Thursday, April 12, 2007

Upcoming episodes of Lost!
Warning: If finding out who the upcoming flashbacks will be about is something you consider a spoiler, PLEASE STOP reading now.

After I screwed up and declared next week's episode a Charlie episode (it's not) I went and looked to see how many episode flashbacks have been posted, and it turns out the rest of the season has been announced. Not only are the flashbacks SUPER-exciting, but the titles of the episodes already give me lots of stuff I'll need to work on for the book. :)

One thing I have to say: To all of those people who have quit watching the show in the past few weeks (and two of those people are dear friends of mine who have been hating it for months, and I was very sad about them leaving), it looks like all the kvetching about how we're just not learning anything has been for naught. I was SHOCKED to see what some of the flashbacks are, and assumed these would be kept for next season. Looks like we're about to find out a LOT of stuff:

April 18th: Catch-22 (Desmond)
Looks like I'll have to brush up on my Heller. It's been ages since I read that book.

April 25: D.O.C. (Jin and Sun)
DOC, when pregnant, refers to "date of conception." So that's presumably what this will be about, and maybe now we'll find out why a woman who's possibly in her second trimester doesn't show in the slightest.

May 2: The Brig (Jack)
A season just isn't a season without three Jack flashbacks. Let's hope this one's more interesting than the last one. Or two.

May 9: The Man Behind the Curtain (Dharma)
Dharma?! As in... DHARMA?! OMG... when I first saw this title I thought, "Oh please please please be a Ben episode..." and then was shocked to see it's even MORE interesting. How many questions will be answered with THIS one? Are they teasing us by letting us think there will be more seasons beyond this one, and instead they'll answer all our questions in the last few episodes? (I'm the opposite of most viewers, and worry that they'll reveal too much.)

May 16: Greatest Hits (Charlie)
Folks, get ready for yet another rendition of "You All Everybody." Maybe we'll find out Charlie quit his Oasis aspirations and decided to sound like Blur instead. Four years after Britpop was over.

May 23: Through the Looking Glass (Ben)
YES!!! A full TWO-HOUR episode, and it's named after my favourite book, AND it's a Ben episode. I. Am. So. Excited!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just to warn you Nikki, it's not a sure thing that Ben's going to have the finale. I'm actually guessing that "The Brig" is an Anthony Cooper centric episode and that "The Man Behind the Curtain" is Ben-centric.

Meanwhile, TV Guide's Mike Ausiello keeps on saying that the finale is going to be Jack-centric. I'm hoping it's not, but if it is at least we can be pretty sure it'll be mind-blowing.

Anonymous said...

GLUH! The second-to-last episode os a CHARLIE flashback?!


Nikki Stafford said...

Good point, Fletcher! I should have mentioned that I got these from, which in the past has actually never gotten a flashback wrong as long as I've been checking (which has always made me wonder if it's an insider posting them) but you're right; it's the internet, and you should never take anything as 100% correct. So folks, these are the PROPOSED upcoming episodes. Let's hope they're right. A 2-hour Jack flashback? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Another Jack flashback?

It's like the extended cut of King Kong. There's just no reason for this.

I have an inside source that says that it details Jack going to a tattoo parlor and trying to decide what else to get on his arm. He finally makes up his mind, but the artist puts the wrong one by mistake. What a plot twist!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered that Jack's Dad, might be Jacob?

Anonymous said...

I think that that scheduled has actually been changed - I read an interview that talked about one episode that would not have any flashbacks (the first ever) and the finale is Jack.

And the Dharma is actually Ben's. I would double-check these.

Anonymous said...

If there's a Charlie flashback, I'm assuming he'll still be alive.

But who knows, on my wacky show.