Monday, September 17, 2007

Okay, I hate the Emmys, y'all know that, but I get sucked in like every other TV viewer, still hoping against hope that someone I like from a show I watch might actually win an award. I didn't actually watch the Emmys until the very very end, so I missed most of them, and only found out about the highlights in the paper this morning (or while googling last night while my husband watched The Usual Suspects on MPIX for the tenth time... actually the much better viewing choice). So imagine my surprise to find out that Locke had actually won the Emmy! (And is it just me, or does it look like a price tag is stuck to the bottom of his award in this pic?) And of course, I'm still going to complain -- I wish Michael Emerson had won, because this was his year -- but that said, just think of O'Quinn's performance at the end of "The Man from Tallahassee," where in the flashback we see him get plopped into that wheelchair for the first time and he sees the rest of his life in those four wheels and breaks down, and you know this man deserves an award.

I love Entourage, I love Jeremy Piven, I adore Ari, but I wish Rainn Wilson had taken it.

James Spader over James Gandolfini? Does ANYONE watch Boston Legal? Anyone?? (How sucky that they both have the same first name; I said to my husband, I bet Gandolfini was almost getting out of his chair until the person said, "Spader.") And what happened to James Spader?? He used to be SO hot. Now he's puffy and looks like he's been having donut-eating competitions with Shatner. Yikes.

30 Rock winning best comedy! I was rooting for The Office, but considering they were rock bottom in the ratings last year, I hope this helps. Then again, it didn't help Arrested Development, but we can still dream. I love 30 Rock.

The Sopranos won best drama over Heroes, and it comes as no surprise. But I think it was actually the right choice, too. Over all those other shows, The Sopranos changed the face of television and what we watch, how we watch it, etc. It's caused shows like 24 and Lost to experiment with January to May uninterrupted runs. It's allowed more profanity, violence, and nudity into prime-time shows (and I don't mean that as a bad thing). It's improved the soundtracks of most dramas. But most of all, it's shown us that television writing can be as compelling, daring, and groundbreaking as film writing. It deserved that award more than any show in the past year (with the exception of The Wire, but I'm not going to go there again... let me repeat: best season of ANY series, EVER).

By most accounts, the highlight was the lyric faceoff between Kanye and Rainn, and I watched it on YouTube and it was hilarious. Kanye West is an immensely talented performer, but a WHINER. He whines that he was robbed at the Grammys. He bitches when he doesn't get an AMA. He declares racism when he's beat out at the VMAs (by Rihanna, no less... uh... what?) But at the end of the day, he can still laugh at himself. So here's a competition that he should absolutely win... and he doesn't. I love it.


Brian Douglas said...

Wait, Boston Legal is a drama? I thought it was a comedy.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

I watch Boston Legal, I think Spader's brilliant, and I'm happy. :P

Yay Terry!!

The Chapati Kid said...

Kanye... sigh. One of the most intelligent rappers. You should watch David Chapelle's Block Party if you haven't. I had new respect after that. It's just the most BRILLIANT hip hop documentary, channeling a bit of Beuna Vista Social Club in its setup. I don't think he's a whiner. I think he's right to complain. Fifty Cent can't even rap properly and he wins all the time. Kanye's got real chops. He's the cat's pajamas. I'll stop raving like a lunatic now.

Nikki Stafford said...

CK: Oh, I totally agree; the guy is brilliant. I watched Block Party at my brother's urging and loved it. But Kanye's last album wasn't as good as the previous one, and all this whining about not winning awards makes him look like an egocentric idiot. You didn't see Joss Whedon going on talk-show campaigns about not getting nominated for Buffy... you don't see James Gandolfini jumping up on stage at the Emmys and declaring the audience a bunch of idiots because Spader won instead. Kanye just always looks like such a sore loser. He needs to sit back, shake his head at the stupidity of it all, and just focus on making great records. But instead he gets so caught up in everyone being unfair to him that it begins to overshadow his music, and I hate seeing that happen. I was just glad he was able to laugh at himself afterwards. :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Colleen: Well, if you watch BL, then I'll stop complaining about it. Until now I didn't know anyone with any TV sense who watched it, but now I do. :)

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Chris Mak is a BL fan too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Niki,

I too watch BL, and Spader is brilliant, I was glad he won :) which tells me some of those voters at the Emmy's get-it! I thought Terry O'Quinn was great in his acceptance speech, very gracious to BEN and tongue-and-cheek with "Desperate Housewives". Even though LOST, lost out in the writers catagory, I still think they were a winner since the other 3 nominees were all Soprano episodes, I think! Hey Niki-- when will your new Lost book be available? Valerie