Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fall TV Preview: Fringe

A few months ago, someone who is on the inside track at Bad Robot emailed me with the subject line, "Your next TV obsession" and gave me the heads-up on Fringe. This new series, which has been picked up by FOX (gods help us) to run in the fall, is produced by none other than JJ Abrams and his peeps, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (both of whom wrote for Alias and also wrote The Transformers, Legend of Zorro, Mission: Impossible III, and Star Trek), and Jeff Pinkner (Alias and Lost). (One of the writers is JR Orci -- yes, another Orci -- who wrote for all 5 seasons of Alias and Vanished and my beloved Journeyman.) The show will star Joshua Jackson, the unsung tour de force acting talent of Dawson's Creek; Lance Reddick (who I know as Cedric Daniels of The Wire, and the rest of you know as Matthew Abaddon of Lost... which is wicked, because if JJ's at the helm of both shows, it means Reddick is free to move back and forth and reprise his role on Lost); John Noble of 24; Kirk Acevedo (Alvarez from Oz); and Anna Torv.

In the super creepy trailer of the pilot episode, we see a plane about to crash, and on board is a rock star huddled in the bathroom about to shoot heroin, a doctor having one too many drinks, a woman handcuffed to a marshall a guy sitting in a seat who madly injects something into himself that causes his body to liquefy, and soon everyone else on the plane liquefies as well. When the FBI finds the plane, it's rather oozy, and they have no idea what's happened. (Mental note: hold off on the snacking until halfway through the pilot episode...)

The premise of the show is that this is just one of many crimes involving weird science, and week after week we watch an FBI agent trying to solve the crimes with the help of a genius and a mad scientist (who also happen to be estranged father and son, from what I gather). It has the premise of a week-to-week CSI-type show, but this is JJ, so there will be some overriding mystery and some ancient force will have started the scientific anomalies and they'll all be connected and we'll be piecing it all together. In other words... yay! I predict a four-toed statue in episode 3.

The trailer (dare I say it) is even more awesome than Dollhouse's.

Wow... Abrams and Whedon, both back with new shows. I'm giddy with excitement!! Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...




I have watched the trailer every day since it hit the web...multiple times. Obsessed? Who me? ;)

I can't remember if the vid you posted was the regular trailer or the extended one, but in the extended one - Lance Reddick's character, Phillip Broyles, tells Anna Torv's character, Olivia Dunham, that they are calling the 3 dozen or so unexplainable events "The Pattern." So yes, your prediction about some underlying freaky deaky thing linking them all together and thus giving us one big mega puzzle to piece together - like we LOOOOVE to do - is accurate.

Do you remember that episode in Season 5 of ALIAS called "Ice"? If not, I suggest you watch it again - that is the closest thing to what this show is going to be like - in the mystery side of things. It's a better comparison than saying it will be like LOST or X-Files or even CSI.

And I must say - Anna Torv rocks my socks in the trailer. I expected awesome stuff from Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick and Blair Brown - I've seen their stuff before. But this was the FIRST thing I'd ever seen of Torv's - and she has totally sold me on her character and the show.

Is it August 26th yet????

K J Gillenwater said...

Now this be my kinda show! Whoever that main chick is, I love her already.

The only thing I worry about is it being similar in feel to LOST. I want something new and unique.

And I really like Joshua Jackson, so I'm glad to see him in such an interesting show.

**as for Whedon conversion, Nik, we shall see. I plan on giving the pilot of "Dollhouse" a shot. But I don't plan on watching old eps of Buffy.**

Robbie said...

Haha it says the show will end after 7 seasons, but there will only be 6. Major goof.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look anything like Lost to me. It looks like a much more energetic X-files. It definitely looks good.

It's weird that JJ is so closely associated to everything he touches. Lost is more Damon Lindelof's work. And Abrams doesn't even seem to be as involved in this as he was in Lost. (He's not directing this time)

I do think the plane disaster was meant as a nod to Lost, but will probably be commented on (endlessly as the pilot nears) as a repetition.