Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lost Finale Tonight!!!
Hey all: Just a reminder (like you need it) that the special 2-hour finale is tonight. I wish someone had told me last night that Veronica Mars was 2 hours... I tuned in to the second hour thinking it started rather abruptly, and turns out there was another hour before it. Argh.


For Toronto fans, the show begins at SIX o'clock. Seriously. It'll run from 6-8EST on CTV, so we get to see it before the rest of the universe, pretty much. For the Americans, it'll run from 9-11EST on ABC.

UPDATE: Ok, turns out I'm wrong. Sort of. CTV Toronto -- because reality television brings in more bucks than good television -- is running Lost from 7-8, then American Idol from 8-10, and the second hour of Lost from 10-11. However, if you have satellite, go to ATV, the Atlantic version of CTV, and they're running it from 6-8 our time, which is 7-9 theirs. So I was right about the timing, wrong about the station.

Me? I, sadly, won't be watching right at 6, but that's because I have some interviews to do. For people around the country, I figured I'd post the interviews so you can listen to li'l ol' me. ;) If there's a call-in show, call... it would be cool to actually chat with the people I blog to every day.

Tonight: 6:35pm EST, I'll be on The Derek and Romaine Show on Sirius Satellite Radio.
7:00pm EST: CFUN Radio 1410 AM, Jenn and Joe Show, in Vancouver. You can listen online here.

Tomorrow: 7am EST, CFUN Radio 1410 AM, listen at same station.
8am EST, The Bear's Breakfast, 106.9fm Ottawa, listen online here.

If I get any more bookings today, I'll post them here.

As for tonight's blog, I'll probably only have time to watch it once before posting. Expect the post between 10 and 11, and let's wait to start up the comments until then, just in case our American friends are checking in and see a spoiler, which I wouldn't want. Enjoy!!

UPDATE: Okay, I was just on Salon and it says last night's Veronica was the FINALE. Tell me that ain't true. Tell me... Talk about an series ender that will leave me hanging forever.


Anonymous said...

Yep, that was it for Veronica. As usual, her life was crap.

I guess we both win. She ends up with Piz, but from the expression on his face I could tell he knows she still loves Logan.

Regarding Lost - everything I've read says the CTV is running the first half of the finale at 7, then AI, then the last half at 10. Very lame.

The latest Lost magazine has a detailed reproduction of the map from the hatch as a centerfold. Fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nikki I am SO psyched about the finale I can't tell you!

By the way I would double check again, like colleen has said, CTV looks like they are splitting up the finale. It's not a great idea but as I watch both AI and Lost it means I won't have to tape anything. I hope I can watch the last hour on ABC not simulcast, something about watching it on CTV isn't the same LOL

Unfortunately I got too curious for my own good and went onto the spoiler site and read about the finale...not sure if its true or not...but in retrospect I shouldn't have ruined it for myself.

Nikki Stafford said...

Hmm... maybe I have my PVR set to a different time zone, because my PVR is saying it's running from 6-8, and that's when it's recording it. I'll have to double-check it tonight.

That is total crap if they split it up. Talk about bending over backwards for the reality shows.

Katherine Trites said...

I just checked my digtal line up here in NS and they have Lost listed as starting at 7 until 9. CTV, with no split up.hmmm.
Veronica Mars didn't end for me on a great note. sucky in fact!
It didn't look like they saw this end coming. At least with Gilmore Girls it was a proper ending!

Anonymous said...

CTV has been known to screw up big time before. It shouldn't be a big deal UNLESS they put it on at 6 like Nikki has said (PVR's might be different) and then I'd miss an hour. I'm totally turning CTV on at 6! But even if it ran til 9 if you watch AI you can still catch the ABC feed of the last hour at 10.

I just hope the finale going up against AI isn't going to do too much damage to the ratings.

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey all,
Check the blog again. I amended the entry. On the East Coast, it's running from 7-9 their time. My PVR is set to tape from 6-8, and I double-checked, and sure enough I'm recording it off the timeshifted channel ATV (the Atlantic version of CTV) and it's running uninterrupted, just as Kathy said.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I wouldn't have thought of ATV. Watching now (commercial break).

So far so great :)

Anonymous said...

it's over, and i ... i just ... i ...



you need to post your blog entry ASAP, nik -- i desperately need to talk about this with someone!!!

*shakes head in disbelief again*

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it great guys?
One shock after another, plenty of action and jaw dropping sequences. Best of the season easily.

Nikki, hope you post soon, but gotta go to bed for work (yuk), but really looking forward to see if you liked it!

Good night Lost fans! I taped it to watch it over again during my 9 month hiatus LOL I wonder when the DVD's are coming out for this season?