Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mystery Tales Comic
Thanks so much to Joshua for sending me the link with the following closeup of the comic book that Alpert laid in front of Locke last week:

An issue of this comic went up for sale on eBay immediately after the episode aired, and while bidding started at 99 cents, it now is up to almost $200. Go see a bigger picture of it here.

As suspected, the horrified man is looking out of an airplane window (under the window you can see an airline logo) and he's seeing a mysterious city, with one version of it floating above another. As we all know, Darlton loves to stick in red herrings, so they're probably just helping out the dude selling the comic on eBay right now, but since Locke's been asked to move the island, this image of one version of the city above the other is interesting. It also speaks to the idea that Ben and John are two versions of the same life, with some diverging paths.

Also, we only see four fingers of the guy's hand... could this be pointing to the four-toed statue??? (Yes, I'm being sarcastic now...)


Jonathan said...

What's also relevant (though not in your post) is that the comic book contains an ad about how gross and unpleasant skinny people are. This may have foreshadowed that all of the people on the island, despite not having the same diet they were accustomed to at home, would not turn into skinny, ugly people. I'm sure Kate is proud of the way other women look at Jack and Sawyer. :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! (Winning bid is $400.00 +. This is cool, but not THAT cool lol). Thanks for the great close shot of this. You all pretty much covered what this probably means. I wonder if "Voice of Warning" is symbolizing something. Locke has to move the island... but, maybe... not? Okay, I'm confusing myself and talking bullcrap now. I'll read what you all discuss in silence lol!

Anonymous said...

I wish your post was up now (yes, I'm impatient) - I want to talk about the episode.

This is cool,,20200122,00.html

One of the mysteries on their list was revealed tonight.

Nikki Stafford said...

Redeem: I know... it's almost finished now, but I always set it to publish closer to 11 so I don't accidentally spoil anyone ahead of time. I'll set the publish time at 10:56 to give you a jump on it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wouldn't. By 11 I was going to bed :)

Tshepo said...
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Charyll said...

I enjoy your blog.
Did you notice that Jack said that 10 months ago he had been working on the talk for his father's funeral? At the wake
how old would that make Aaron?
At the news interview Kate said the Aaron was a bit over 5 weeks old?
Do I have that right?
Does there seem to be something wrong with this picture?
thanks, dena