Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Statue

I've decided to keep posting all day rather than just talk in the comments, since I know a lot of people never get through all of them. However, in order to keep the comments in one place, you can post a comment for any of my posts today on last night's episode under my original post for the incident. Go straight to the comments page here.

Someone asked if I could post a picture of the full statue, because apparently there were weather problems in the area and she missed part of it (ack, what a terrible night for weather problems!!) So here it is:

Click on the image to see it bigger.

Christemple pointed out in the comments that the foot has switched, and I was shocked: I totally hadn't noticed. Here is the foot we saw last night:

And here is the foot we saw in the season 2 finale, when Jin and Sun and Sayid saw it for the first time:

Major production error? Or did the foot change when Jack interfered with the incident?

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