Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stuff for a Tuesday
TV Guide's Matt Roush finally gets around to addressing Lost's Emmy snubs by answering a letter about it. Interestingly, the letter writer asks Roush if he thinks Lost was influenced by The Prisoner at all, to which Roush replies, "Why not." Actually, it was immensely influenced by it... check out my new book to find out how (plug plug). ;)

Late to be reporting on this, but the fabulous Edie Falco will be appearing on 30 Rock this fall. Falco is thrilled because she loves the show and says it makes her laugh out loud. Tina Fey is thrilled because she's hoping to get the dirt on what The Sopranos finale was all about.

Check out EW.com for a short video interview with Michelle Ryan from The Bionic Woman (using the accent we know and love from EastEnders). Not a lot of insight, but she has a great story about the fight scene with Katee Sackhoff.

Digital Spy has begun a series of stories on the genesis of Joss Whedon's Ripper. As a side note, my pal Crissy was at a film festival party on the weekend and who should be there but Anthony Stewart Head. Unlike most people, Crissy (who I proudly claim as one of my personal Buffy converts) didn't shy away from walking right up to him, telling him how great he was on Buffy, and got not only a conversation but a kiss on each cheek for her troubles. :::SWOON::: Also, when she was talking about his new horror musical called Repo, he thought she said "Ripper" and told her that production would probably be starting within the year on it. From the horse's mouth, people!!!! I saw Crissy yesterday and it took all of my power not to reach out and grab her cheeks just to be a little closer to those kisses.

National Post film critic Chris Knight wrote a hilarious column about having to interview Tommy Lee Jones. Rather than pretend everything went hunky dory and just writing a quick article about what Jones said, Knight revealed to us how humiliating it was to talk to him, what a crankpuss he was, and how he felt like he was going to wet himself throughout the interview. Definitely check it out.

And the Brit-Brit controversy continues. The Globe and Mail ran through what a lot of the major blogs were saying yesterday, including all the morons who continue to lambaste Brit for her body. (I'm sure many of those same bloggers make fun of people like Angelina Jolie for her super-skinny arms and post photos of her with EAT scrawled across the top... you can't have it both ways, people...) The performance was terrible. The body was awesome. Bikini or no. Idiots. Check out this article for the discussion on that topic.

"Dick in a Box" won the Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics! Check out the interview with Samberg and Timberlake talking about the song.

Finally, today is obviously September 11, and I still remember where I was when I heard the news (during the film festival). When I realized I was due to give birth at the end of this week, my first thought was that I didn't want to have the baby on September 11. Now, if I suddenly go into labour today, I don't think it would be a bad thing -- it would create new happy memories for this day, while I won't be forgetting the original significance of the date.

Just a note that if I suddenly disappear at some point in the next week, I'm probably in a hospital having a baby. :) (In fact, if anyone has any ideas -- scientific, old wive's tales, or otherwise -- on how to induce labour, let me know.)


Corey Redekop said...

I thought you already had the kid!

Nikki Stafford said...

Not yet! Just biding my time on mat leave...

fb said...

Unlike most people, Crissy (who I proudly claim as one of my personal Buffy converts) didn't shy away from walking right up to him, telling him how great he was on Buffy, and got not only a conversation but a kiss on each cheek for her troubles. :::SWOON:::

i see that :::SWOON::: and raise you a :::THUD:::!!! ohhhhhhh, man! *bows down to crissy in a wayne-and-garth, i'm-not-worthy way*

i still remember meeting ASH at some con a few years ago, and i was so tongue-tied, i could only manage to say "hi" about five times when he spoke to me (prompting him to say very gently, "yes, i think we've covered that bit ..." in that lovely voice of his) -- in fact, that's what he wrote on my autographed photo: "to fionna ... hi. love, anthony stewart head xxx".

as you know, nik, i wasn't much of a buffy fan, but i will SO be watching ripper. indeed.

so, we know your human baby is coming any minute now ... when is your literary baby scheduled to drop?

Nikki Stafford said...

I met ASH a couple of years ago and we chatted about Bath (I'd been there for a couple of days and thought it was one of the most beautiful towns I'd ever seen; it's where he lives now) and he was absolutely lovely. He signed my copy of Bite Me, "I'm afraid you're going to have to bite someone else!" which I LOVED. :)

Lost season 3 is probably back from the printer early next week, so I think both babies will be coming in at the same time! :)

Colleen/redeem147 said...

I went into labour after going to a dance at a wedding. Do you feel like bogying?

Actually, it was a few days later. But the dance was fun!

We were at Cassandra's Dream last night (which I loved), wondering if Tony was about town festivalling, or too busy shooting. I think some stalking is in order.

Brian Douglas said...

It could be worse. You could go into labor during the Heroes premiere.

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: Very true! He'll definitely be here by then... and we'll see if he lets me blog on it. :)