Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Random Ramblings
As someone posted on my comments section, CTV is airing the premiere of Drive tonight. I haven’t had a chance to watch the episodes I do**coughcough**oaded, so I’ll PVR it tonight. But considering my satellite has consistently been knocking out CTV lately, there’s a chance I won’t actually see it. Arghness.

I love this. I don’t know why.

Last night’s The Office was a repeat (but yes, I still watched it!) and then 30 Rock was its usual hilarious self. Let’s just forget for a minute that Alec Baldwin’s parenting skills are matched only by his wife’s debauchery, and think of him as Jack Donaghy only. Seriously, it’s the only way to keep on laughing. Tracy Jordan’s dream to record an album of Michael McDonald songs (he of the Doobie Brothers fame) was SO funny I was drinking something at the time and ended up in a coughing fit. It was topped only by the single funniest highlight of the episode: Kenneth the NBC page singing like Michael McDonald. My husband was recently in Cleveland, and came back completely gobsmacked (to use a word that Jaslene from America’s Next Top Model clearly doesn’t understand) to see what a vast wasteland it was. He said you could shoot a cannon down Main Street at 8 pm and not hit a single thing. So to see it played up as a tourist destination ranked with Hawaii and Paris was brilliant.

Björk is going to be on Saturday Night Live this weekend. I cannot wait!!

Ugly Betty was new last night (which, yes, shocked me as much as the rest of North America, I’m sure) and I don’t know… there’s just something about it that I didn’t find as funny in the beginning. Maybe it’s just becoming drab compared to the other shows, which are seriously ramping up for big finales? Hmm… That said, I only watched the first 10 minutes, so I'm probably not being fair.

Jael is officially gone from America's Next Top Model. She was my favourite for a while, and then after the whole 50 Cent fiasco where she was SO annoying he ended up throwing her in a pool to be rid of her, I'd kind of had enough of her, too. Now I'm rooting for Natasha, my favourite Russian girl who refuses to take an insult. "You look like a deer caught in the headlights." "Oh thank you, I've always been told I have beautiful eyes!"

I meant to post this the other day and forgot. Canadian Yann Martell (author of the internationally acclaimed The Life of Pi) has vowed to send the Canadian prime minister a book of literary fiction every two weeks, and then will blog on any response he gets from the PM. (For the Americans, think George W. without the guns.) This will be fun to watch. If anything happens, of course.

A friend of mine sent me this link (thanks, Stephanie!) and I thought it was awesome. Go here and just click through the screens, as author Miranda July tells you about her new book. I’m totally buying it.

Someone commented on one of my Lost posts a couple of weeks ago, complaining that while they enjoyed my blog, they didn't actually watch Lost, and asked if I could please talk about other things. I agreed, and have been talking about other things, but have never seen that poster since. I find that my Lost blogs tend to generate a ton of comments every time I post something, yet when I talk about other shows, I get nuthin. Anyone want to comment on anything other than Lost? ;)

Stephen King weighs in on the Virginia Tech murderer, and the link between dangerous writing and being a dangerous person. Well said. I'm not going to say his name, because I'd rather not be getting any blog hits for people wanting to find out more about this psycho, but I will say that while I'm the LAST person to ever blame movies and TV for these things happening (I, too, saw The Matrix and got a serious thrill from the massive shoot 'em out scene, but never once envisioned myself DOING it), I will say that I wish NBC and all of the media who ran pictures and video from the stuff that guy mailed in hadn't done it. He wanted that notoriety. The reason these people don't just go and off themselves is because they become a footnote. But if they go and take out 32 other people, WELL then, NOW they become history. And this guy actually stopped his murderous rampage to mail the package of video and ramblings to NBC. For god's sakes... if there really are any other potential school shooters out there who similarly hold up Columbine as the "number to beat," this will definitely give them more incentive. I mean, come ON, they can videotape themselves rambling incoherently and then star on NBC for the next 2 nights running. Can you beat that? .... it's disgusting. I'd rather have heard more stories about the victims — like the heroic Holocaust survivor Liviu Librescu, who, at the age of 75, held the door of the classroom shut long enough for most of his students to escape, before the madman broke through and killed him. What, not newsworthy enough? I certainly found it more fascinating than the rantings of some psychotic moron.

But again, let's not end on that note. Instead, how about a screen test from Pepe the King Prawn, my absolute favourite Muppet character.


Anonymous said...

Drive is boring.

There, I commented on something other than Lost.

Now, back to my newfound interest in Sawyer...

Anonymous said...

I watch most of the same shows that you do, but I think the reason most of us don't comment on the other show's posts is because Lost generates the most questions and discusses. Now, if Jack Donaghy started having flashbacks that involved minor characters in Tracey Jordan's past, THEN maybe I'd post a little more about the other shows! :)

Nikki Stafford said...

I think you guys just answered the question on why I tend to post more on Lost than anything else. ;) There's just more to talk about, and as a blogger, you kind of scratch your head to talk about the others.

That said, Heroes starts up again tomorrow night, so that will give us all something else to talk about. :)

Jay said...

OK, appropos of nothing you wrote about... Did you see this link? (it's a little dated):

Now, what a fun game that would be! Which Lostie do you want to see dead?

The Hobbit's number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on my list! Although if I had to choose it would be: 1) The Hobbit, 2) Rose & 3) Bernard -- not because I don't like them, I do, but if you're not going to show them for a year, you might as well kill 'em off, 4) Sun's Baby (Oh, how horrible -- I'm not a baby killer, but imagine the drama that would ensue -- and we already have one Jesus miracle baby on the beach that's nothing more than a prop, why would we need another -- haven't people learned from Growing Pains, Diff'rent Strokes, Family Ties, etc... once you bring in a new kid, it's all downhill...) and 5) Jack/Sayid/Ben/Locke/Sawyer (go big or go home. What a cliffhanger that would be if one of these went -- I love Sayid, so I hope it's not him).

Your thoughts, oh fair Lost leader?

Take care,


Anonymous said...

10 hours until Heroes...

When we last seen our heroes, Peter Petrelli was getting a haircut by Sylar and Hiro and Ando jumped ahead to a post nuked New York.

I am wondering given the previews, if we stay a little while in future world as it looks like we see a revamped Peter, Nathan in his new political digs, Mohinder (also sporting a new quaff) yelling at Nathan in his office, a brunette Claire, Hiro talking to future Hiro, etc.

We also see a stripper in the previews...I wonder what her powers are?

Crissy Calhoun said...

another unrelated comment: who do you think is going to die on Heroes tonight? i hope it's jessica/niki. get all the crappy nikkis off our good shows ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, Isaac's latest painting is that of Sylar coming at him with his pointer finger extended...

Not a good sign for our favourite ex-heroin addict...

Nikki Stafford said...

Jay: Hmm... good question. A year ago, my money was on Sayid, not because I don't LOVE him (because I do) but because his character was getting increasingly less screen time, and Naveen Andrews wouldn't stop shooting off his mouth to the press at every opportunity. Things haven't changed in that department, as I posted recently, but it wouldn't make any story sense to off his character because if he really has had so little screen time, it'll basically not affect the show, so it would be a useless death (see Eko).

Charlie drives me nuts, so I don't think I'd be shedding any tears if it were him. And it would suit the story. However, maybe because it's so predictable, it won't happen.

Desmond? Imagine spending weeks saving one person, only to die doing it. Now THAT would be painful. And not only for him... my world would crumble.

Jack? Too important. Maybe. Ah, forget it. Kill Jack.

Sawyer? Not a chance. The writers know (sadly) they'd lose a LOT of the female contingent.

Kate? Nah... she's too important, and the toughest gal on the island. Feminist uproar.

Juliet? Gah... imagine making us love her SO much (and I do, OH I do) and then off her? Ack.

Ben? Please no. But I could see it happening just because it would be so awful.

Locke? Hmm... there's an interesting one. SO important in season 1 that I believed he was the key to everything, his character has been so emasculated and de-Locked that he barely resembles himself. But maybe it's all part of a master plan. Maybe Locke IS the key and it's why he's going all nutty now.

Awesome question. I'll be awake nights trying to figure this one out now...

Crissy: Oh PLEASE let Niki be the one to go. Two Nik(k)is in as many months? Awesome. ;)

poppedculture said...

I was planning to not comment about Lost, but...

Ya, kill of Jack! He continues to annoy the hell out of me - so self-righteous. At least somebody should giving him a solid beating with the stick he has up his ass. I too think that Locke may be at the centre of it all, at least I hope so. Reveal, island, reveal!

In non-Lost commentarty, I doubled over when the homeless guy spit in Lemon's mouth. Funniest, most disgusting and unexpected scene I've seen in ages.

MC said...

Every week on Ugly Betty was a ramp up to something. There is still some stuff floating up in the air at Mode magazine.