Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes: Four Months Later
No time to post (holding the newborn as I type this) but what did you think of the new ep?


Matt P. said...

So far, so good. But it looks like Nathan is wearing the same beard Jack had in last season's finale on Lost.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Heroes, schmeroes.


Loved Heroes, actually, but


I suppose that since Mohinder and Parkman are shacked up, slash fic will follow.

Anonymous said...

newborn! hurray! I've been waiting all weekend to hear? Boy? Girl? smurf?
Taped Heroes..watching it in the wee am
Loved Chuck though!

Justin Mohareb said...

Sooo... Linderman, Papa Petrelli and Mr. Devaux are dead, which leaves nine. Mrs. Petrelli and Mr. Nakamura, so there's seven more.

Six days to learn more.

BTW: Can we get a gender?

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Nikki! Your post made me laugh - a true television fan, you! Holding the infant in your arms as you type! :) Again, congratulations, we're all so happy for you!

Heroes was much better than I expected. Looks like we're in for another stellar season.

fb said...

first of all, congrats on the wee one! xoxo

as for heroes, i thought it was very ... meh. anti-climactic.

maybe it's my fault for not watching S1 on DVD again to brush up on my memory, but i seriously couldn't remember half the powers some of them had at the very beginning (heroes is a show i did not think about once during the summer hiatus, unlike, say NCIS and lost and ugly betty). so much of it just left me wondering why we were wasting time on it ... the two new characters, hiro's quest to the past, that insufferable little girl (i think she totally overacts and is whingy, to boot) ... none of it interested me in the slightest. even the stuff that was sort of interesting -- clare, hiro's father, parkman, suresh -- didn't grab me the way it did last year. not sure why, exactly. though i did giggle when mama petrelli was lovingly gazing at that photo of the tuxedo-clad nathan and peter ... it looked like a wedding photo of them, and i couldn't help but think that all the slashers would be thrilled. heh.

Brian Douglas said...

No Sylar! Boo.

Anonymous said...

There's a lovely picture: holding a newborn in your arms. All best wishes to you, Nicki.


Fernando said...

Good episode, but beyond that... I want baby pictures!! and all that lovely new mommy stuff. :D

Congrats, Nikki!!!

Crissy Calhoun said...

I'm with fb on the ep. It reeked of effort -- like the writers were trying to jam in tons of stuff (There's a new big bad! The old folks will all be murdered! Kensei is a white guy! Peter lost his memory! And is in IRELAND!) to make S.2 just as exciting as S.1. And it didn't work for me. I hope they drop the Hiro in Ancient Japan story soon and lose Molly.

On the plus side: no sign of Niki/Jessica and a new hairdo for Ando!

Carolyn W. said...

Congrats on the new baby! :)

I think that the episode was really built up in my mind so it was a little bit less exciting than I thought it would be.

And the one main complaint I have is the dude that keeps showing up around Claire...he really irritates me, she could do better. But it is a first impression so maybe I'll change my mind later on.

thisguypossessed said...

I'm gonna have to take the "meh" side of the heroes premier debate. I agree with a lot of the points made so far. I was hoping more would actually happen, rather than just talking about what could happen. I'm predicting that all the parents, aka Devaux, Linderman, Mr. Nakamura etc. were in some sort of alliance of heroes/villains and now some other member is killing them off, again in a similar fashion to Watchmen. I like the characters on Heroes, I just want to see more interesting and original plot development. I couldn't believe there was actually a scene where the Bennet/Butler family sat around a table a practically discussed how unremarkable (boring) their days had been, yet I'd just spent the entire episode watching that day and thinking the same thing.

Nikki Stafford said...

I finally got around to posting on the ep, and I'd actually waited until after I posted to check these comments. Maybe it was just a long summer of dull reality TV, but I really enjoyed it. :) It certainly wasn't one of the best eps of Heroes I've seen, but it was a funny and interesting entry back into the series. I was happy. :) It certainly beat "The Parent Channel" that was the ONLY station in the hospital. :::gah:::