Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost Finale Parties!

So, long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (i.e. before I had children), my best friend Sue and I would put on these extremely lavish Oscar parties. We both kinda hate the Oscars, so we'd do them to make them watchable, because we're such movie whores we know we'll end up sitting through the whole boring shebang anyway. So the invitations were fancy and funny and enigmatic. Then we'd make up menus of the food we were going to serve, usually 8-10 things (all handmade; we'd spend two days making the food) and all named after the nominated films or people. (I'm drawing a blank on any of the names now... which is a shame. I used to have one of those menus around, but I haven't a clue where it would be now.)

We made a red carpet out front, went to L.A. and bought a plastic Oscar that sat on top of the TV, spent hours making poster collages where people had to find 15 nominated people in the picture, and the first to pick them all would win a prize (we needed something to entertain us through the lousy musical numbers!) and one year we even had someone in a tight-fitting glittery dress come and be our "presenter" for the evening. Everyone who came put $5 in the pot and was given a ballot, and the winner got the entire pot. One year it was $175!!

But NONE of these parties even begins to compare to those of Lost fan Matt Roeser. A reader of my blog, he emailed me the other day to send me photos and the whole shebang of each of his Lost finale parties, which he's been holding every year since the finale of the second season. Friends must come in costume (and then are given a prize) and the invitations are SO lavish, they often come as enigmatic videos he sends out to people that rival the Lost summer ARGs.

And his friends don't dress up as Ben or John Locke: they dress up as the Hatch, as Vincent, or as concepts on the show. My favourite photo (seriously, this makes me giggle every time I see it!) is from the season 4 party, where Matt dressed up as the dead pilot (and pulled a dead face in every single photo) and his friend Aaron dressed up as the sonic fence. Here it is:

LOLZ!!! Seriously, this photo KILLS me every time. Not only are both faces absolutely priceless, but check out where Aaron put the keypad. HAHAHA!! Check out Matt's blog, where he gives a rundown of each of the parties, complete with the invitations and photos. Matt, you are amazing. I LOVE these. Please invite me to next year's party. ;)

Did anyone else have interesting Lost parties? Or is anyone planning a Lost party next year? How much do I wish we all lived in the same area and could have a big bash??


Rebecca T. said...

That is absolutely hysterical! I love that picture!

:sigh: I wish that I knew more people near me who loved Lost, because my sister and I would totally throw a party. We couldn't even kick the rest of the family out of the tv room so we could use the big tv this year (though I've already said for the series finale we are reserving the room, like it or not! ;)

humanebean said...

Fantastic photos! You know, my sweetheart and I have been talking about this for a while - how great it would be to have a destination LOST finale party. I don't know if you are up for the planning/hassle, Nik - but you really should consider putting together one. In Toronto, in Hawaii, SOMEWHERE. We could rent out a restaurant/club with plenty of widescreen TV's and have food & beverages and costume prizes, etc.

Whaddya think? I have next to no experience in this but would be happy to volunteer for the planning committee! I have an idea that several of your loyal fans would feel the same. We might not get 'em all - but we'd get a representative sampling, especially if we planned ahead. Feel free to email me offline if you want to discuss further.

Nikki Stafford said...

humanebean: You know, I would totally be up for it! If enough people showed interest and would come, I think we should actually talk about it seriously. Hell, we have an entire year to think about it!

Let's get the Brits and Aussies alike. Come on Batcabbage. You know you'd travel 24 hours to go to a Lost party. Who WOULDN'T?

Do you think we could go to Oahu and have the Lost party on the beach? And join the 250 OTHER Lost parties ALSO happening on that beach?! LOL!

Matt Roeser said...

Ha! Thanks for posting this Nikki. I'm glad you got such a kick out of it. I was going to take a small break from all-things LOST for a few weeks to chill after the party, but I find that I can't. I'm already planning the way the videos for next year will wrap everything up. I'm going to Costa Rica in a few months and I just HAVE to film some there in their LOST-like jungles!

And you are most definitely invited to next year's party. It will be so sad to be the last one, but I'll just have to make it the best. I'd love to charter a 777 to fly from Australia to LA and we could watch the finale in the air...I'll see if I can make it happen :)

Thanks again!

Rebecca T. said...

@humanebean/Nikki: You know, I was thinking that maybe we could do some sort of post season Nik at Night convention thing somewhere - not on the finale night per se, but like that summer where we could all rent out like a hotel conference room and stay in the area (whatever area that might be) and talk our heads off about everything that happened over the last season.

I would so go to something like that and even help plan it maybe.

What do you think?

Calvin said...

i like these ideas!!
If Nikki and humanbean are serious I would be absolutely down for something like that.
Hell, we could have it at my house.
I want turn my family room into the geodesic dome from the hatch. complete with computer EVERYTHING!!!
If not my house then somewhere. and again, if you guys are serious then I would totally volunteer to build the geodesic dome....let me know

Felicia said...

Definitely love his parties!

There is a totally amazing LOST Literature Library Exhibit you can see here:

Lost Finale Party said...

come again? you do a party to celebrate the end of a show? that's awesome! maybe i'll have to find enough people here in rexburg, id to do one with me :)