Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Lost Exclusive Photos!

And here are some more pics, for the Egyptologists among you... (Photos Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.)

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Fred said...

These hieroglyphs have already made their way to Lostpedia, where better minds and search engines are pondering their meanings. One interesting idea is that these glyphs should be considered not part of the Temple, but part of the Cerberus Vents, like what Locke was nearly dragged down. If that is so, then the Cerberus Vents underlay the entire island, including the Temple. Another idea that is coming around is that some of the glyphs are from the Book of the Dead, suggesting the location of the lowest tunnel is a place of judgement, where we saw Ben enfolded by the smoke monster. Here the soul would be weighted against a feather, just as Ben's life is weighted against the images in his life (more like Wizard of Oz). Another point is most or some of the glyphs are corrupted or simply stylistic flourishes. So we may not know everything on the pillars, but there may emerge some ideas, especially when Darlton give us the canon interpretation.