't thought of that).
Verification Word: equely -- To spel just az bad az evrywun else.

humanebean said...

Thanks, Blam. I just calls 'em like I sees 'em!