Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lost, Ep. 18: D.O.C.
Tonight’s episode of Lost was a Sun flashback (not a Jin/Sun one, as we’ve been seeing lately) where we discover SO much about their pasts, as most of their flashbacks show. (I love Jin/Sun flashbacks, though the one earlier this season was just OK.) We discover that the baby is actually Jin’s (yay!) but that means Sun could die (boo!) We discover that Sun assumed it was Jae Lee’s; Jin’s mom was a prostitute (and he didn’t know); that Sun knows Jin’s dad is still alive. The biggest surprise is finding out that all this time it appeared Sun didn’t know what Jin was doing at her father’s company, while in fact she absolutely knew what he was doing AND, turns out, it was because of the debt she owed to her father, and that she allowed it to happen (but she allowed it to save Jin, so… talk about another catch-22). Just as Sun didn’t know if the baby was Jin’s or Jae Lee’s, she thinks that Jack might be working with the Others, and actually seems to bond with Juliet, who, once again… is lying.

Meanwhile, Desmond and Co. discover a supposedly dead blast from the past (but interestingly, none of them had actually met him before) while the pilot slowly dies. Mikhail helps them save the pilot’s life, Desmond lets Mikhail go, and the pilot utters a shocking line at the very end of the episode.


  • the VERY long pause after Hurley shoots off the flare, followed by, “Oops.”
  • “You know how powerful my family is. My husband believes that you are dead. Do not force me to make that a reality.” WOO!
  • Hurley pretending to call his mom on the sat phone.

Did You Notice?:

  • how CUTE were those pictures of Little Jin on Mr. Kwon’s wall?
  • when Patchy was running away from Jin, he kept holding onto the front of his shirt like he was holding something underneath the overalls… I thought he was wounded at first, but there’s no blood. Maybe he’s a robot.
  • the door to the ultrasound room had the same metal bars in the side that the lockdown doors had in the hatch. In the one corner of the room was the crib and wall hangings that had been in Claire’s nursery.
  • Charlie seems to be completely baffled about people healing on the island, showing that despite it seeming obvious to us, only a couple of people have noticed that the island heals.
  • Hurley didn’t pass out when blood was shooting through the tube the way he did when Jack was operating on the Marshal… has the island somehow healed his aversion to blood

Pregnancy Nitpicks:

  • Juliet’s a fertility doctor, so she knows a thing or two (or hundred) about pregnancies and ultrasounds. I’ve only been pregnant twice and several things she said were inconsistent with what I know (other moms, please agree or disagree; I’m totally basing this on my own experience, and could be totally wrong). Juliet says that in the first trimester, she might not be able to see the baby on the ultrasound; she should have specified that if it’s EARLY in the first trimester you won’t be able to see it. The first trimester is anywhere from conception to 14 weeks, and at 14 weeks it looks like a tiny person. Early in the pregnancy, however (starting around 6 weeks), the most you’ll see on an ultrasound is the heart fluttering; interestingly, the one thing Juliet says you WON’T see is the heart. Huh?
  • A technician figures out how old a baby is in the womb by measuring various parts of it, and then coming up with the date within a day or two based on the size of the baby. Juliet seems to go “doink” with the wand, take one single picture and then say, “Et voila, it’s 8 weeks.” Shouldn’t she have looked at it a little longer?
  • It looked like a head at one point. You wouldn’t have seen a giant head on the screen if the baby was really 8 weeks; a baby is barely formed at that point, and the most you’d see on the ultrasound is the flickering of the heart… Then again, Claire’s island baby is HUGE.
  • this is more of a PG-rated TV show practicality, but in the early stage of pregnancy the uterus is very low, so the wand would have to be down below the waistband of her jeans just above the pelvic bone. But they couldn’t exactly have Sun disrobing on prime time.
  • Why would she ask when the last time Sun and Jin had sex was?? What the hell does that have to do with the conception date? Does she assume couples never have sex after conception? The proper question is, “When was the first date of your last period?”
  • For an ultrasound to really work, a woman has to drink a lot of water or the uterus doesn’t show up properly on the monitor. I know from personal experience that once when I didn’t drink enough, the technician dug around for a bit, then said, “Sorry, I just can’t see anything” and she sent me out to chug another litre before looking again (then they take the wand and press on your extremely full bladder… pregnancy can be so much FUN at times!). Sun hasn’t had any water.
  • Second trimester begins at 14 weeks. Sun is currently at 8, and says she has only 2 more months before she’s in the middle of the second trimester. No, she has 3 months. Juliet should have corrected her.
  • However, all of this explains why she’s not showing! So that’s cleared up.

Oops: Juliet says Sun is 53 days pregnant. She took the pregnancy test on Day 58. It’s now Day 90. That means her last period was 21 days before the pregnancy test, and the earliest a test would work is at 28…. And remember, at the time she said her period was late, which it wouldn’t have been.


  • Uh… Patchy’s alive?? What the hell?
  • Is Jack really feeling Sun out on the pregnancy because he’s working with the Others, or is he just asking the same questions any doctor would ask? He asked Claire a hell of a lot of questions about her pregnancy because he was genuinely concerned, but now everyone’s questioning him. How much does he know about what the Others did?
  • has Jin picked up the Others’ island strength? Check out his awesome kung fu fighting! His fists were fast as lightning!
  • Charlie threatens to take out Patchy’s other eye, and Patchy says, “I’m sorry, what?” pretending to have hearing loss. Is he commenting on the fact that Charlie might have suffered some longterm hearing loss from the explosion?
  • according to Juliet, Sun is safe if she conceived off the island, but in danger if she conceived on the island. SO… back to an old question: Why did the Others kidnap Claire? By this logic, she was in no danger, and therefore didn’t require any injections. Was it just to research the baby? Because earlier Juliet had said it was to keep Claire safe.
  • Sun makes a rather harsh (and awesome) threat to Jin’s mother. Did she follow through on it? Is that what she meant when she said earlier to Colleen that she didn’t know what she was capable of?
  • “I’m getting samples of Austen and the other women”?! What the heck is Juliet talking about? Were the Others orchestrating the chicka chicka bow bow that happened between Kate and Sawyer in an attempt to get her pregnant? What other women could be pregnant?
  • why didn’t the pilot speak English earlier? She has an Australian accent and it would seem English is her first language, yet in her shock she was speaking the other ones.
  • Is Sun going to die?
  • Where. Are. Rose. And. Bernard??!!
  • what the hell was the pilot talking about??? So… is the purgatory theory the correct one after all? If they’re in purgatory, what does that make the Others? Angels? Are they angels that take the “good ones” over to heaven and continue to test the flawed ones? Where does that put Juliet? Or is all of this moot and the pilot just hit her head REALLY hard?

Next week: “The Brig,” which I THINK is a Locke episode. But I’m probably wrong. CTV didn’t show a preview, and the ABC feed jumped into CTV at the end. Urgh.


poppedculture said...

Good stuff tonight! Love that Sun has a hand in what Jin became - a great twist. I think Patchy is my favourite other these days, because anyone who taunts Charlie can't be all bad. And "chicka chicka bow bow"? Watch your language please, this blog is supposed to be PG!

The Chapati Kid said...

Hey! Great episode! The pilot -- may have an Australian accent, but that doesn't mean English is her first language. Generally, when someone is fatigued, or in shock, the person tends to speak in the language known best to him or her, because it doesn't require effort or thought. Apparently this woman knows Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Oh yes, and English. The first language she spoke in was Spanish. Or maybe before that Portuguese. So that could make her mother tongue Spanish -- or Portuguese, since she was reading in Portuguese. But still, dude. WHO speaks in SO many different languages when they are in shock? That was a bit much. Unless they want us to know she's a spy or something. She could even be a plant by the Others. She says something to Mikhail, and he says she said Thank You. But did she?

GREAT eye for the ultrascan details, Nikki! I know... when Juliet started squirting the gel on Sun's stomach, I was thinking, but Sun didn't drink any water! Hehehe!
So, I guess we know now that Juliet's being made to do all this against her will.

Whoa on Mikhail! How did HE come back to life? That was a big shock to me. I tried to imagine every circumstance under which he could return to the land of the living, but I can't.

The ending was just plain mean. Come ON. They've been telling us for two years that this isn't purgatory, and now they're telling us it is?! The pilot didn't say, however, that they found bodies. She just said that no one survived. So that could mean the PowersThatBe orchestrated a plane crash offshore for people to find.

Sun story: I really liked it. But now we see what Sun is guilty about as well. She knowingly sent her husband into a life of servitude to her father. But what got me curious is what she said to her father -- that if he gave her the money, she would keep quiet, and keep pretending. What was she talking about? Maybe she knows about her father's strongarm tactics in general, or maybe it's something more sinister than that -- something she's seen. Why blackmail him to buy her silence? She's been silent about it all these years. She could have just told him it was for the honour-shame thing. I loved the scene between Jin's dad and Sun as well. It was so sweet and so perfect.

Charlie's going to get payback from Mikhail. I feel it. Something bad's going to happen to Charlie. That was a great observation, Nikki, about Mikhail pretending not to hear. And it was absurd that Desmond let him go. And I can't believe that none of them understood Jin when he was saying "phone" and running after Mikhail.

Hurley's character's been really flat this season. I'm tired of him being portrayed constantly as a porky bear who keeps doing daft things. I want to see him get a meaty storyline, and I mean that figuratively.

I missed Sawyer tonight...

Anonymous said...

- Uh… Patchy’s alive?? What the hell?

Maybe the fence just stunned him and he was never really dead? That's the only explanation I have.

- According to Juliet, Sun is safe if she conceived off the island, but in danger if she conceived on the island. SO… back to an old question: Why did the Others kidnap Claire? By this logic, she was in no danger, and therefore didn’t require any injections. Was it just to research the baby? Because earlier Juliet had said it was to keep Claire safe.

Well, if Claire was the first off-island pregnency to come to the island, than Juliet wouldn't have known she would survive then?

Or maybe she's lying about why she took Claire. Or she lied to Sun to give her false hope. Or both.

-"What the hell was the pilot talking about??? So… is the purgatory theory the correct one after all?"

I agree with chapatikid on this. Hanso (or some other secret agency) staged a fake crash site.

-WHO speaks in SO many different languages when they are in shock?

Maybe she picked up a lot of languages as a kid? Her dad/mom travelled a lot with her, and she learned different languges as they traveled (children pick up languages much easier than adults do).

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the reason so much is known about the passengers is because they were never on Oceanic 815, but where all shuttled onto another plane. Or the portutalishrussese girl was lying.

Maybe Rose and Bernard are off making babies. Now THAT would be a story.

That's a Dharma ultrasound machine. It might be able to predict the date of conception, haircolour and the baby's favourite baseball team.

It could be that because of Claire's healthy pregnancy that Juliet is assuming the reason is because she conceived off the island (and why Danielle could have a healthy baby too).

I also wonder if Patchy was ever really dead. I never trusted what was really going on with the sonar security device. Looking dead and being dead can be two different things (ask the other Nikki).

If Dharma has developed an ultrasound machine you don't have to drown your kidneys to use, they really need to patent it. Man, I could have used that.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this episode a lot! Sun and Jin are two of my favorite characters, and the storyline with the mother extorting money from Sun was very interesting.

Silly question and I'm not endorsing this by any means, but can't Sun still get an abortion, if she told Jin that she'd die in 2 months (which would timeline wise be after 5 seasons, so she'd still last until the end of the series!) I'm sure he would want Sun to be alive, and besides, the baby wouldn't likely survive in the second trimester anyways if the mother died.

The part with the parachutist conveniently not speaking English until the end really bugged me. Just a manipulative plot point. Any translation of what she said to Patchy? I also don't think it was a simple thank you. I don't trust that woman any more than I trust Juliet.

I don't get the part about Juliet taking samples from the women. Since when did she take any samples from Sun? All I saw was the ultrasound. And yes, if Claire conceived before the island, she should have been safe, why did Ethan have to kidnap her and inject her with the serum?

Can't wait for Locke's episode. I did catch the ABC trailer, which CTV (suckingly) omits. Apparently Locke kidnapped Ben, you see a bag over someone's head and he asks Sawyer to kill him because he can't. I wonder if it was a red herring, I bet the guy under the bag is Locke's father...

Thanks for an excellent recap as usual Nikki!

Anonymous said...

i agree, i think patchy was never dead and that it was just a trick to make them think that the fence was deadly.

as for the pilot, i wonder if the multiple languages was her attempt to communicate and find the right language that someone understands - she tries chinese, because she sees jin and doesn't realize that he's actually korean. just my theory, anyway.

and charlie should know about the island's healing powers...whatever happened to that huge scar on his forehead? :)


Crissy Calhoun said...

I'm with Roland -- the option of abortion should at least be mentioned, even if it's just to say they don't have the capability to perform one on the island. I'll be pretty annoyed if they don't bring it up.

Great flashback. I really love Jin's father -- he's the only good one in the bunch.

The Chapati Kid said...

Not that I'm anti-ab or anything, but if you think about the fact that Sun and Jin have never been able to conceive, and this island finally helps them, then it makes it doubly hard if there's the slightest hope for her that things might work out and they will be okay. But yes, I hope they discuss it at the very least, and either way, find a way to help her and keep her character alive.

Leor: I don't think the pilot would be testing out different languages. If she's somewhat conscious (she hasn't opened her eyes) she would hear them first, not see them. And she's clearly heard them all shouting over her in English. Except Jin, who's been silent. Maybe she's just in shock and is babbling. But yes, Roland, I agree with you. Tacky plot point to make her speak English at the end.

Anonymous said...

I got the translation of what Naomi said to Mikhail from another cite. I can't vouch for its accuracy.

Naomi: "I'm not alone."

Nikki Stafford said...

Chapatikid: Good point about English not necessarily being her first language; you're right. And I agree that in shock, a person would speak in their first language, which is why I don't know why she was speaking 6 others. ;) As for whether or not they're in purgatory, I've never really believed the writers on that one (I mean, if you had a whole story mapped out to be a big purgatory thing and fans figured it out on episode 4, you might lie... but then what does that do to the trust the fans have in you?)

I was disappointed in Hurley, too. The moment he said, "And we have a satellite phone..." my husband said, "When the hell will Hurley ever learn to SHUT UP?" and I completely agree. It's annoying. BUT... in another way, it's sort of in keeping with his character. This is the guy who hears the tiniest bit of gossip and spreads it absolutely everywhere. So there's a good chance he just doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

As for Sun pretending, I think it's that whole, "Don't see, don't hear" mentality that, "Yes, I know you basically are the mafia here, but I'll continue to pretend that I have no idea." It's like Carmela on the Sopranos, who turns a blind eye to everything Tony does because he buys her very expensive jewellery every once in a while. She won't make a scene, and that's enough for her dad to give her the dough.

I agree; LOVED the scene between Sun and Jin's father. But what was REALLY interesting to me, and I completely forgot to point it out in my post, was when he said, "I don't even know if Jin is mine." Hmm.... is there a chance he's not the son of a fisherman after all?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki
I think that Locke's father went to Korea, and hired a prostitute cuz he was horny...and couldn't find a rich woman to scam...
That would make Jin and Locke brothas (as Desmond would say!) LOL

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: Hmm... we saw blood spurting out of his ears with such force his brain appeared to explode. But then again, it could have been A) a horrible brain aneurysm that would kill us in our world, but hey, the island was already healing him as it was happening, OR B) he had some device rigged to make red juice squirt out and make him appear to die. Nyar nyar... what I find interesting is that when it happened, he looked at Locke and said, "Thank you." Could reincarnation be a possibility on this island?

And I have no doubt the pilot knows several languages; I wasn't questioning the fact she can speak that many (trust me, I've known Chapatikid for years and she probably speaks 8, no joke). I'm questioning why she was using so many of them while in shock. There's a chance she's been trained in some super-military where you say "I'm dying" in a billion languages until you get the one the people around you understand, but wouldn't some instinct kick in to, you know, HEAR that everyone around you is speaking English? Weird.

Colleen: My husband wondered the same thing, re: putting them on a fake plane. However, I wonder if that stands in direct contradiction to what we saw in the last Juliet ep, where Ben had Patchy looking at all the computers, saying, "Get me files on everyone on 815." So how did he end up getting files on all these people if they weren't actually on that flight?

By the way, I'm with you. If Dharma has figured out a machine where you don't have to drink water and they take less than a minute to determine the health of the baby, PLEASE distribute that to hospitals everywhere!!

Roland: Good point on the abortion. However, I'm with what Chapatikid said in her later comment. Earlier this year I remember reading something where they were trying to pass some law where all women considering an abortion would have to go and see an ultrasound of the baby first (cruelty in the extreme). After you see this being on the screen, moving around and kicking and playing, it's hard to then go and terminate the pregnancy. And as Chapatikid said, Jin and Sun have wanted a baby for SO long, maybe she doesn't see that as an option. But the one reason pro-choicers fight for abortions more than anything is for the safety of the mother, and this could be a very important investigation into the matter, as Crissy suggests, if they devote an episode to that distinct possibility. Even some of the staunchest pro-choicers would never consider an abortion themselves, but believe in the right of women to choose, so it would bring up so many points and actually shed light and depth on such a polarizing topic.

As for how she took a sample from Sun, good question. Could she have wiped the gel off and put it into a container that Ben will now collect, and her DNA would be in the skin cells that would be in the gel? Bit of a stretch.

Leor: Good point on the Charlie scar! I'd totally forgotten that. heehee...

Brian: That would be so cool if Naomi's not alone. It only makes sense...

Nikki Stafford said...

Roland: Hey, maybe Christian Shephard went to Korea on a conference and had a little nookie. I mean, the guy's seed is everywhere else! ;)

Anonymous said...

The show is beginning to just be "I can't figure it out, so I'll sit back and watch" thing for me.

I don't understand why Sun didn't have a sit down with Jin to have him face facts so she could give Dad back the dough. That would not be the Asian way, I fear, so Sun was forced to pay up and Jin was forced to work for Dad. Perhaps Sun didn't know what Jin was doing for Dad later, as she seemed genuinely surprised...or is it that the writers erred along the way?

I'm tired of Charlie. He's such a mean guy deep down. His lynch mob mentality -- Hurley doesn't help, either -- really bums me out.

Yes, the pilot's English and multiple languages was a problem. Why didn't Hurley try to speak to her more?

Doesn't Sun seem to speak too perfect English compared to earlier eps and doesn't Jin seem to have perfected his English too well, too?

And Jack, forever the bossy, know-it-all father (he reminds me vaguely of the dr. on 'Northern Exposure'), seemed more intrusive than usual.

If Locke has Sawyer kill Dad, that's right out of "Against a Crooked Sky," a 1970s flick wherein an Indian woman takes the place of a white woman whom her father plans to bow-and-arrow at dawn. I forget the reason, but liked it (I was 10, too....).


Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki..just to clear up your question regarding Juliet saying the injection was to keep Claire safe--that was all just to play into the "fake" sickness Claire had (Ben talking about the "implant" they had put in Claire, which made her get sick, the "emergency" for Juliet to "help" with when got to the Losties' camp.) Claire was never in any danger since she conceived off the island...remember they were really just going to take Aaron from Claire and either kill her or leave her to die. (Remember when Alex helped Claire escape from The Staff? It was because she knew Ethan was planning on killing Claire.)

The Chapati Kid said...

Nikki, five languages and working on a sixth! :-) But thanks!

I'm with Nikki and Crissy on this one. Maybe Jin will convince her to abort the foetus. Or maybe they'll decide on it, and then she'll get kidnapped or some such. But I think Juliet is going to play an instrumental role in all of this. I think she's going to do something good. Her character is too grey for us to believe that she can follow through with Ben's evil plans.

Glenn, Sun must be speaking better English because she's been surrounded by English speaking people now for three months. It's easy to improve in an English immersion environment. But I don't see any difference between the way she spoke before and the way she speaks now. She sounded good then too.

RE: getting samples from the women... I figure she's getting them to find out if they're pregnant or not. In which case, scraping DNA would not help. Did anyone consider the possibility that maybe she's following them into the bush when they go to pee and then scraping up some wet dirt?
Hee hee! I did.

I'll save my who will die comment for Nikki's other post. And I will stop hogging this one.

Anonymous said...

Desmond had a point about the Lostaways killing more Others than vice versa.

The only time I recall Others killing were when Ethan killed Sceve and Juliet killed Picket (who was an Other). One could argue though that Ana-Lucia and Libby were casualties of the Others as well, but I don't think Michael had orders to specifically kill anybody.

Then again, they did sort of wipe out the Dharma expedition, although that might have been in self defense.

Oh, and as to killing Claire, Alex may not have been up on all the facts and thought that they were going to kill Claire when they were talking about her dying from the island? Well, maybe that's a stretch.

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: They also strung up Charlie in a tree and left him to die. And beaten Sawyer to within an inch of his life and threatened to kill him.

I totally agree; I argued in my first book that it's all a matter of perspective on who's worse here, and I've mentioned it here on the blog and already have begun drawing up a sidebar for the second book talking about it. But the interesting point is: The Losties have always killed as a reaction. The Others have killed as an action. They kidnapped Claire and Charlie. They killed Steve. They kidnapped Walt and Michael. They kidnapped Jack, Kate, and Sawyer and put them in cages. Goodwin was killed when Ana thought he was trying to kill them. Ethan was killed after he'd killed Steve. Colleen was killed after the Others came aboard a ship and threatened Sun. Patchy was "killed" after he lied to them and attacked them. So the Losties are always reacting to the danger they perceive around them, whereas the Others know what's going on and are just doing their best to scare the Losties, and will have to accept the consequences of doing that. But if Patchy's anything to go by, there's a good chance the rest of them will magically come to life again (though Goodwin looked pretty dead when he was still there a while later).

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode, thought it was brilliant. My favourite line was Juliet on the recorder, right after she turned it off: "I hate you. *glare*"

Patchy being alive - back when Locke shoved him and Kate just looked down at his body, I was all, "Feel his pulse! Feel his pulse, dammit!!" But silly Kate didn't. Poo. We'll never know if he came back from the dead.

I think (emphasis on think) "The Brig" is Sawyer flashbacks. I have no idea if this is right, but it's just a guess. I love Locke and all, but didn't we just have a Locke flashback?

Now I'm going to go re-watch and see how Patchy was holding his shirt.

Nikki Stafford said...

Maddy: I'm sure you're right; we just had a Locke ep (I'm seriously losing my mind) and another Sawyer ep would be awesome. :) It would make up for our Sawyerless week this week.

And Juliet's "I hate you" was brilliant: another moment of Juliet not being watched, not acting, not pretending to be something she's not, that gives us a glimpse of her true intentions. Which, I'd like to believe, are good.

Michelle Rowen said...

Last week I commented that the chick at the end looked like the actress who played Nessa from Las Vegas. Well, it *is* that actress. *fist pump*

Not that that means anything.

Death to Juliet.

Anonymous said...

Just want to mention another murder committed by one of the Others: Goodwin brutally broke the neck of that poor Canadian tail-y after releasing him from Ana Lucia's prison pit.

Anonymous said...

finally got to see the ep, 24 hours later (it was SO hard to resist coming here today and spoiling myself, but i did it!), and i have three thoughts not covered by anyone yet:

1) what if patchy is a clone? (nikki/chapatikid, clearly our recent book club reading is getting to me subconsciously ... )

2) something tells me that as this is ABC and as this is still prime time and as this is an american show, that abortion will never be mentioned as a viable option as to not offend the advertisers. just a thought.

3) why wasn't the ultrasound machine rendered useless after the purple sky / EMP thingie?

The Chapati Kid said...

ooh and to add to that, how come the electricity came on in that hatch even after Locke blew up the communications post?

Nikki Stafford said...

Anonymous: I completely forgot about Goodwin killing that guy. Thanks for the reminder.

fb: I joked that Patchy might be a robot (from the way he was running). Hmm... maybe he's the missing final Cylon.

I don't think all electronics have been rendered useless (remember, Locke was using the computer at Patchy's), just communications devices. Though, that said, Locke was still somehow communicating through that computer if he was able to push 77 and the place blew up. But I don't think the explosion would have affected the ultrasound machine (and if it could, maybe the underground hatches all have a lot of concrete that allow them to almost act like bomb shelters?

Chapatikid: I don't think the hatches are connected like that, are they? I'm assuming the electricity in each one is independent of the others. I could be wrong... has the show suggested otherwise?

Anonymous said...

The pilot's accent was actually English - could she somehow be linked to Desmond's girlfriend who is trying to find him?

Nikki Stafford said...

I don't know if anyone is still checking back on this thread, but if they are...
Anonymous: Are you sure she's English? I could have sworn she was Australian. Next week's ep will probably tell.

Brian: I was thinking some more about what you said about Claire being the first off-island pregnancy. What about Rousseau? If she's telling the truth, then she came from off the island and somehow gave birth to Alex, with no problems. She's still walking. At least I think she is. OMG, maybe she's a ghost!