Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Lost Goodies for Ya
Here is the Lost preview #9. Again, not a lot of information, but I don't care. I'm intrigued. And hey, watching Charlie get slapped hard is always good fun! :)

And here is the two-minute trailer that ran recently to remind us of what we've seen in season 3 already, and what is upcoming, and it's WAY exciting! And for all of the Lost fans out there, watch this and then ask yourself what is up with all of the naysayers who have been saying Lost has seriously slipped in season 3? Are they mentally deficient? Either that, or they deserve shows like Deal or No Deal and shouldn't bother watching Lost anymore. Let the rest of us enjoy the really good stuff, and they can have their dreck. ;)


Anonymous said...

charlie shaved!!!

Crissy Calhoun said...

that 2-minute trailer is better than all those "lost moments" combined. now i am hyped.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am not exactly sure where to ask this.

I am thinking about creating a"Lost" Podcast and I was wondering if you would be alright with me using "Finding Lost" as the title. Its perfectly fine if thats not okay. I would be sure to say that I am not affiliated with you nor the book in the first installment.

Anonymous said...

I just tried to view the 2 YouTube videos & it states they are no longer available! Any suggestions?
Also, I have some sad news! LOST will only air 8 episodes because of the strike! Why can't they work into the summer to get these other 8 in the can? It feels like a slap in the face to LOST fans when there are only 16 per year for the next 3 years! Well, make that 8,16 & 16. (Hmmm....those numbers sound VAGUELY familiar! LOL!)
Anyone else feel this way?