Saturday, April 07, 2007

Woke Up This Morning...
Tomorrow night marks the final return of The Sopranos to TV (on HBO in the U.S.; TMN in Canada, 9pm) for the second half of season 6. These are the final nine episodes. Check out the latest issue of Vanity Fair for an awesome article about David Chase and the 10-year journey of the show (yes, six seasons in 10 years... the show didn't exactly move quickly). The writer calls it the best-written television drama... ever. True? Maybe... though my vote is still with The Wire.

The Sopranos still ranks right up there for me in my all-time top 10, so I'm super-excited. If, like me, you're one of those people who remembers general things, or events that happened four seasons ago, and you're saying things like, "Wait... Christofuh got married last season?? I totally forgot that" then you MUST check out this incredible, and VERY hilarious Sopranos recap. It's the complete 6 seasons retold in 7 minutes, and it's awesome (my fave moment: when Europe's 'The Final Countdown' plays for a second... you'll know why when you see it). You can watch it here:

Also, the Canadian broadcaster TMN has a behind-the-scenes promo here that has been running on the station.

Also returning tomorrow is Entourage: I mistakenly referred to it as season 4, but apparently, following in the footsteps of the Sopranos, it's the second half of season 3. Whatever... it'll still be awesome. Enjoy!

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