Thursday, May 17, 2007

The FOX and CW announcements!!
As being reported over on E! Online right now (I've been watching their ticker all morning), the CW just announced their fall schedule... and there's nary a young private detective to be found. :::sniffle::: So it looks like Veronica Mars is toast... however, they won't give her the dignity to actually declare the time of death, and instead are teasing fans with the old, "It's not cancelled, it's just off the schedule, people. It could still come back mid-season. Oh, and make sure you look up in the air that same day to see the pigs flying in the skies over L.A." Sigh. I think a good-bye is in order. Wah. (Most news outlets are already reporting Veronica Mars has been cancelled.)

Supernatural, Smallville, and One Tree Hill have all been given the safe sign, so they'll be back in the fall. As will America's Next Top Model, but there was never any doubt about the fate of that show.

New shows (taken from Kristin's post):
Gossip Girl: A sudsy teen drama about Manhattan rich kids and the bloggy girl who keeps tabs on them. It's from The O.C. mastermind Josh Schwartz.
The Reaper: A dramedy about a bounty hunter for the devil.
Life Is Wild: A drama about a family in South Africa.
Aliens in America: A comedy about a Muslim foreign exchange student living with an American family.

Meanwhile, over on Fox, they actually picked up some scripted shows (don't worry, they'll cancel them again somewhere between weeks 2 and 8):

Back to You: a comedy about news anchors starring Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammar. Excuse me while I go make sure that isn't a misprint from the announcements from 1995. The possible saving grace? Fred Willard is in it.

K-Ville: A drama about cops in New Orleans post-Katrina. Could be interesting: It's got Anthony Anderson from The Shield, and Simone from Heroes, and Margie's husband in Fargo. Good cast, interesting premise...

Kitchen Nightmares: Please don't ruin this, please don't ruin this. For the uninitiated, one of the BEST reality shows EVER (seriously) is Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. In the U.S. it airs on the Food Network and probably BBC America, in Canada the Food Network and BBC Canada. It is freakin' brilliant. You may know Gordon Ramsay from the Fox'd-out Hell's Kitchen, the reality show where he screams at contestants to become a head chef in a restaurant. It's good, but they make him do things he wouldn't normally do, and turn him into a WAY bigger asshole than he really is. The thing is, Fox doesn't need to try. Ramsay is a foul-mouthed lunatic, unleashed on these restaurants, and I ADORE him. The premise of the show is this: A restaurant/pub/hotel bar somewhere in the UK is going downhill and the owners are bleeding money. He has one week to go in, suss out the situation, figure out a solution, and work with the people to fix it and then they have a big reopening, he leaves, and then comes back for a surprise visit a couple of months later. Sometimes he comes back and it's boarded up. Sometimes they've changed everything. Sometimes they're still bankrupt because they didn't listen to a word of advice. But it's ALWAYS entertaining. I love this show. Fox will probably ruin it by filming it on video and making him a total bastard and only doing restaurants run by rednecks who will yell back and then they'll give them the heads up that Gordon's coming back (see, the fun thing about his return visit is it ALWAYS catches them off-guard) or whatever, but I hope Fox can keep it together. I could definitely watch Gordon on my TV every night of the week. And the good part? I can become invested in the show and Fox will cancel it after 3 episodes, and oh well. I'll just go back to the better BBC version. :)

New Amsterdam: Guy who's immortal and was a Dutch soldier in New Amsterdam in the 17th century, now a cop in the 21st. Weird, but interesting. They'll cancel it before episode 9.

The Return of Jezebel James: Damn you, Fox. I WANT to boycott you SO badly and then your programming is always so much more interesting than everyone else's!! Why must you cancel with such swiftness? Argh. Anyway, this show features the double whammy of Lauren Ambrose (the inimitable Claire on Six Feet Under) and the brilliant Parker Posey. I am SO there. I don't even care what it's about. (In case you do, it's about a book editor who needs her estranged younger sister to carry her baby... oh my god, now I want to see it more...)

The Rules for Starting Over: I mention this only because it will affect one of my fave shows. This show was picked up this morning, and it stars Rashida Jones, a.k.a. Karen from The Office. Apparently on The Office they filmed 4 alternate endings for tonight's season finale, and I'm assuming now they're tacking on the ending that involves Jones leaving in some way, since she's, um, leaving. This also has Shaun Majumder, a very funny Canadian. Something about dating in your 30s and the difference from dating in your 20s. Original. The "less special" version of thirtysomething, presumably.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: And finally, just don't bother watching this one because... oh who am I kidding. Yet another show to get completely hooked on that they will cancel by episode 6. This is linked to Terminator, and covers the years between Terminator 2 and 3, where Sarah Connor lives with her son and tries to keep him alive. It has Summer Glau (River) from Firefly. Frak. This has cancellation written all over it, but is SO intriguing.

The rest of the installments are reality, or I don't care.

I need to go mourn Veronica now. :(


Anonymous said...

re Jezebel - another reason to be there - hopefully another wonderful gem of a show from Amy Sherman-Palladino - who was sadly missed from the final season of Gilmore Girls - :)

Also - HUGE fan of Gordon as Nikki knows - I agree with her - please don't let this show get ruined by an absurd portrayal of Gordon (and please ensure they keep in the standard shot from the BBC series of him changing his shirt!!) heehee

Unknown said...

I'm so sad about Veronica. I'm still dealing with the news. She died so young...only three seasons! Why are the good ones always pulled?

Fernando said...

Hey hey, It happened with Scrubs and now they're going to go into their 7th(and finale =[) season.

We must have hope for Veronica! =[

And I will miss Kristen Bell AS Veronica.

Katherine Trites said...

sigh, sad about Veronica.
but looking forward for new shows to love and miss when their time comes to be heartbreaking wrenched from the airwaves and stomped on like grapes without the benefit of being turned into a fine wine...
I'll be ok,I'll be fine