Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lost -- More on the End of the Show
So today, folks, we have a perfect example of a journalist who can't write, so she masks it in bitchy commentary that masquerades as "funny" and voila, you have a columnist. Yep, I'm talking about Lisa de Moraes (and about 300 other columnists out there). Why is it that columnists always think they have to be "biting" and "sardonic"? She could be a closet Lost lover, but heaven forbid she might say that in her column -- egads, imagine what her PUBLIC would do if they thought she was a nice person?

In her coverage of Lindelof and Cuse discussing the end of Lost, she refers to Damon Lindelof as looking panicked, the network denying everything, the writers of Lost not having a clue what they're doing, and they're apparently losing viewers by the boatload. Why? Because they've written a show that requires viewers to tune in every week (shock!) and also requires the viewers to think a little and put together the puzzle pieces (horror!). (And how dare she say my friend Crissy's boyfriend was in a panic??)

Here's the thing: this is the same entertainment columnist (and I'm picking on de Moraes here because she's a pretty easy target, but she's certainly not alone in that all-too-common Columnist as Bitchy Critic category) who no doubt will write in some column this week that she's sick of shows like Deal or No Deal becoming such huge hits, and bemoaning the lack of truly smart television. You can't have it both ways, people. Why is it such a crime to suggest something is good these days, or, even worse, that you LIKE it?

Here's the most puzzling part of her story:
The intrepid reporters hounded Lindelof afterward outside the ballroom of the
Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel. They surrounded him and tortured him with
questions such as, "Did you know both your show and 'Grey's Anatomy' have
characters on them named Dr. Burke?" "Yes, but they spell Burke with an 'e,' "
Lindelof said, panic setting in.

Could someone tell me who Dr. Burk is on Lost? Bryan Burk is the executive producer, but he's not ON the show, and I don't think he's a doctor. Yes, there's a Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy, and there are Dr. Burkes on Guiding Light, Lost World, The Sentinel, ER, Friends, As the World Turns (yes, I IMDB'd it) and about 20 others. I think I'm missing something here.


Crissy Calhoun said...

what a tool. it's dr. shephard & dr. shepherd. (i think i told you about my grey's anatomy/lost joined worlds theory...where McDreamy and Jack are long lost brothers.)

my boyfriend Damon is always right. and is a good speller.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Edmunde Burk is a character rumored to be in an upcoming Juliet flashback (s03e07). That is what the reporter was talking about. Apparently, he is to be some sort of mentor for Juliet. But who knows? Damon does. That was the first time I have read Ms. de moero or whatever it was column and I already can't stand her.

Nikki Stafford said...

Crissy: I agree; Damon IS always right.

Brian: LOL! I know what you mean about Moraes, and I felt like that the first time I read one of her columns, which was about a year ago. And I don't think I've ever like anything she's written since. :) Interesting about the upcoming Dr. Burk... thanks for letting me know!