Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nikki Asks the Hard-Hitting Questions
For the next week I'm going to be featured on Yahoo! Canada's Answers page as asking a "celeb" question (that still makes me giggle). My question is about the fate of endangered waterfowl and how it's affecting our larger ecosystems... ok, seriously, it's about Lost. I know, I know, the former is what's expected of me, but I decided to ask outside the box on this one.

You can see my question here, and respond to it. I'll be choosing the winning answer on February 7th, to correspond with the return of a certain show, and the winner will get 10 points on the answers page or something. (Originally it was a copy of the book, but there was something about privacy laws and how we couldn't actually ask for contact info of the winners and such, so that went out the window.) But, um, how about whoever answers the question and brings 200 people to my blog regularly, I'll happily send you an autographed copy of my book! :) The race is ON!

They've also posted a blog on me and my Lost book here. And I'd been planning on doing a big TA DA! on my blog, but I'll just do a little one: I've just signed a contract to write season 3 of Finding Lost for publication this October. I'll post the cover here as soon as it's finished.

So head on over and post your responses!! The next week on Nik at Nite will be very Lost-related, so consider this the kickoff to counting down until the return of LOST!


poppedculture said...

Congrats Nik! I'd say you're own you way to great success, but who am I kidding? You're already there. Yahoo! is lucky to have you.

The Chapati Kid said...

Yippee Nikki!