Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lost Moving to Mondays?

BuddyTV is reporting that Lost might be moving to Monday nights at 8pm, making Monday night THE night to be home... and seriously hurting me blog-wise. (There's no way I can do long comprehensive blogs on both Heroes and Lost on the same night.) But blogging aside, Mondays will be hella cool if this happens. It will have to go head-to-head with Prison Break, but presumably Lost fans have enough taste that they're not tuning into that show.

I just found this poster today online and was thrilled: Lucy Lawless is a big breastfeeding advocate who did this poster for Breastfeeding Week. The band across the bottom says, "Breastfeeding -- my best role ever." Yay! Lucy is interviewed on today, where she dishes on why Football Wives failed in the US (in a nutshell, they refused to make it as trashy as the British version), and what it's like playing a damsel in distress. She will also be appearing on the October 10 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and when asked about how avoidy Larry David is, she replies:

He's quiet and standoffish and doesn't really want to say hello or anything, but I was determined to be as obnoxious as possible. When I shot the episode, I had just received the new Xena [greeting] card that Hallmark puts out, so I wrote on it "Welcome to the Lucy Lawless Experience" and gave it to Larry. You open it up and it screams out the Xena war cry. He loved me ever after. So my advice to anyone trying to get on Larry's good side: Have your own Hallmark card.

When I was listing off the new shows I plan to watch, I missed Journeyman, which premieres September 24th on NBC at 10 pm (it will follow the Heroes premiere). It stars Kevin McKidd, best known as Lucius Vorenus on Rome, and you can see the trailer here. It looks wicked.

For Canadians, The Tudors begins on CBC on October 2nd at 9pm. It's supposed to be great, though from what I've heard it's about as historically accurate as Black Adder. I don't care; I know the real story of Henry VIII, so now I'm looking forward to the fake one.

Speaking of which, my Fall TV preview of Entertainment Weekly FINALLY arrived today, so I might be adding some more shows based on their recommendations and rundowns of the shows. The issue is worth it for Dalton Ross's back page rundown of who SHOULD have been nominated for Emmys in an ideal world. With the exception of Annabeth Gish on Brothers and Sisters (I don't watch anything with Calista Flockhart in it), I watch and love all the shows he talks about. You can read the article online here.

In the same vein, has awarded its 4th annual Buffy Award (aka the award to the most underappreciated awesome show on television) to Friday Night Lights. My hubby and I have just finished the fourth episode and it ROCKS. I love this show.

My publisher has finally unveiled ECW Press's new website, and it looks pretty awesome. There are going to be lots of extras on it, with video and poets reading their poetry and an ongoing blog, etc. Check it out! Daily! :)

The Toronto Film Festival has been on all week and I've missed it (wah) and apparently the films have been amazing, but according to Variety, the deals have not. Yikes.


Brian Douglas said...

Hey, I like Prison Break.

But then again, I did hear that Sarah Wayne Callies was leaving the show, so who knows what this season will bring. :-)

Daisy said...

All I can say is THANK GOD for DVR/Tivo!!! Lost, Heroes and Prison Break on MONDAYS? Yikes. And, when 24 comes around I might just have to hibernate in the house all by myself on Monday nights!

Colleen/redeem147 said...

But CBC runs Doctor Who on Mondays at 8. Then again, who knows when the season will run there.

Happy for the timeshifting.

If Lost runs against Heroes, I'll go with Lost. I guess. And hope for the timeshift.

Brian Douglas said...

If Lost goes against Heroes and 24?

Guess I'll have to say goodbye to Jack Bauer.

Nikki Stafford said...

Colleen and Brian: No, as I was saying, Lost is rumoured to be running from 8-9, and Heroes would be 9-10, same as it was this previous year. Then Journeyman is 10-11. BIG NIGHT! For the fall, it'll just be Heroes and Journeyman I have to worry about, and Prison Break for some others. Come January... gulp. ;)

Roland said...

Of course Nik you'll be preferentially doing Lost recaps over Heroes ;)