Monday, December 07, 2009

Season 5 Exclusive Photos!

Get your hieroglyphic-translating hats on, people... it's time for some closeups of season 5 of Lost, available TODAY on DVD and blu-ray! These are high-res closeups of the columns with the hieroglyphics that we saw in the underground tunnels, and also some of Jacob's tapestry (you can see a close-up of the big tapestry in my Finding Lost Season 5 book). These photos come courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios. So... who among us can translate them first?! (I'll put a block in this post and more in the next.)


humanebean said...
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humanebean said...

Sweet! No translation from ME, yet, but some sage buying advice for the savvy consumer.

If you are going to an actual STORE to purchase your Season 5 set, be advised that BestBuy (for our North American friends) is packaging the set with an exclusive disc loaded with bonus features:
1) LOST On Location: This Place Is Death
2) LOST On Location: 316
3) Ben Vs. Desmond (rehearsing their big fight scene with their stunt doubles
4) Locke's Leg (makeup team featurette)
5) Rose & Bernard Retirement (and I quote: "Discover what has become of the the devoted couple in the years since their disappearance")
6) Deleted Scenes (including the alternate ending where Daniel Faraday survives the shooting. Okay, I made that one up - but don't you wish?)

All this AND a Dharma Luggage Tag! (suitable for your submarine carry-ons, no doubt)

Lowest advertised price I've seen for the blu-ray edition is $47.99 at Target - BestBuy was willing to match this price, even for their own edition with the Exclusive Disc)

Shop away!

Robert said...

Ugh, wish I could translate these, but no.

Fred said...

Don't have the tapestry on the floor fully translated, but one phrase does stand out, "Polemos kakos", which translates as "evil war." This is a reference to the "Odyssey," where Odysseys did not return and Telemachus was under threat as he could not assume the leadership among the Ithakans. The suitor who married Penelope would assume this role, and the house of Laertes would be extinguished. It was only divine intervention that led to friendshipbetween Odysseus and his followers and the families of the suitors and their followers.

Okay, the next bit, "Rhee d'aimati ga(ia)" comes from the Illiad, 8:65. It is roughly, "and the earth flowed with blood."

The next lower bit, "Thanatoy de me???" is roughly "death shall come to ....????" (can't make out the ME bit). And finally, "nephos" refers to a "cloud".However, from the Odyssey, we have one image, "We had left the island in our wake and now no other land was in sight--nothing but sky and sea--when the son of Cronos stretched a black cloud above our ship and the sea grew dark beneath it.This passage precedes the arrival at Calypso's island.

Well, that's all I got for now. I'm sure someone will find direct quotations and figure it out.

Fred said...

On the tapestry hanging on the wall, the left hand bottom portion is torn off. This is the portion found by Illana when she and the 316ers were carrying Locke in the box. Since it would have been unlikely Esau went into Jacob's abode, it is most likely Jacob placed the tapestry in the cabin.

So when Ilana says, "He isn't there, hasn't been for a long time. Somebody else has been using it." How do we assign the pronouns to faces we know. Is the someone else, Christian? We've seen Christian act in this way, and he's said he acts for Jacob. So does this imply "he" who hasn't been using the cabin in awhile is Jacob. Or if it was taken over by Esau (Man in Black), then did Christian work ofr Esau?

But it comes back to that torn bit of cloth from the tapestry. Likely Jacob tore it off, and placed it in the cabin to indicate he had taken over the cabin. So the "he" refered to as using the cabin is Esau. If Ilana had shown him the dead body of Locke, it would have undermined his plans. But since he wasn't there, she had to go to the foot of the statue.

Stefano Galli said...

Here is the exact quotations from the red tapestry:

nun toi eeldesthô polemos kakos - "now be evil war thy heart's desire" (Iliad, book 16, v.494)

ree d aimati gaia [melaina] - "and the [black] earth ran with blood" (Iliad, book 20, v.494)

thanatou de melan nephos amphekalupsen - "the dark cloud of death enfolded him" (Iliad, book 16, v,350)

I find the last one particularly intriguing ;-)

Marebabe said...

@humanebean: Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I am going to an actual store for my Lost DVD shopping, and I wasn't planning to go to BestBuy. I can usually find DVD's cheaper at Sam's or someplace else. And I would've rushed out to buy them first thing this morning, but we're having our first seasonal bout with icy, dangerous roads today (in Wichita, Kansas), and I figured my shopping could wait till tomorrow. And since I don't get to partake of the Blu-Ray goodies, this bonus disc will be a sweet consolation prize. Again, thanks!

JS said...

@humanebean - darn it! I got mine from Amazon and it doesn't have any of that!!!

Rebecca T. said...

@JS: I know, me too. Phooey.

@Marebabe: I feel a sudden further kinship with you as I was born in Wichita, Kansas and spent the first three years of my life there :D

humanebean said...

@marebabe - anytime! Since John Locke double-crossed us in the Deluxe Edition contest, we've got to make it up somehow. ; ]

@JS & SonShine - sorry about that, guys! Hopefully, this content is something that will see the light of day in wider distribution someday. Keep the faith!

Marebabe said...

@Sonshine: How very amazing and deeply cool! I feel like making a guess here. Wichita is home to McConnell Air Force Base, so my guess is that one or both of your parents are/were military, and after a 3-year tour of duty at McConnell, they got transferred to a new assignment. Am I warm? (A somewhat ironic question, as the temperature outside right now is 6 degrees. Brrr! And even though it's great fun to blow soap bubbles outdoors when it's this cold so I can watch them instantly freeze, I'm staying IN!)

Rebecca T. said...

Actually, no, neither of my parents is military. My Dad is a pastor and he and my mom were at a church in Kansas and then moved east so he could go to seminary. I don't remember much about Kansas, but we have a picture of me standing next to a snowman that was like six or seven feet tall from the last winter we were there.

Marebabe said...

@Sonshine: This is fun, getting to know each other a little better. I have one more question about your last winter in Wichita with the giant snowman. What year was that? We sometimes get whopping big snowstorms here, and some are so memorable that they still come up in conversations. For instance, everyone old enough to remember February, 1971 will recall the worst snowstorm to hit Wichita in decades. It shut down the city, and I remember there was a police car that got stuck in the snow right in front of our house, and it stayed there for at least 3 days. Some great snow art resulted from those heaps of snow!

If you're shy about revealing your age, I'll go first. I was born the same month and year as John Locke, May, 1956. That makes me 53 right now. :)

Rebecca T. said...

@Marebabe: I wasn't ignoring you or offended by your last comment - just haven't had time to get on lately.

The winter I was talking about was January of '84 when I was a mere tot of 3. I went looking for the picture I referenced and that's what my profile pic is now :D

Don't know if it was a particularly brutal winter, but my Mom said when they were there it was rare to have enough snow to build an eight foot snowman.

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Marebabe said...

@Sonshine: Neat-o! Love the picture of Little Sonshine and the Giant Snowman. I went to my photo album that includes pictures from January of 1984, and I didn't find any Wichita snow pictures. But in a sort of odd coincidence, I found lots of snowy pictures anyway, because that was when my husband and I spent a week near Gunnison, Colorado at a Christian camp. It's up pretty high, and they measure the snow there in feet, not inches.

Thanks for sharing the great photo of yourself. Some day I'll learn how to do more fun stuff on my computer besides merely posting comments.

Hey! I finally got a verification word that I can properly define. Furoni: futuristic, time-traveling macaroni. :)