Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Week in Review
Lots of stuff I didn't get to this week... Gossip Girl saw the debut of Michelle Trachtenberg as Serena's evil nemesis, Georgina. As I mentioned last week, she'll always be Dawnie to me, but apparently Dawnie's all grown up... and she's a total bitch. Trachtenberg was awesome in the role, and I believed every manipulative moment. What do you think the big secret is between her and Serena? Did they kill someone? Is it possible that someone tried to rape one of them, and the other one clunked him over the head and they both buried the body? I know... I'm going all EastEnders on this one, but hey, it's a storyline on the current episodes of EE that I'm watching, so it's on the brain. I can't figure out any other scenario that would have Serena lying to Dan. Otherwise, just tell the guy that the bitch is back, and that you're in trouble. There must be a reason that Chuck knows about all of this and is the only guy she'll turn to, when usually she despises him. I'm looking forward to the SAT score announcements. I felt bad for the Asian girl Blair targeted this week. Here's hoping the girl ends up with a wicked score despite everything the Queen B attempted.

This week on Hell's Kitchen, no one was ousted, but the girls targeted Christina. Am I missing something here? I think I'm with Gordon when he says the only reason they want her off is they're threatened by her. She certainly wasn't messing things up the way Roxann was. That girl hasn't a clue what to do in a kitchen. To fix her mess, Jen was taken off desserts and stuck with her, and the next thing you know, Christina's shouting for some help because the souffles are all deflating and burning in her corner. Cut to Corey staring at her blankly, the other girls looking in the other direction like this ain't their problem, and Jen saying to the camera that she won't be her mother. Jen, she's not asking you to be her mother... just her teammate. These girls are sliding through this competition on pure dumb luck... the dumb part being the guys, who couldn't find the work teamwork in a dictionary if their lives depended on it. Both sides want to win, but they can't help trying to stab every other teammate in the back. Why haven't they figured out that you keep the strong ones in the beginning to win the challenges, and oust them by the end? Also, I still can't figure out why Gordon targeted Ben in the previous week. I think Fox is reaching for stuff to make the big man angry this season.

Speaking of which, a new reader on my blog posted last week that she was in one of the restaurants for the upcoming Fox season of Kitchen Nightmares while they were filming that first night where everything goes wrong. Ramsay approached her table and asked her what she thought of the waterfall in the entrance to the restaurant. She said she liked it, and he replied, "It's hideous!" and told her to tell the manager that. Haha! I love it.

This week Katarzyna was booted from ANTM (pronounced Kattar-JIN-na, even though the judges insisted on Kat-AR-shin-a). I really liked her, and that kind of leaves us with the curdle of the crop. Dominique is too full of herself, and frankly doesn't come off as a model at all. Fatima... well, the girl gets her travel documents to leave the country a mere 2 hours before leaving the country, even though every season of Top Model goes to another country. Tyra insists that the other models got booted because they didn't have the personality to be a top model. Apparently, BRAINS aren't a pre-requisite. Whitney... I like her because she's a plus-sized model, but at this point I'm willing to wait for the next plus-sized model and like her more. Whitney comes off as someone who was popular all through high school and is now a total, attitude-filled snob. Did you see her body language when she was in the bottom two this week? It was all, "I cannot beLIEVE you are putting me in the bottom two, you beeyotch." And Anya... the girl is sweet, and she seems to follow all the directions they give her, but she's just so weird-looking. I think she'd look better in a darker colour; that blonde washes her out completely. So I really don't have anyone to root for at this point, and the final weeks won't be very exciting for me.

The Office this week was pretty funny, though I actually disliked the idea of Stanley going off the rails in a meeting. I like my Stanley snarky and annoyed, but not completely enraged and cruel. Yes, he's had to suffer the stupidity of Michael, but part of what makes the show so funny is that they ALL suffer it, they're all smarter than he is, and they all just roll their eyes and make themselves look busy, knowing that they're smarter than Michael is. That said, it gave us the absolutely brilliant scene of Michael seeking help from The Other Black Guy, Darryl, and Darryl bemusedly filling Michael's head with completely garbage (when he started listing off all the gangs he's belonged to, I was in heaven). I loved the ceremony of Michael putting his face in the cement, and Pam trying not to laugh as Jim made the solemn speech. The onrunning gag of Pam's glasses was pretty hilarious, too.

30 Rock was GREAT. How much did I love that Geiss's dull daughter was sort of stuck in her adolescence, with pictures of Marky Mark all over the place? I used to work with a girl who was also totally into Marky Mark, despite being WAY too old to be into him, and at the time she was following him around the country and trying to get backstage at every show (and what made if funnier: she looked like Geiss's daughter). Her mother was my boss, and honestly, the most evil woman I've ever encountered (this was when I was in high school, working my after-school job). Stupidity ran so deep in that woman, I think she'd give Michael Scott a run for her money. I won't go into too much detail, but I know a couple of my readers know who I'm talking about. Since then, I've heard certain hypothetical questions several times: "Is there anyone in your life you truly hate?" "If you could kill someone and get away with it, would you?" And if I hadn't met that woman, I would answer no. But... I met that woman.

Anyway, I didn't blog on last week's episode, but that Mozart/Salieri stuff was inspired (especially Dr. Spaceman rushing through the halls in his black cape, like the image of Mozart's father as he's racing to finish the Requiem), and so brilliant. I loved the staging of beautiful Liz on the set meeting with Floyd this week, but the drinking scene was the best. Especially Kenneth realizing this was "Mountain Juice." Will Geiss ever wake up? Or will Donaghy be stuck on the Twelfth Floor (I LOVED that scene!) forever??


Emilia said...

I'm so glad I started watching 30 Rock! I can't believe I'm just getting into it, but I love it!

I agree with you about The Office--it was nice to get some Stanley time, but I thought everyone behaved uncharacteristically--Stanley, Michael and Toby, especially. Can't wait for the "top secret" season finale!

dfollett76 said...

Ha! The office is funny. Watch out for drive by gang ticklings.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean "Hillpeople Milk." Kenneth rocks!