Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gossip Girl: Past the Verge of Awesome
Don't hate me for loving this show. Some readers have asked me if this show is really THAT good. The simple answer is yes. This week's Gossip Girl was my favourite one so far.

When I was a teenager, I watched 90210 and loved it. Sometimes just to laugh at it, but usually it was just a hell of a lot of fun. That show followed the lives of the rich. Gossip Girl follows the lives of the filthy, stinking, disgustingly rich. (No one will be working part-time at the Peach Pit on this show.) But at this stage of the game, they've stopped playing up the money these people have, and instead we're looking at them as people with crazy problems.

I'm not a teenager anymore. Usually I'm happy about that, but sometimes I look in the mirror and think, "Old." But then I watch Gossip Girl and I think oh yeah, I still love shows like this, whoo! This week's episode, however, reminded me why I'm the "more mature demographic" watching this show, for two reasons. The first, I'm deeply in love with Rufus, and think he's the hottest guy on the show. (For the non-viewers, he's a dad. A seriously hot dad.) The second reason is this week's episode featured a segment where VH-1 was filming a special, "Whatever Happened To" episode retrospective of bands of the 90s. Lincoln Hawk, Rufus's band, was one of them, and Lisa Loeb was another. Bands of the 90s are now considered oldies. That's it, I'm old.


(Has anyone else done the math and wondered how Rufus could have been in a band in the early 90s and dating Serena's mom, but now has a kid who's 17, yet wasn't with the mother, um, 16 years ago??)

This episode also showed us the real reason why Serena left, and for anyone worried about the murder element (I loved it) the reason was far less salacious than one would think, and more believable that a teenager would have done something like this. But it featured my favourite line. As Chuck, Nate, and B sit around telling Serena that they've done bad things, too, they go around one by one and say what they've done. When it comes to Chuck, he just looks at them all and says, "I'm Chuck Bass." HA! Best line of the season.

Next week is the season finale. I miss this show already!!


Paticus said...

Nikki- I'm with you on this one, too. I love this show, sometimes in spite of myself.

Crissy Calhoun said...

and the CW is bringing Nine-Oh (my pet name for 90210) back this fall, with Kelly Taylor making a bid for best high-school guidance counselor since Buffy Summers. (or so it's rumored.)

But GG! I love this show A LOT as you know. The Oldsville plotline with Rufus and Lily is just as entertaining as the kid plotline. That never happened with Jim and Cindy Walsh.

As far as Rufus having a 16-yr-old kid, I'm pretty sure there was a bit of crossover time between Lily and the mum, 'cause they certainly know and resent each other.

What I've just learned: In the GG books, Rufus is a scruffy old editor who wears red leggings and cooks weird food and is by NO means hot like TV Rufus.

Unknown said...

I also love GG but this week's episode bugged me a bit - I just don't believe that Dan would go kissing another girl after being devastated to hear Serena cheated on him (which she didn't). He has loved her for years and in one day he gets over it and kisses Sarah/Georgina? Bad plot point, writers.

Anonymous said...

so, i never understood the fuss about gossip girl ... until i was on the way to mexico last week and the pilot was on the personal in-flight entertainment TV. i'd already watched almost every single movie being offered, so i thought, "eh, why not? let's see what all the fuss is about!"

and 42 minutes later, i was Completely Sucked In. i LOVE this show, and i've only ever seen the pilot (woefully, the CW web site only has the last few episodes available to watch; i haven't seen anything past the first one and don't know where to find them online ... though S1 is out on DVD on august 19th!

i am totally with you ... rufus is HOT. seriously, totally hot and yes ... i feel ancient for thinking the "Dad" is a hottie. but then again, if i thought one of the three male leads were hot, i'd feel like a cougar, so ... ;-)

re: the rufus/age thing, i thought about it myself, and maybe he got dan's mother pregnant and didn't know/realise it and was cheating on her with serena's mother (or vice versa)? if he was mr rock-and-roll, it's entirely possible that he slept around or didn't even realise he'd gotten someone pregnant until later on.

i can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes and catch up to everyone else! i'm so envious you've seen them all and i haven't yet! this show is much better than 90210 ... 90210 often descended into preachiness and goody-two-shoes lesson-learning. this show is nothing like that. it's deliciously wicked; it reminds me of a cross between 90210, cruel intentions, dangerous liaisons and some wicked evil nighttime soap. love. it. :)