Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update to Lost upcoming episodes
Again: Spoiler warning to those who don't want to know the upcoming flashbacks in Lost.

I got a few comments on my post the other day on upcoming eps of Lost, saying some of them were wrong. Until I got further confirmation, I wasn't going to repost them.

Well, TV Guide is now reporting what the finals will be, and that one that had listed as "Dharma-centric" is going to be a "non-traditional" flashback episode. Hmm... interesting! The claim is it's the first time it's been done on the show, though the Desmond episode could technically be considered a non-flashback, since presumably none of it happened (in my opinion; if you think he really did time travel, I appreciate that... please don't blast me in my comments).

A friend of mine sent me over the latest list (thanks, Bitter Guy!) and so here's the most recent announcement. I hope this is more accurate than the other one I posted:

• No. 17: Desmond
• No. 18: Jin and Sun
• No. 19: Nontraditional flashback time
• No. 20: Benjamin
• No. 21: Charlie
• And the two-hour season finale: Jack

So it looks like it's true, folks: Jack is getting the finale. Don't get me wrong: I think Jack's a great character, and sometimes I love to hate his holier-than-thou attitude. This season we haven't had to suffer through his God complex as much, which has been a relief. But Stranger in a Strange Land was NOT the best flashback (the present-day stuff was great, which saved the ep) and the one before it was him stalking Sarah, who told him he had to save people (saw that before) and he pissed off his dad (wow, THAT never happened before...) So this season has not been Jack's season, for sure.

So what will the flashback be? Who knows? (Don't be coming here for plot spoilers, because I avoid them like the plague... note: don't email me or post any spoilers in the comments, please). I'm assuming we've seen a lot of what happened BEFORE he got on the island, so maybe we'll find out what happened in the time since he saved Ben, and Kate saw him throwing a football. Maybe it'll be a combo of both. Will the big cliffhanger be

(not a spoiler; just my speculation, but stop reading if you don't want any speculation)

that his father is still alive, possibly on the island, probably ruling everything, possibly the "Jacob" everyone's been referring to? Since I've never believed his father was dead ever since the White Rabbit episode, (ep 5, season 1) it would confirm my suspicions, and make for an awesome ending.

So maybe there's hope for a Jack finale yet. I mean, I thought the Nikki and Paulo episode would be the low point of the season, and I was dead wrong, so I hope I'm wrong again! :)

Oh, and I need to add this for the sake of Bitter Guy: I'm sure the final moment will reveal it's ALL about the magnets.


Unknown said...

Not a blast, just a question. Weren't the flashbacks in the Desmond episode his experiences on the island immediately after the purple sky/fail safe key thing?

Anonymous said...

not a spoiler, as i, too, avoid them at all costs for this show, just some speculation:

i really, really, really don't like that charlie's episode is the second-to-last one. it gives me a very bad feeling (maybe i'm turning into desmond, haha). i know lost is prone to killing off people willy-nilly at any time throughout the season, but there's nothing like may sweeps and the lead-up to a season finale to start deep-sixin' folks.

that said, the one i'm most excited about/looking forward to is sun and jin. i want to know what happened with her pregnancy, damnit! they've been on the island, what? 3 months? (roughly) i know i've never been pregnant and every woman is different and i'm only going by my friends, but she should be showing just a LITTLE by now, no?

Nikki Stafford said...

bfeast: Welcome to the blog! :) Fans are split on what happened in that episode. Some (like me) believe that in the moment Desmond turned the key his life flashed before his eyes, and like many people who have had near-death experiences, it seemed to take a very long time, and he was actually involved in it rather than just an observer of it. Other fans believe his body literally left the island and he time-travelled back several years to what we saw. Damon and Carlton have said that nothing on this show will ever happen that cannot be explained by science, so I don't buy that he actually time-travelled, but I appreciate those who do. :)

fb: YES she should be showing just a little! :) If D.O.C. proves taht Jae Lee actually had something to do with the pregnancy, then something is clearly wrong with her, or that damn pregnancy test. If Jin is the father, then it would make more sense, and maybe she's less than 3 months pregnant, which means she really might not be showing. And despite my feelings about Charlie in season 2, I've been a fan of his in season 3 and really hope nothing happens to him!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Nikki, Damon and Carlton confirmed that Desmond did, in fact, time travel.

Here is the quotation:

Damon Lindelof: Absolutely, but I think what's interesting is there are, there are certain things that happen the way that they used to happen, that he changed as a result of being in the past, that might sort of resonate over time, you know. Like getting hit in the face, instead of the bartender, or the fact that the photograph of he and Penny got take uh - got, got taken the day that he broke up with her. Maybe, maybe in a, in another incarnation there were two photographs, you know. Maybe they, maybe they've, maybe there was a two for

Here is the link to the full transcript

Unknown said...

I still think what happens to Desmond on the Island qualifies as a flashback (running around naked, chatting with Hurley etc). It wasn't current Island time, so that's a "flashback" in my books. As to what ever else happened to him, well the jury's still out for me but for the moment I'm going with the near-death thing. I think the Island played that out for him for a reason and it didn't take place in our physical universe. I reckon there are as many answers in Lindelof's "another incarnation" phrase, as in the bit where he seems to imply time travel. Perhaps the consequences of things he did differently will be in Desmond's future actions, rather than in a linear "Back to the Future" time travel sense. Just my two cents.

Oh, and about the issue with Sun's belly, I found out I was pregnant with my eldest at 4 months and the doc was really blase about it, said it's surprisingly common with the first (and lots of other signs can be misleading in the early days too!). So, the paternity is plausible either way I think. I guess that's my four cents then.

Nikki Stafford said...

bfeast: Argh, I just wrote up a response and stupid blogger deleted it (just as I talked about the other day). Interesting story about your fourth month! On my first pregnancy, I took a lot longer to show than the second time. But I think my bafflement comes with just how tiny Sun is. She must weigh 105 pounds soaking wet. You’d see SOME sort of roundness by now in her. At 4 months a woman’s uterus is probably the size of a cantaloupe, and on a lot of women, that wouldn’t show, but on someone who is so extremely tiny like Sun, it would, I would think. But I’m not an ob, so who knows? :)

Brian: Thanks for the link! I’m still convinced he didn’t time travel, though, and I’m not trying to be difficult or anything… Even in the link you sent to me, Damon says “changed as a result of being in the past.” There’s no question that he was in the past, but the question is, was he there physically or mentally? Damon doesn’t answer it one way or the other. If it was a case of déjà vu, (which, interestingly, is how Lostpedia refers to it) then he was there mentally. If it was time travel, then he was there physically.

bfeast: Yes, Desmond had a flashback. I never said he didn’t have one, I said it was a non-traditional one, because whether he time traveled or had déjà vu, the events we saw in the flashback were not the actual events that happened the first time through.

Anonymous said...

Desmond's flashbacks were an indication that everything that happens on the Island is part of his dreams. One day he will step out of the shower...

And Dharma is magnets spelled sideways with most letters missing and replaced.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't consider this a spoiler, but I've been hearing that episode 19 will either not have flashbacks or be Locke/Cooper centric.