Thursday, September 06, 2007

Important TV Premiere Dates
Mark your calendars! Here's a quick list of return dates for existing TV shows, and start dates for new shows that I'll be watching (I'll put those in red). Am I missing anything I should be checking out?:

K-Ville: September 17th (9pm, FOX)
**This one's iffy: I typically don't check out new shows on Fox, since they don't last beyond episode 4.

America's Next Top Model: September 19th (8pm, CW)

Kitchen Nightmares: September 19th (9pm, FOX)
**Reality shows, on the other hand, don't get cancelled on Fox

The Simpsons: September 23rd (8pm, FOX)

Chuck: September 24 (8pm, NBC)

Heroes: September 24th (9pm, NBC)

Cane: September 25th (10pm, CBS)

Bionic Woman: September 26th (9pm, NBC)

Dirty Sexy Money: September 26th (10pm, ABC)

Ugly Betty: September 27th (8pm, ABC)

The Office: September 27th (9pm, NBC)

Angel Moonlight: September 28th (9pm, CBS)

Dexter: September 30th (TMN)

Everybody Hates Chris: October 1st (8pm, CW)

30 Rock: October 4th (8:30 pm, NBC)

Friday Night Lights: October 5th (9pm, NBC)

Battlestar Galactica: November 24 (interim episode); season 4 begins January 2008

The Wire: January 2008 (yay!)

The Shield: "early" 2008

Lost: February 2008


Maddy said...

Psst: Survivor starts on the 20th, 8PM eastern, on CBS.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Shouldn't that be Forever Knight crossed out Moonlight?

Thanks for the list.

Corey Redekop said...

Uh, I only have two channels, CBC and CTV. So, when does CSI: ad infinitum start, because I swear it's all that's ever on.