Monday, January 29, 2007

Joss Whedon + The Office = GOLD
Sometimes the planets align just right, and two things of absolute beauty come together in a way we might never have imagined. Such is the case with the now confirmed news that Joss Whedon has directed an episode of The Office, which will be airing during February sweeps. Now, the episode wasn't written by him, which is a damn shame, but maybe that will happen for a future episode if this one goes well. But hey, I'm willing to take this.

For some more information on the shoot from the people who are on the show, you can check out the blog of Bealsebub, who is a production assistant on the show (the photo used with this entry is his: that's Joss in the red hat, Ryan in the coat next to him, and Steve Carell is two people away from them). You can read his post here, where he talks about how much fun it was working with Joss, and how Joss even called the guy's mom to wish her a happy birthday. All together now, "Awwwwww!"
Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam, blogs all the time during filming (the computer you see in front of her on the show is real, hooked up to the Internet, and she and others are often blogging for real), and in her recent post she talks about Joss being on the set, and how he was giggling like a girl at the dailies (she meant that in a good way). Joss, who read her post when it was mentioned on Whedonesque, then posted the following on the site:
Well, I just got back from my last day of shooting. And already, rumors are flying. Jenna is terribly sweet but her eyesight and hearing are, well, dodgy. I clearly remember standing with excellent posture, arms akimbo and fists at my hips, throwing my head back and laughing a manly, one might almost say Viking laugh. Yes, that's how it was. Ha-HA!

You know those press releases where everyone gets mentioned and everyone's really nice and talented and it's clearly some studio wash? That's pretty much what this post is gonna read like. That show is stuffed with talent, efficiency and sweetness from the tippity-top to the lowly bottom, which in most cases would be the visiting director. It was crazy. I kept waiting for someone to be off, or mean, or limited... all anybody in the staff, the cast or the crew met me with was excellence. Ridiculous excellence. Reminds me of a show about a spaceship I worked on, only on this show the executive producer seems to be sane, which is quite frankly a little unseemly. Gak. I can't even start. I can't name a single person, not so much as a grip, 'cause the list of love would just eat up my weekend. (All right, I'll mention Jenna. Despite her failing senses, she is dazzling to work with. But you know, there's also -- no! Be strong!) All I can say is, I was well housed. I didn't write the ep (Brent Forrester did, who is so -- I'm strong! Not listing!) (He's awesome!) (Shut up!) (You're not the me of me!) Sorry. Dizzy. Didn't write the ep, and if I did my job right, no one will be able to tell I directed it (despite an odd, and as God is my hostile witness, TOTAL coincidence...), yet I was allowed to collaborate and feel like a well oiled cog in this perfectly working machine, and I'm pretty sure I'm reconsidering ever describing myself as 'well-oiled' again. (Hggh.) This is how TV should be made, and the proof of that comes weekly. What a rush.

One day I'll gab about it at length, but not today. I'm exhausted. I have so many crushes I have to lie down. And then write an X-men. Eat, I should probably eat.

Being lucky is so much more fun when you know it. Leave me!

Seriously, how awesome is Joss? I cannot WAIT for this episode. And the following week's episode is apparently going to be directed by J.J. Abrams. The TV gods are smiling on me. What's next, the return of Buffy?

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