Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lost: 4.10 “Something Nice Back Home”

“Papa, can you hear me?”

This week’s episode boasted more of a story and less mystery than last week’s (thank goodness for that… my head is still hurting from that one), and two major storylines of the future are starting to evolve. In the one corner, we have the Hurley/Jack/Kate/Aaron story, with Sun on the periphery of that one, and in the other corner, Sayid and Ben. Both stories are important, but I think the Sayid/Ben stories are going to point to the essential physical mystery of the island, where the Jack/Kate future stories will hinge more on the rescue itself and what happened to the rest of them. This episode had its devastating revelations (Rousseau really IS dead… waaaaaaaaah!) and some very happy happy happy ones (Sawyer is NOT dead… and maybe Jin isn’t, either!) Jaters will be very happy about this flashforward, but what about another (albeit it) short-lived ship? Sclaire, anyone?

Nah, doesn’t work for me, either.

Why Jack? Why Now?
Rose has a good point: Why DID Jack get sick? The island heals people like Locke and Rose, but Jack has gotten sick. Similarly, women who are trying to have babies get sick and die, preventing the baby from being born. I’m thinking the island does somehow stop people from doing their own thing here. Jack wants to leave, the women want to bring more people into the world, and onto the island. Does this come back to Jacob? Christian?

Onward Christian Soldier…
So what’s the dealio with Christian? Is he dead? Is he alive? Until now, I’ve been pretty convinced that he’s alive. But now “death” seems like a temporary or ephemeral thing when it’s related to the island. Could he have died and the island has given him a ghost-like existence? When Jack sees Christian in the lobby, the other doctor comes up behind him and she clearly doesn’t see anything there. In “White Rabbit,” when Jack thought he saw Christian on the island, Vincent also saw him. Dogs have a sixth sense, people believe. And… so does Miles. He tells Sawyer he saw Claire talking to a man, but he could have been seeing the ghost, since he can do that sort of thing, and maybe he didn’t realize Christian was a ghost and not a man. Why is he important to the island? Why was he in Jacob’s cabin? Charlie died on the island, and now he’s appearing to Hurley and telling him things, just like Christian is appearing to Jack and Claire. Has Charlie been somehow absorbed into the same place as Christian?

We’ve discussed this before, but once again we’re back to trying to figure out a timeline for all of this. So far here’s what I’ve got:
• Current island events are at the end of December 2004.
• The first flashforward after the rescue is Sun’s. If she’s over two months pregnant now, then she conceived in October, and her Ji Yeon was presumably born in June 2005 (she’s due in July, but she acts surprised when the labour starts, so I’m running under the assumption the baby comes a little early). Hurley seems fine when he comes to see her.
• Kate’s flashforward seems to come next, because one would assume a murder trial wouldn’t sit around for a few years. At that time Jack doesn’t want to see Aaron.
• Hurley’s flashforward is probably concurrent with Kate’s: Jack is living in an apartment and not with Kate (we see him making a drink while watching Hurley on the television), and Hurley’s starting to unravel. Jack seems cool when he comes to see Hurley.
• In this flashforward, Hurley has completely unravelled, and Aaron looks the same age he was during the trial, so it’s probably very soon afterwards. BUT… we get a timeline indicator on this one. Jack picks up a newspaper and the headline screams “Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in series sweep.” I’m assuming that’s referring to the August 2006 series between the two, where the Yankees destroyed the Sox (Jack mutters, “A Rod,” referring to Alex Rodriguez) in a five-game series. But that would make Aaron about 20 months old, and he looks pretty big for a 20-month-old (he looks more like 3). Still, if it’s just chalked up to bad casting, then the timeline makes sense.
• Jack’s second flashforward, where he’s gone off the deep end and Kate’s left him, is in April 2007, according to the date on the obituary that Jack sees. Of course, that could be a production error, but the prop department has been more vigilant with things like that in the last year or so.

• Rose to Charlotte: “Watch your mouth, RED.”
• Sawyer ordering Miles not to look at Claire while she’s feeding Aaron, and putting a restraining order against him. HAHAHA!
• Jin’s still got it! Loved him threatening Charlotte like he was handing down a threat from Paik. But at the same time, he’s basically setting up the reason why he won’t get off the island.

Biggest “GASP!” Moments:
• Rousseau really is dead. I can’t believe it. The death of a character on this show obviously doesn’t mean the end of that character, but I was really looking forward to her flashback. I suppose they could still do a flashback of her through a Ben flashback or an island flashback or… something. But I’m not sure it would be the same. R.I.P. Rousseau. After 16 years of hiding in the jungle, you finally came out, and you got your daughter back. At least she died…. um… happy is not the word I’m looking for… content?
• Did you ever play that game “Definition of Pain” when you were a kid? “Okay, okay, I’ve got one… jumping off the CN tower, landing on a 50-foot long razor, sliding down it, and dropping off the end into a vat of peroxide!” Um… I think “Finding out your appendix is about to burst while on a deserted island and deciding to stay awake during the surgery as it’s being removed in less-than-sterile conditions” just might trump that one. Good god.
• Sawyer “chose” to stay on the island, which means he’s still alive. Which means… we’ll get flashforwards for him and all the others who stayed behind! I’m assuming this will be where seasons 5 and 6 go.

Hurley’s Numbers:
Jack’s patient, Ryan Laker, has a tumour on his L4. Ryan is 36 (8 x 4 + 4). Sawyer tells Miles to keep 20 feet away from Kate (8 + 8 + 4).

Did You Notice?:
• The episode opens on Jack’s eye. We haven’t had one of those openers in a long time.
• Jack walks into the kitchen, steps on Aaron’s Millennium Falcon toy, and says, “Son of a bitch!” the same way Sawyer would have done. Later, when Sawyer tells Miles to stay away from Claire, Miles says, “What are you, her big brother or something??” When, in fact, Jack is her big brother. It was like a sly role reversal of the two.
• When Kate is first talking from the shower, she sounds just like Juliet.
• Jack is reading from Alice in Wonderland to Aaron. Where Ben is aligned with The Wizard of Oz, Christian Shephard is always paired with the Lewis Carroll books. The first time Jack sees Christian after Christian’s death is in the first full-episode Jack flashback, “White Rabbit.” “Through the Looking Glass” was also a Jack flash. Is Jack in Wonderland? And Ben is in Oz?
• Jack reads the part from the book where Alice is wondering if she’s somehow woken up a different person.
• In Aaron’s room, there’s a quilt draped over the chair Jack is sitting on, with a dinosaur standing next to a palm tree on it.
• Sun seems to have forgiven Juliet for blurting out her secret to Jin only a couple of days earlier.
• Daniel says that he’s done some animal autopsies… apparently Eloise wasn’t the only rat who met an unfortunate end.
• In the flashforward scene where Jack first sees Christian walking through the hospital lobby, a woman comes behind him and hands him an x-ray of a patient, saying there’s a problem with the L-4 of his spine. That’s exactly where Ben’s spinal tumour was.
• Hurley says to Jack that Charlie’s told him “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack.” This brings back what Claire was told in “Raised by Another” by the psychic, that Aaron must be raised by her, and not another. (But then again, one would think that prediction would also refer to Kate.)
• In season 2, when we see Hurley in the institution, it seems to be right downtown, with lots of cars going by. But now, it’s an out-of-the-way place in the country. (Similarly, Jack’s hospital looks completely different, but we could assume he’s in a different wing.)
• As funny as Miles’ restraining order was, I think he’s the ONLY person to have ever offered to help Claire carry Aaron. She’s constantly lugging that child through day-long walks across the island, by herself.
• Jack is obsessed with fixing things, but all he ever does is mess them up.
• Despite hating Charlotte, Jin must have felt a bit of a thrill hearing someone else speak Korean on the island, aside from Sun.
• Bernard applied the freezing the way a dentist would, with lots of little needles around the spot. Which is appropriate, since he was a dentist.
• When Christian is sitting in the lobby, he’s wearing the same suit, tie, and white tennis shoes that he was wearing when Jack spotted him in the jungle in “White Rabbit.” (Incidentally, it’s the same suit he’s wearing when he’s sitting in Jacob’s cabin.)
• Jack tells Kate that he saved her, so his testimony at the trial is exactly what we thought it was: HE was the hero, and he made Kate out to be one.
• Jack shouts to Kate that she’s not even related to Aaron… by that comment, I think it’s safe to assume he knows that HE is.

So Many Questions...
• Kate tells Jack she’s happy he changed his mind about being around Aaron. What changed his mind? Why did he not want to be around Aaron initially? Is it because he knows it’s his nephew, and it’s too difficult for him to look at him? Or is it something bigger?
• Jack clearly knows it’s his appendix, so why is he so boneheaded as to just ignore it and hope it’ll go away?
• When Claire is walking through the jungle with Miles and Sawyer, she says “At least I’m not seeing things anymore.” What does that mean? Has she acquired the same clairvoyance that Desmond has? Speaking of which, where the hell is my Desmond??
• Who buried Rousseau and Karl?
• Sawyer’s barely given Claire a second look the entire time they’ve been on the island. What’s changed in him that’s suddenly made him her 24-hour superhero? (I’m not saying I don’t love watching it…)
• Juliet tells Jack she’s done a lot of appendectomies, but he doesn’t trust her. Is there a small part of him that still mistrusts Juliet because she’s one of the Others? Or is he totally Type A? (My money’s on the latter.)
• Why was Frank running so far ahead of Keamy when they were heading back to the chopper?
• Why does Charlotte know Korean? It’s not necessarily a language an Australian archaeologist would know.
• What favour was Kate doing for Sawyer when she was out of the house? Did it have something to do with Clementine?
• Is this how Claire is permanently separated from Aaron? Will she ever see him again? How will anyone feed him now? (Was there a can of formula in that pallet drop?) And, speaking as a breastfeeding mother, won’t the poor girl be in a lot of pain soon, since she’ll still be producing milk but won’t have anyone to give it to?

Blooper or hint?
When Jack is lying on the bed in a towel at the beginning of his flashforward, there is no recognizable scar where the appendectomy scar should be. He gets up, and moves through most of the scenes with that towel pretty darn low, and there’s nothing. Not even a scratch. He bends down to pick up Aaron’s toy and there’s nothing on him. When he goes into the bathroom where Kate is taking a shower, he’s standing in front of the mirror and there is what appears to be a thin line running down his right side, but that could just be the outline of his muscles; it’s not clear (the mirror is pretty foggy). So… is the scar there? One would assume it would be pretty big, since Juliet wasn’t dealing with the most up-to-date medical equipment. If it’s missing, is it a production blooper? Or is it pointing to something bigger? Has Jack figured out a way to time travel, too? Is this show going to turn into one big ol’ time travellin’ extravaganza? In which case, this Jack isn’t the Jack who got the appendectomy? (I’m thinking it’s a production error, but hey, I need something meaty and conspiracy-like to end this one on.)

Next week: In the CTV preview, it looks like we might discover how the Oceanic Six were chosen. Keamy orders Sayid to tell him who exactly is on the island, as if he’s going to go and massacre them. But best of all… DESMOND IS BACK!!

UPDATE #1: Kristin mentioned in my comments that on another board, someone is saying the baseball game is from 2007. Could someone clarify this? I’m going by my husband’s brain on this one. The guy can’t remember to take the garbage out, but if you name any baseball player from any year, he can tell you every stat there is on them, and when they were traded, etc. (Same with golf... which is fitting, since he’s a golf writer.) When he saw the headline, he said that’s referring to the series referred to as the Boston massacre in 2006, where the Yankees creamed the Red Sox. Clearly the mention is a nod to Jack’s world returning to some normalcy, but it’s also a timeline indicator. I checked and there doesn’t seem to be a series where the two were head to head (and the Yankees won in such a big way) in 2007.

UPDATE #2: Ah, the glory of screencaps. :) Thanks to reader Syzlak, who pointed me in the direction of the screencap of the newspaper Jack is reading. Turns out, the ball game that Jack is reading about is a subsequent series between the Sox and the Yankees... not the massacre, but a smaller version of that. This one happened in August 2007. So this poses a problem: Jack lost it and read the obituary in April 2007, yet that clearly happened AFTER this flashback. Did the props department screw up yet again? Looks like.

Secondly, as I suspected in my summary, Jack does appear to have a scar when you look in the bathroom mirror. But why don’t we see it when he’s tooling around the kitchen? You can see that part of his body pretty clearly. Could it just be the light not hitting it right? Or the towel being up too high, perhaps?

Thirdly, this is my post #423... the numbers!! Overlapping! (Yes, I am aware of my dire need of a life....)

UPDATE #3: Me again! A few people have emailed me to say that Sawyer could very well be dead by the time Kate is talking to Jack, and that is true. What I meant by my excited comment is that this is the first indication we have that the Oceanic Six were not the only survivors. Up until now, we’ve speculated that they were rescued and the others were left behind, but there was also the possibility that there was a massacre, and the Oceanic Six were the only survivors. Kate talking about Sawyer like he was alive when they left gives us hope that all of them – including Jin – are still alive out there somewhere. And it means we can have flashforwards of the non-Oceanic Six after the rescue, showing how their life on the island continued. It opened up a whole world of possibilities, and I thought it was a key moment in the dialogue.


Anonymous said...

I believe you meant to say, best of all SAYID is back.

Whatever Christian is, I don't think he's a ghost. As far as I know, they aren't very good at picking up babies.

Danielle. *sniff*

Way to go, Kate. Pick the addictive personality guy with trust issues.

I don't know what's going on with Sawyer and Claire, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

i really liked this episode! although, my squeeing at jack and kate was cancelled out by the revelation that rousseau really IS dead. bah. i feel totally ripped off that she didn't get her flashback/forward (even if she does now, through ben or someone else, it won't be the same ... it almost makes me think what the hell was the point of her entire storyline?). i didn't even mind the idea of her dying on the island -- of all the characters, she was the first 'native' inhabitant we were introduced to, and it would seem fitting she would die some sort of warrior-like death defending her island or her daughter or the losties or *something* ... but not like this. it just seems like such a let-down; she was deserving of some big spectacular death. at the very least, i wanted one more epic scene between her and ben. *sigh* are we REALLY sure that was her?? couldn't miles have been wrong?? *sigh*

i thought the writers were trying to fake us out by having us think it was juliet jack was talking to in the shower ... but kate's long dark hair through the glass was a dead giveaway.

i agree that jack's "you're not even related to him!" comment at the end, to kate, indicated that jack knew that jack *was* related to aaron. it must have something to do with clare seeing christian on the island ... but what?

how much do i love protector!sawyer?? seriously. love. him. the restraining order stuff was classic, although i did think miles was a bit of an arse to just let clare walk off into the jungle in the middle of the night with some random guy and not wake sawyer (knowing how protective he was over her) or even question her or anything. but what the heck is going on with clare? where did she go? why?

thank you for the timeline of the flashforwards -- makes perfect sense to me. one day, i hope some uber-fan takes the time to splice together ALL the flashbacks and ALL the flashforwards, character by character, in order. it would be really weird to watch the show that way, but it would help refresh memories of things that have long been forgotten, too.

i totally thought when jin and sun were discussing the fact that daniel liked charlotte (i keep wanting to call the character by the actress's name, rebecca!) that charlotte smiled as if she knew they were talking about her ... i was right! and i agree, as much as jin is threatening her, it's got to be cool for him to have someone else to speak to in his native tongue. (btw, i LOVED badass jin!)

overall, a strong ep ... although i did feel the appendectomy was a bit redundant because we already KNOW jack survives it, as evidenced by his flashforwards. so his life was never in any danger from the primitive instruments and less-than-sterile conditions (as opposed to, say, boone's surgery in S1). that said, if he wasn't really in any danger from a big-picture plot POV, then why do it in the first place? does he start having complications later on, and *that's* why he gets off the island, because he gets sick, or infected from the surgery? or is the surgery symbolic of the island trying to get a hold on him and make him stay (even though he leaves anyway)?

i totally caught the "son of a bitch!" and "who are you, her big brother?" role reversal thing and it cracked me up. :)

one last thought ... i thought kate was doing something for clementine, too, when she wouldn't tell jack where she was. but at this point, does sawyer even know about clementine? i can't remember!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the lack of an appendectomy scar was a production error. They went out of their way to repeatedly show close-ups of Jack's bare belly. And knowing from the previews that Jack had appendicitis I was looking for a scar at the onset.

I used to follow the ff timeline based on Sun's pregnancy but the whole 'time passess differently on the island' gives me doubts.

Brian Douglas said...

Re: Yankees/Red Socks series

This is a subtle hint that all is now right in Jack's world.

Nikki: Sawyer “chose” to stay on the island, which means he’s still alive.

Technically, we only know he's still alive when Kate left.

Nikki: That’s exactly where Ben’s spinal tumour was.

I caught that too. Well, maybe not exactly, I thought it might be the same. It certainly looked about the same spot on the x-ray.

Nikki: Jack shouts to Kate that she’s not even related to Aaron… by that comment, I think it’s safe to assume he knows that HE is.

I think so too.

Nikki: Jack clearly knows it’s his appendix, so why is he so boneheaded as to just ignore it and hope it’ll go away?

Because he's Jack, that's why. Boneheaded is his middle name.

Nikki: When Claire is walking through the jungle with Miles and Sawyer, she says “At least I’m not seeing things anymore.” What does that mean?

I think this is a reference to her seeing Charlie when her house exploded.

Nikki: Sawyer’s barely given Claire a second look the entire time they’ve been on the island. What’s changed in him that’s suddenly made him her 24-hour superhero?

Apparently Hurley's con last season got Sawyer to open up more to other.

Nikki: Juliet tells Jack she’s done a lot of appendectomies, but he doesn’t trust her.

Because he's a bonehead with trust issues, that's why.

Nikki: Why was Frank running so far ahead of Keamy when they were heading back to the chopper?

Frank was running TOWARDS Keamy with a med kit. He reacted to the injured guy as if he was just seeing him for the first time. He was also monitoring Keamy and knew he was closeby because of the blips on the sattelite phone.

Emilia said...

Great post, Nikki! Thanks for getting it up so quickly!

I agree with you that the thing Kate is doing for Sawyer is checking up on Clementine. I'm sure he asked her to do it before she left the island, and I imagine when she went to do it she recognized Cassidy as her old friend who helped her see her mom. I can understand how they might become friendly after that. But why couldn't she tell Jack about it?

Nikki Stafford said...

redeem147: Something tells me that ghosts on the island can defy the laws of ghostliness...

Another option is that he's immortal, like Ben and Widmore might be.

fb: Yes, Sawyer knows about Clementine; Cassidy came to the prison where he was staying and told him about her, and then he arranged to have his money from his deal to give up the other inmate handed over to Clementine. (I'm still not totally convinced the baby is his, but good on him for supporting a baby he thinks is his.)

scrvet: I agree about the scar; we've never seen Jack topless for any length of time, and that's why it seemed deliberate to me.

Brian: Good point on Frank. I couldn't tell if they'd come out of the same spot or different ones, but that would make sense he was going TO them, since he wasn't with them in the New Otherton attack.

Emilia: Thanks! And good point on Cassidy! Maybe Kate wasn't completely lying when she said she was going to see Noreen, one of the moms from the park... perhaps Cassidy has changed her name?

Anonymous said...

I don't know that Kate doing a favour for Sawyer means he's alive - it could be something she promised him before he died.

That being said, I think the people on the Island are still alive.

K J Gillenwater said...

Just a few comments based on your questions, Nik:

Another website mentioned that the headline about the Yankees and the Red Sox was from 2007 not 2006. Can anyone confirm that? If so, it wouldn't work with the other newspaper 'mistake' from April 2007 from last season.

I noticed Jack didn' t have a scar either, but I think that was purposeful...

I assumed the mercenaries buried Rousseau & Karl. They were barely covered by dirt to suggest that the mercenaries just wanted to cover them up enough so they wouldn't be discovered.

Sawyer was the only one who was concerned for Claire's welfare back at the Others' compound..he was dodging gunfire to get to her and helped her out of the blown up building. I think, as a woman, that would win me over. I think they might be headed for some kind of romance...which would be fine with me. I'm kinda done with him and Kate.

Anonymous said...

One of my fave episodes of the season! I actually liked the distinct shift in storytelling from last week, I still liked the episode last week, but it was a little too spy thriller for my taste. I agree Nikki, this week to me was a lot more character and story driven, which is the major strength of LOST.

Favorite moments:
- Definitely #1, badass Jin, I loved it! He has been so meek and mild mannered, too much so, given he knows his wife is going to die in a few weeks, I thought it was odd that he wasn't freaking out earlier. When Charlotte was giving that smile I thought she was planning something evil in the medical station, but it was just her understanding Korean...brilliant DDK!
- Sawyer protecting Claire, although it might seem out of character, I love this side of him
- Kate coming out of the shower, a big OMG moment but we kind of figured that after Jack tripped over Aaron's toy. But yes, in the same way they changed Ben's voice in the vet's office before the reveal with Sayid, they did the same thing this time with Kate...sneaky SOB's! Go Jaters!
- Big tension moment with Keamy almost hearing the baby
- So sad when I saw the faces of Rousseau and Karl. I agree with the others, I don't see the point in killing Rousseau after she survived by herself for 16 years, will kind of make her flashback when and if it comes, less of an impact IMO

- Nikki you covered the episode brilliantly, by the way, were you some kind of math genius in school? I would have NEVER come up with those math equations! *wink*
- I think Kate was also doing something with Cassidy, Sawyer probably asked Kate to look after his daughter, my guess
- after the explosion, was Claire seeing visions ala Desmond? Does her disappearance relate to the ominous previews from last week about "the island taking one of their own"? What does that mean? I hope Claire is ok
- I hate CTV previews, by the time ABC flips over, we get to see almost nothing of their previews, which are much cooler
- I am really curious on how they decide who becomes the Oceanic 6. I gather there are only 6 spots on the copter and some people like Jin and Sawyer give up their spots for the others, why do I have a feeling that its not going to be any of the characters we've seen so far rescue our Oceanic 6?
- I don't get why Jack now is suddenly over not seeing Aaron, are hormones stronger than guilt? LOL

atruebluehusker said...

For the first time in a while, I really enjoyed an episode of LOST. I knew it was Kate's house when I saw Jack coming down the stairs, and I guessed he was going to propose right before he did. But you also knew it was going to end tragically. A few thoughts:

Sawyer is now the hero...I've been waiting for this since eary in season 1. And with the ominous previews about someone dying (did they actually use a form of the word death in the previews?) I was expecting him to buy it at the end, which would have terminated my relationship with the show.

Frenchy is dead...I feel ripped off on this one, like many of you. I wanted a backstory with her. This felt cheap.

The baby crying...Was anyone else thinking of the series finale of M*A*S*H?

The silhouette of Sawyer on the ridge, holding the gun...Very Western-like.

To die would be a great adventure...especially since death has become a rather ambiguous concept on this show. While all of the time-travel and alternate dimensions and realities stuff is very intriguing, I'm also going to feel a little cheated if this whole thing is totally sci-fi, and people are dead and not dead. But we'll see.

I had a dream...About the non-Oceanic 6 survivors hiding on the island, and leaving a secret messages to say they were safe...could this be more preminition than dream?

Help...What was the nickname Sawyer used on Miles early in the show? I didn't catch it.

Lastly...I am really curious what is going to happen with Desmond and Juliet, as non survivors, do they get off the island? Die heroically? Hmm.

One more thing...Wasn't it nice, Jericho fans, to see Darcy again? Now if only Hawkins and Jake would show up!

Anonymous said...

"The baby crying...Was anyone else thinking of the series finale of M*A*S*H?"

One of the most traumatic things I've ever seen on TV, and the first thing I thought of. At least we know Aaron is alive in the future (or that the kid in the future's name is Aaron - I don't take anything for granted with this show).

Anonymous said...


I just read Jeff Jensens recap on

He theorizes that Claire didn't survive the bomb explosion and that Claire is now a walking manifestation of the island and that's why Miles behaved strangely afterwards.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not Claire!!!! Bummed now!

Nikki Stafford said...

Kristin: Let me post your question as an update, and see if we can get to the bottom of the baseball thang. :)

I think you're right; it was so eerie that Karl and Rousseau's faces were sticking out... I wonder if there's any meaning behind that, other than plot-wise it was easier to have Miles just sweep aside some leaves to reveal them?

Roland: Me + Math = Disaster. LOL! I was terrible at math in school. Well... I shouldn't say that... I was fine in math until I hit grade 11, and was focused on my math and science scores before I realized hey, I don't want to become a doctor, I want to be a writer. And I switched my focus to English Lit and my math scores immediately plummeted. Now, if you give me two numbers to add together that are more than 2 digits, I shall stare at you blankly. My calculator is my friend. :)

I think you're right on Claire... that was my thinking, too, that she's somehow seeing flashes of the future that Desmond saw. Could this be the link between her and Desmond where he specifically saw HER in one of his flashes?

atruebluehusker: OMG, you know, I totally didn't think of M*A*S*H, but as soon as I read your comment it hit me like a ton of bricks (I think I've suppressed that memory, it was so traumatic). I think I was 9 or something when I saw the finale, so I only remember dribs and drabs of it, but is that where Hawkeye tells the mother she has to keep her baby quiet, and she ends up smothering it? Yikes... awesome catch! That scene in Lost had me SO scared...

Re: the nickname Sawyer gave Miles, I think he called him Donner. Is this a reference to the Donner Party? Or the reindeer? (heehee)

fb: I forgot to mention when replying to you that my husband thought exactly the same thing about Jack's surgery: if we already know he lives, what's the suspense?

K J Gillenwater said...

Nik, there was no need for suspense with the surgery. I think the whole point of that was to show Jack without the scar because that is very specific to the future and what happens to get them off the island, what the island is, etc.

And considering we've known since last season Jack gets off the island, why would anyone consider the surgery part suspenseful as to whether he makes it or not? To me, it was the question of WHY he had appendicitis when others seem to get well on the island and WHY he had no scar in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think that if it was Desmond with a towel on, Nikki TOTALLY would have missed that appendectomy scar LOL

Nikki Stafford said...

Roland: LOL! "Appendectomy scar? I was supposed to be looking for an appendectomy scar? Oh... um... of course... it, uh... wasn't there? No, it was. Wasn't? Hmm..."


Nikki Stafford said...

Kristin: I agree; I was so busy looking for the non-scar in the future and wondering what the surgery would do with the relationship to Juliet and Kate and paying attention to Rose's comments that the lack o' suspense didn't bug me. My husband watches it on my second pass, and he mentioned it, so I was just saying to fb that she wasn't the only one who thought that. :)

Crissy Calhoun said...

do you think the "santa rosa" institution has anything to do with (saint) Rose? is this old news?

re: Claire = ghost theory -- how could she hold Aaron if she blew up with her house?

atruebluehusker said...

Jack's Scar: Perhaps it healed very quickly, as some things on the island do. If they don't leave for a little interesting though considering Rose's comments on his sickeness.

Also, with Hurley's comments about them all being dead, suddenly we didn't know if Jack (in his present entity) was going to survive. Kind of like when Hurley saw Dave, and for just a few seconds, we had to wonder if this was all just a figment of Jumbotron's imagination.

Baseball: Is it possible this isn't a real series? My first thought was that this takes place in October, and it was referring to some made-up ALCS to show that things are normal again. I guess it doesn't matter much...this is obviously before Bearded Jack goes off the deep end.

Adam and Eve: Saw a theory a long time ago about Adam and Eve being reincarnated (or preincarnated) survivors. That is starting to seem more likely. Jack and Kate are Adam and Eve and their island baby is Jacob/Christian? Whoa!!!

The buried bodies: Something seemed odd about that...not sure quite what. It just felt...strange.

"Cabin Fever": Locke looking for the cabin? People on the boat going nuts? Both?

Nikki Stafford said...

Crissy: Great idea with the link between Rose and Hurley. I'm going to keep an eye on that one, now...

I'm not sure I buy the "Claire is a ghost" theory, but then again, if I'm suggesting Christian is a ghost and he was holding Aaron, then she could be one, too. (Though the breastfeeding? A bit of a stretch... ghost milk must be some kind of crazy stuff.) But if so many of the island's inhabitants are ghosts, wouldn't Miles be going nuts a la Buffy in "Earshot"?

atruebluehusker: You know, when I first saw Jack walking through a kitchen and making coffee, part of me immediately wondered, "Is this a real reality or an idealized one where everything works out?" It was so weird when Hurley said exactly the same thing.

la p'tite frisée said...

great recap!
I just loved your comment about Claire being stuck with milk and no one to feed it to! speaking from experience, I'm sure! lol

I though it was Juliet's voice in the shower, too. Maybe thay did it to throw us off?

I thought the episode was idle a bit. I'm not a shipper, and there was too much time dedicated to the love triangle. but it does give us a break from all we had to process last week.

Anonymous said...

@atruebluehusker said...

"Baseball: Is it possible this isn't a real series?"

They're definitely referring to a real series. According to the copy of the NY Post that I saved, the Yankees completed the "Boston Massacre" in late August of 2006 in Boston. (The newspaper is dated August 22, 2006).

Nikki Stafford said...

la p'tite frisee: LOL! Yep, that first time the kid sleeps through the night, it's a combination of "Yay!" and "Ouch." ;)

I'm not a big shipper, either... I'm not interested in these guys getting together with any of the gals... except for ME. Call me a Snikker and a Desnikker.

lessaxf: Yay! My husband's brain wins again... and here I was telling him that was useless information filling up his head. ;)

Unknown said...

My theories:

1) The reason why Jack is so paranoid about Juliet doing the surgery goes back to Season 3 -- Claire's "illness" that was actually caused by an implant from the Others. We don't actually know what happened to Jack in the week between Kate/Sawyer's escape and the botched rescue attempt, but if he suspects it's not his Appendix he has a very good reason for wanting to watch the operation. Juliet was quite forceful in ordering Kate out once Jack was knocked out. But that leaves Bernard...

Bernard was there for the whole operation, but he has a very good reason for wanting to help Juliet. Despite being in Jack's "Rescue Me" party (because it's the 'right thing') he and Rose have no interest in getting off the island. Perhaps by helping Juliet, he's trying to buy some good will later on so that they can stay should the rescue actually happen as they hope.

2) The Scar: A good chunk of the Lost philosophy seems to be a debate between predestination (course correction) and free will. Desmond exhibits both; first, he's told in his flashback that no matter how hard he tries he can't change the future, that the universe course-corrects. But, when he has his visions of Penny falling from the sky, he goes to great lengths to make sure events happen exactly as he sees them, to avoid changing her arrival.

Someone in another message board made the observation that the voice from the shower sounded like Juliet's. Perhaps it *was*, which is also why there's no visible scar there. But once the operation takes place, and Juliet tells Kate about their kiss, maybe she changed the future events so that it *became* Kate in the shower...just like how Penny *became* Naomi when Desmond saved Charlie and changed the events from his visions.

David said...

Hey, this is the first time I've ever seen your blog, and I like what I'm reading!

I'm a die-hard Sox fan, and at first I thought it was referring to the "Boston Massacre" of August 2006. But looking back at screenshots of the newspaper they refer to the Yankees winning 5-0, NOT a 5-game sweep. I checked and the only time in the last 4 years the Yankees beat the Red Sox 5-0 was August 30, 2007.

David said...

By the way, I was jumping up and down about the lack of apendectomy scar at first, but when I rewatched the episode this morning you can clearly see it in the mirror in the bathroom.

David said...

Additionally, Jack's newspaper says "The Yankees increased their lead over Seattle to a full game last night when the Mariners lost to the Indians."

This is referring to the Wild Card race, which is consistnet with the August 30 date. The link is below.

Anonymous said...

Love this recap and all the subsequent comments/ head is reeling!!
Not sure why I am haunted by Hurley's question to Jack as he is trying to make him believe they are all dead...
"What did you DO today, Jack?"...almost like he was trying to make Jack replay it and see it is not "real" or something??? Are we missing something?

JimmiTh said...

The newspaper mentions the August 2006 sweep directly in the first paragraph:

"The sweep was more emphatic last August when the Yankees rampaged into Fenway park and won three games to bury the Boston Red Sox. The best the Yankees could do this time [...]"

Which would mean we're in August/September 2007, not 2006. If we can trust the newspaper :)

mags said...

Hi Nikki - first time reading your blog - terrific.

I believe the nickname that Sawyer gave Miles is "donger", referring to Long Duk Dong in the John Hughes movie, Sixteen Candles. Ha!

Regarding Jack's appendicitis, I think the writers are trying to show that Jack is still so very far from "redemption" and is out of tune with the island and fate. This story line was never meant to be suspenseful.

It also shows his continued need to control everything and be the hero/leader, both on and off the island (staying awake during his surgery and in the FF with Kate). Of all the characters, he seems to have changed the least, especially since his interactions with Kate in the FF echo his control issues during his marriage to Sarah.

I think that Jack's redemption journey starts in earnest next season.

ChrisR said...

The "missing appendectomy scar" was fascinating, as for me it goes hand-in-hand with why his beard in the first flash-forward season-ender last year had no grey in it at all, when on the island his scruff is very grey. Did their trip back to the mainland involve giving them back pristine bodies, or attributes (like Hurley never missing free-throws or Aaron looking older than he is)? or is it some bizarre alternate future reality they created by going back? Kate's mother still alive and ready to forgive? Love these mysteries.

David said...

Chrisr, if you rewatch the episodewatch the part where jack is looking in the mirror at the beginning. You can clearly see the scar in that scene. Keep in mind though that it's on the RIGHT side of his body in the mirror though, since it's reversed.

DanM said...

Nikki, according to Lostpedia on a previous episode Claire had a vision which was cut. Why they cut it but had Claire make a reference to it is puzzling.

DanM said...

Nikki, according to Lostpedia on a previous episode Claire had a vision which was cut. Why they cut it but had Claire make a reference to it is puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I originally commented on the wrong post. Check out the screencaps here and here
The first being Jack's scar and the second proving that the series sweep was August of '07

poggy said...

Jack walks into the kitchen, steps on Aaron’s Millennium Falcon toy, and says, “Son of a bitch!” the same way Sawyer would have done. Later, when Sawyer tells Miles to stay away from Claire, Miles says, “What are you, her big brother or something??” When, in fact, Jack is her big brother. It was like a sly role reversal of the two. - Well, I think this happened on a larger scale, too. Because back in S1 Jack was the hero and Sawyer was mostly being an a$$... a very hot one, but still. On the other hand, lately and especially in this episode, Sawyer has definitely turned into a knight in a shiny armor (and we are all LOVING it! ♥). While Jack has been losing his moral compass, becoming more and more violent (remember when he shoots Locke, but the gun wasn't loaded) and even selfish.

What's interesting is that both Sawyer and Jack already had these character traits in them, but while the island has changed Sawyer for the better, it seems to drive Jack closer to his negative sides (am I the only one who wanted to slap him when he went all control freak on Kate? And I don't even like Kate. Not to mention wanting to keep an eye on Juliet during the sirgery, as if she wasn't competent enough).

I really hope Claire isn't dead - I wished she became more of a character and less of a plot point (not to mention that Sawyer being all protective to her was adorable), but perhaps I'm just deluded.

Jin was awesome too. And so were Lapidus - nice to see him again at last! - and the Sawyer-Miles bickering. This said, in spite of the good acting performances from practically the whole cast, I found the overall episode to be pretty dull. I am definitely looking forward to next week - the preview looked juicy! And... Sayid and Desmond! They make episodes great by default XD

Emilia said...

I also noticed the lack of suspense in the Jack's Appendix storyline, but I agree the interest lies in Rose's comment about sickness on the island.

That said, I'm so surprised the "the doctor is sick" storyline wasn't covered in Season 1 or 2--it seems like we're so beyond that question now.

Anonymous said...

I don't really buy that the island is making Jack sick, though, as previously said, Rose's comment about it was supposed to be telling. Jack is beginning to get on my nreves, I don't doubt that we are supposed to feel that way. I know the writers and producers love to send us curve ball and they must revel in the fact that we all are so invested in what is happening!

TOTALLY missed the scar, didn't even think about it! Also missed the reversal of roles between Jack and Sawyer. I have always adored Sawyer and just felt it was the real him coming out.

Hurley creeped me out. Nice to know the timeframe makes his visit to Sun and the baby,(where he did seem fine and dandy)after this meeting with Jack.

Good to see MY Desmond, (anyone wanna argue with that?!!) is back next week, I've missed him.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Charlotte introduced as a cultural anthropologist? (despite doing the work of an archeologist). A cultural anthropologist would certainly have reason to learn foreign languagues like Korean. She definitely appears to wear both hats, so this is a part of her anthropologist identity.

Anonymous said...

Here's a crazy theory...
Doc Cutthroat washed ashore on the beach in last weeks episode. When asked, the freighter said he was fine.
What are the chances that, next week's episode, we witness the OTHER side of this conversation from the freighter point of view, with the Doc being actually fine and hearing this take place...and then someone cuts his throat.
Considering the island is a day AHEAD of the outside world, its very possible that this could happen.

Nikki Stafford said...

mags: Donger!! LOL! That's hilarious... I totally didn't catch that, but that is killer if it's true.

danm: I did read something about the vision that was cut, and then completely forgot about it... thanks for the reminder! So do you think it's a Desmond-like vision?

dansmot: No, I think the timeframe puts his visit with Sun before all of this, as I said. When he goes to see her, the baby is clearly a newborn (a rare moment where a small baby is actually used!) and that would be 2005, whereas this flashforward is 2007. So Hurley loses it afterwards. :( I hope he finds it again...

Oh, and Desmond is mine. All mine.

Anonymous said...

Oops! My bad! I should read more carefully. That being said then, Hurley creeps me out!!

Re Desmond. I saw him first!

Anonymous said...

I caught something in the previews for next week that shows the return of Horace(I can't remember if that's really his name), the guy that convinced Ben's dad to come to the island in the first place. Apparently he shows up next week and says something related to the fact that he has been dead for 12 years. Did anyone else catch that?

themachine said...

the baseball series is definetely August 2006, that is the first series I thought of when I saw that. I am a die hard yanks fan, and it was also my bday on the first day of the series, which was a double header

Anonymous said...

the appy scar is definitely there in the scene with Jack half-naked in the kitchen. You can see it right before Jack makes coffee

Anonymous said...

Another question is;

WHEN IS MICHAEL GOING TO BLOW UP THE BOAT!? with the 'bomb' from ben that He is suppose to recieve!? because judging from next weeks previews it would be a good time to tell syaid and desmond to get the hell of the boat and do is his deed

Unknown said...

About the newspaper score:

Below the Yankees story is the box score: Angels 8, Astros 4.

The only time in recent history that happened was June 20th, 2007.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki,

This is my first time checking out this site. This is a great recap!

Anonymous said...

I believe ghost milk is referred to as 'lactoplasm'.

Anonymous said...

Hey Niki,

Ok I havn't read through all these comments, so I dont know if this has been mentioned.

Something mabye you could add to your, "Did you notice"

Right before Jack sees his dad in the lobby he went out there to turn off the smoke alarm.........mmmmm smoke alarm??????

And on the island the smoke monster projects images of people......smoke alarm.......smoke monster?????

Can it be so??

Nikki Stafford said...

Karolyn: Ooh, you must have seen the very different ABC preview (I'm in Toronto, so I get the CTV one) and we didn't see Horace. Very cool!

As for the scar, I don't doubt it if others saw it. I don't have high-def, and paused, backed it up, paused, over and over, and I couldn't see any scar. But it was probably clearer with a crystal picture.

Marianne: Do we know that Michael actually has a bomb? Or was it all a ruse? The sign on the bomb read "Not yet" and it could have been a Tonka truck in there for all we know. I'm not sure Ben would have let Michael have a bomb of any kind, and just tricked him.

Frank: Thanks for the info!

Scott: Welcome! I'm so glad to have you here, and I'm happy you're enjoying it. :)

redeem147: I laughed at this for a full minute. Seriously. You rock.

Calvin: You know, I read that on another site and thought it was brilliant. I thought the smoke detector was just acting up and it was a reason to get Jack out into the hall, and I never considered why they used a SMOKE detector of all things. I LOVE the theory that the Christian apparition could have been Smokey up to his evil tricks.

Brian Douglas said...

Re: Calvin/Nikki

Well the smoke alarm was beeping because the battery was low, not because it was detecting smoke....

Brian Douglas said...

Re: Horace

We all know Jack, Kate, et al. have parent issues, but can you image the ones this guy must have? I mean, they named hin Horace!

Brandon Kotowski/ job: fan of LOST said...

Another great episode that really showed some strong character development, and added even more mystery to the island (Christian appearing to Jack and Claire?).
Here are my thoughts:

- Will we ever get a Danielle flashback now that she is definitely dead? Perhaps they could show one through Ben's flashbacks or something of that sort, but I thought she had survived the initial attack. Oh well.

- I think that the promise Kate makes to Sawyer is to watch over Cassidy and Clementine (Sawyer's con partner; Sawyer's daughter).

- When Jack tells Kate that she isn't even related to Aaron, does this mean that Jack knows he is Aaron's uncle at that point in time?

- As far as Christian and Charlie appearing to the survivors, I believe the Island and/or Jacob is trying to tell them something. Is this harmful? Is Claire alive? What if these ghosts really do exist, but can only be seen by whom they want to be seen?

- Jack's proposal to Kate was very moving (I'm a baby when it comes to this show).

- My mom still thinks that Jack and Kate will end up together in the end, but judging by the season 3 finale and how Jack is basically turning into his father, I wouldn't bet on it.

- For next week, I'm very interested in why Locke is talking to Horace Goodspeed. Does Jacob manifest himself into different identities? Will Horace tell Locke more secrets about the island?

Til' next week's "Cabin Fever"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki, this is the first time I've read your recaps, and they're great. Just my 2c worth: Hurley and Charlie have both offered to help Claire carry Aaron in past episodes - Charlie made the bjorn (back in the days when he was still calling Aaron "Turniphead"), and Hurley asked her if she "Need(ed) help with the little guy".

Loving the Sawyer/Claire interactions, gutted that Danielle is dead. Good catch on the Jack?Sawyer role reversal thing, I never would have picked that!

Anonymous said...

Great post this week!

I'm surprised no one has noticed or mentioned this... but don't you think Donger... I mean Miles was acting a lot like Charlie this episode? His hoodie was up like Charlie (during his dark island druggie days) and his asking to hold Aaron was fairly reminiscent of how he wanted to help Claire when he was first born.

Am I wrong here? If not... could this mean anything?

Also, I totally liked how Jack stepped on the Millennium Falcon toy while walking in the kitchen (a little nod to how Lost is very Star Wars-y? There I go, making up words again!)

Keep up the good work!

poggy said...

Ooh, good point sdbrian! I had noticed the hoodie fact and went "lol look, the boat sent us another Charlie" ;-), but didn't elaborate further. We are all here speculating whether Miles was seeing dead people around Claire or something, while perhaps he was just thinking, "look, that blonde mommy is pretty!" XD!

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: I agree; the beeping was because the battery is low... but there's probably some meaning to Jack being drawn to Christian because he heard a smoke detector of all things.

And... my son's middle name is Horace.

Okay, not really.

Nikki Stafford said...

patch_tank: Welcome! Nice to see some new faces on here this week. :) Good point on Charlie and Hurley carrying the kiddo, and you're right. I'm referring to those long, long walks, where Claire's carrying him the whole way. Like when they went to Rousseau's tower in the season 3 finale, or when the camps split up and she had to walk across the island to New Otherton, or now when they're walking through the jungle. Whenever there's a super long trek, she's carrying that child, usually with the bjorn (what happened to that thing, anyway?) but sometimes without. I have no doubt if Charlie hadn't been in the Looking Glass station at the end of season 3, he would have helped her. But why doesn't anyone else offer to carry him? He might only weigh 12 pounds or so, but that gets heavy after a couple of hours.

sdbrian: Thanks! That's a great observation. He's certainly acting like he's got something to hide, just like Charlie did. I agree on the Millennium Falcon toy... the Star Wars comparisons are endless on this one. :)

poggy: LOL! It's funny, that's exactly how I saw it when I was watching. :) He hadn't seen Claire really up until now. He landed on the island, hung out with Daniel and Sayid and Desmond for a bit, then was captured by Locke and brought back to New Otherton, and kept in a cabin with a grenade in his mouth. Suddenly he sees this girl with the eyes you would die for, and he's like, "Hey... guess this place ain't so bad after all!" :)

myselfixion said...

Damon and Carlton on Jimmy Kimmel said that Jack may have fallen out of favor with the Island and that might have something to do with his getting sick. They also said that the smoke monster has rules that determine what happens to it's victims. What does it all mean?

Anonymous said...

Nikki - Really love your Lost blogs. Very insightful. Two comments on this last episode.

First, you mentioned Jack's appendectomy scar not showing. Here's a link to another blog on Lost:
She says the missing appendectomy scar may be purposeful because Jack is in a possible alternate future. This makes sense if it's true that Ben is time-traveling to change specific events in order to get the future to turn out a certain way. Maybe Jack's future with Kate without the appendectomy scar is an alternate future that didn't follow from Jack's appendix bursting - a future that would have resulted had Jack's appendix not burst on the island. The blogger also points out that Jack is no longer working at the hospital in the future, but at a clinic. It all points to an alternate future than the one that would follow from the events we saw on the island in this last episode.

Second, you mention Claire saying at least she's not seeing hallucinations. This blog explains this:,,20197443,00.html
He says there was a scene where Claire had a hallucination after her house blew up, but it was cut from the ep because of time constraints.

Thanks for your postings.

Anonymous said...

The scar IS there! Watch carefully!

Anonymous said...

Great episode!
Danielle being confirmed dead broke my little heart.
Jorge Garcia was just creepy as hell, and it seems the Kate-Jack-Juliet love triangle reached dizzying new heights.
Next week, Cabin Fever, looks really promising, too! We're gonna see Sayid & desmond again, as well as thew freighter captain, Jacob and (FINALLY!) Richard Alpert!

Anonymous said...

Also, Nikki, I'm really starting to see proof that Jack and Jacob may indeed be one and the same.
He's really going off the deep end, and every Jack episode we see, he digs himself a bigger and bigger hole. By the time he hits a time warp or a vortex or whatever ends up happening to him to get him back on the island as Jacob, he's gonna be old, bearded and in severe need of help ("Help me").

Hence the appendix issues. It's a way of keeping him on the island, because Island/Jacob knows that if Jack leaves, it won't be good. That also is ironic, seeign as how the next episode is called "Cabin FEVER". I believe when Locke and co. go and see Jacob, he'll be in as much pain and anguish as Jack is in right now.

If Horace is talking to Locke, I believe he's another incarnation of Smokey, as were Yemi, Walt, Ben's mom, Christian, etc. But if Locke IS indeed chatting it up with him, then it's possible that Locke will forge some kind of alliance with the island spirits. In the flashforwards, every time Charlie's ghost sends a message to one of the O6, it sounds an awful lot like the kind of message Locke would give...

Brian Douglas said...

Here's an observation I've had:

The Oceanic Six (except for Aaron, who's a special case) are pretty much unchanged by their time on the island. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, and Sun are all pretty much the same character when they first arrived.

Those that don't leave: Locke, Sawyer, Jin, and Claire have all grown on the island. Locke went from being depressed to being the Hunter, Sawyer went from Con man to hero, Jin got out of Paik's shadow, and Claire went from wanting to give Aaron away to became a real mother to him.
The same could be said for Juliet
(who's much more confident now than she was) and Desmond (who's now more heroic).

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is definitely not Australian, she's English. Speaks with an English accent and was born in England (confirmed by Ben).

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nikki, love the blog, it's the first place on the net my girlfriend and I look after we watch the latest episode. I was going to say that Charlotte is a Brit, not one of my fellow Aussies, but it seems that anonymous beat me to it, citing Ben from "Confirmed Dead". Also, thequestionmark, loved your comment on the Jack/Jacob thing. I've always maintained that the crazed eye that Hurley saw peeking from Jacob's cabin was in fact Jack's eye.

Unknown said...

Question: What does "You're not supposed to raise him" really mean?

That line that Hurley attributed to Charlie (He's not supposed to raise him) seemed a bit ambiguous considering that Charlie made Hurley write it down so he wouldn't screw it up. The line actually has a double-meaning when you think about it. Could it mean he's not supposed to bring his father back to life? As in raise from the dead? I just can't take anything for granted on this show.

Unknown said...

Another thing that no one seems to be mentioning... Am I the only one who sees it that way? Maybe it's just obvious and not worth mentioning, but that scene that starts with Jack asleep in his bed when the nurse phones him to remind him of an appointment--the scene starts off with Jack asleep on his back with white sheets piled up around him. Looked all the world like he was in a coffin! That's what I was thinking for several moments the first time I saw it. It still looks that way to me when I rewatch it.

Juanita's Journal said...

"Sun seems to have forgiven Juliet for blurting out her secret to Jin only a couple of days earlier."

Sun had forgiven Juliet by the end of "Ji Yeon".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, batcabbage!
Yeah, that is totally Jack's eye Hurley sees. And if you go back to "The Man Behind The Curtain", I'm pretty sure it's Jack's eye there in the cabin as well.

I've just been thinking: we've seen Boone and Shannon and Libby and Arzt a few times since their deaths. Wouldn't mind some special appearances by Eko and Ana Lucia (she was HOT!)

Speaking of dead characters, Nikki: I hear Season 5 is gonna be the "Nikki & Paulo backstory Season!" LOL

Strider said...

I love your analyses of Lost and BSG, Nikki! Thanks.

pete said...

What can be better than LOST NIGHT?

Juanita's Journal said...

Sawyer is now the hero...I've been waiting for this since eary in season 1.

I never understood everyone's declaration that Sawyer was "now the hero". The only thing he did was save Claire after Keamy's initial attack. It was Ben who saved their asses - however reluctantly - following Alex's death. It was Frank who saved them from Keamy in this episode. All Sawyer did was intimidate Miles into staying away from Claire and panicking when she disappeared.