Thursday, April 26, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Mister Donaghy!
On this morning's episode of The View, Alec Baldwin revealed that following the incident involving his daughter Ireland, he's gone to the NBC heads and asked to be let go from 30 Rock. He says he wants to devote all of his time to being a parent, doesn't care if he never acts again, and doesn't want the situation between him, his daughter, and Basinger to affect the show.

But despite my feelings about what he said to his daughter, and whatever circumstances were surrounding his comments, I seriously think his departure would affect the show. The show is funny because of the ensemble. Sure, Tracy Jordon still probably has the best lines week after week, but my all-time faves still rest with Jack. No one would be able to pull off that deadpan cockiness of his. No one would be as funny. And I can't imagine a new GE boss -- whether goofy, dictatorial, serious, whatever -- coming in to replace him because "Jack's decided to take permanent stress leave in the Hamptons" or whatever excuse they'd use to let him go.

NBC has responded to his View appearance by saying they turned down his resignation, but there's no word yet on whether he's contracted to appear or not. Would you continue to watch 30 Rock if Jack Donaghy weren't a part of it?


poppedculture said...

I think I've read that he is contractually obligated. I would continue to watch just to see how it was handled but wouldn't feel a need to stick with it if it changed the tone of the show. This is a great example of not having to like the person to appreciate their talent.

Chris in NF said...

Cool blog here, Nik! Wish I'd known about it sooner ... I've got my own at ... I'll add this to the links. :-)

Crissy Calhoun said...

Snap. why can't he be a parent and the funniest man on television? i know some parents who hold down day jobs, write books, raise toddlers all while pregnant and still find time to watch Top Model... ;)

I def. would still watch the show. Until it sucked. Then I would stop. And mourn.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jer: Agreed. It's like knowing Brahms shot cats out of his window with a bb gun for fun. Do I like the guy? No. Is his music suddenly worse because of knowing that? No.

Chris, dahling, thanks for the link, and I'll put one up for you, too! :)

Crissy: I'm with ya... I'd keep watching, but like Jer said, I'd stop if it sucked. I just can't imagine the dynamic. Of course, Tracy could keep me laughing long enough to keep me around. ;)

Anonymous said...

No! That would be terrible if he left! I'd still watch the show, but it just wouldn't be the same. He and Tina are such a dynamic duo!

I'm the person who used to go by "brian," by the way/

leor said...

i'd still give the show a chance, especially if they considered will arnett as his replacement! he does the raspy voice just as well as alec :)

MC said...

I heard another reason he was thinking about leaving was because his personal drama could effect the show.

That I doubt.