Saturday, April 28, 2007

FOX cancels a series before giving it a chance!
Fans reel in shock

Ahem... or not. Poor Tim Minear. He of Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside, and by extension, Angel cancellations, this guy's name has become synonymous with "short-lived." Looks like the hatchet guys over at FOX have been tricking us with their patience this season in letting shows try a little longer. Turns out they were just waiting for Minear to bring them a property, so they could gleefully cancel it after TWO WEEKS.

Imagine some other mid-season replacement shows in the hands of these guys.

Memo on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Yeah, the show has been on for 3 weeks, and the Slayer still hasn't banged that tall creepy guy who hangs about in the shadows. Tell Whedon he's got one more week, and if we don't see some skin from her or the red-haired nerdy girl, it's off.

The Office:
Just saw the second episode. This show is just all wrong. First, where the hell is the laugh track? How do we expect our audiences to know when to laugh if the canned laughter doesn't tell them? Secondly, why is that guy with the messy hair always looking into the camera and raising his eyebrows? Get a new actor: this guy doesn't understand how to pretend the cameras AREN'T there. And finally, what the hell does that creepy guy in the corner do? Thank god you guys only filmed 6 episodes for this season; we're pulling it next week.

Just saw the pilot scheduled for this September. Too weird. Move it to next March, where it can replace Reunion or something we'll cancel to fit it in. And get a guy in a goofy white hat and add a laugh track. It's just not funny enough.


Anonymous said...

Sniff sniff...

It's Daybreak all over again.

The networks are making it real hard for me to get excited about a new show if they keep cancelling ones I like as soon as they're out of the gate.

That's it, no more new series until they're on DVD and been renewed for another season.

MC said...

I would have said it was Smith/3 lbs all over again myself.

I think NBC is still working off the bad karma from cancelling Last Comic Standing 3 days before the finale. That, that was just cold.

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: I'm starting to feel exactly the same way. All of these networks are going to find a serious pinch when the shows don't find an audience on TV, but do on DVD (problem: If no one watches them on TV, they will never have enough eps to make it to DVD). I wonder when we're going to see the first straight-to-DVD television shows?

Anonymous said...

hey at least you get a chance to hope it last, alot of the US shows liek Drive and even Tazon from a few years back are brought by the British and other places before you even see them