Monday, January 29, 2007

Heroes: The Fix
I just watched this week's ep of Heroes (sorry I didn't post on last week's; I was on vacation, and by the time I saw it I figured it's been all talked out already). This will be a brief post; I'll do a longer post on it later this week.

Invisible Man: Loved the scene of him fighting with Peter and no one able to see them. This is such an intriguing new character on the show. Will he be able to help Peter? Will he reveal to him that he's actually an alien? Is TARDIS parked in the back alley somewhere? Eccleston is SUCH a great actor, and I love him in this role.

Clare: Not too much happened between her and the Haitian (am I the only one who wants to pronounce that Hay-tee-an like Cher in Clueless??) other than exactly what they discussed last week, but it's really nice to see her and Zach being friends again. The ending of the episode was pretty awesome, with her finding her Firestarter Mommy.

Matt: "Yay! You're pregnant! This is awesome timing! Not only do I not have a job right now, but we were JUST about to break up. Wow. This will totally save the marriage." Here's hoping the baby possesses super crazy powers.

Micah: Someone posted a comment on here back in December that they thought Micah's power was the manipulation of electronics, and that would appear to be the case with this ep. Good timing, too... just as his dad was about to send him out for a factory job.

DL: Cool that he was able to move through the padded cell walls like that, but where did he go? Didn't anyone else see him coming through the other side? Can he just melt into the wall and actually move sideways through them? Not quite clear.

Nikessica: So far we've never seen her bring forth Jessica willingly, I don't think. She's saying she's trying to keep her down, but is she able to will her into existence? (Or perhaps she's been willing her into existence every time, and just doesn't want to admit to herself that she's been doing it consciously.)

Sylar: Freakiest. Ending. Ever. I LOVED the line, "How's Clare?" It made me scream. How was he able to convince the doc he was dead? Does it have anything to do with that cockroach we saw scuttling by him last week?

Hiro/Ando: LOVED that the Boss was actually his father, and loved even more that it was George Takei. I've met Takei on a couple of occasions, and he's truly lovely, and adores being adored by sci-fi fans. Now he has one more show to add to his genre belt.

From last week, I have to mention what I think is one of the funniest Hiro scenes yet: when he's chatting with Nathan and he does the SWOOSH in the air with his hand to indicate Nathan flying, and Nathan says, "Keep it down" and he holds his hand lower and does it again. Awesome.

So this is just me scratching the surface, let's discuss.

On a completely different note (but in a Takei vein), if you want to see a HILARIOUS sendup of Star Trek fandom, check out this clip from The Daily Show from a couple of weeks ago. When Rep. David Wu pronounces there are fake Klingons in the White House, The Daily Show did the obvious -- they invited Nimoy and Takei onto the show, and the result is one of the funniest clips they've done in weeks.


The Chapati Kid said...

Hee hee! CLASSIC! (As I wipe tears of laughter from mine eyes.)

- "Faux Klingons"

- "Do you feel his phone voice is more distinguished than mine?"

poppedculture said...

Oh hell, I'm commenting everywhere else...
I think Sylar was able to stop his heart - his ticker as it were - because of ability to see how thinks work, starting with clocks. Too much of a stretch on the metaphor there?

You going to do a Heroes book?

Anonymous said...

rAt first I was worried hearing that there were going to be more characters introduced as there are quite a few to follow already - but so happy when I saw the episode - love Eccleston and am intrigued with his power as it should help the Heroes immensely in their cause - LOVE THE SHOW - also very happy that Zach and Clare are friends again and love the whole added dimension of her "dad" not knowing that she knows what he didn't want her knowing (heehee)- or does he - sure he'll catch on - I also love that there's becoming so much more to look forward in finding answers to characters' mysterious powers - very intrigued about DL's powers since so little known - great show!! Sue K.