Monday, May 28, 2007

Why I Love Michael Emerson, Part 289
If you haven't checked this out yet, head over to Best Week Ever and watch their interview with Michael Emerson, er, Ben. He does the entire interview in character, answering all questions with other questions, denying what's right in front of her. It's hysterical. (Thanks for the link, Chapatikid!)

NY Mag recently caught up to Emerson and asked him questions about the finale. I'd read several interviews with Emerson leading up to the finale where he said he didn't know how it was going to end (they only gave the final scene of script to Evangeline and Matthew, and the rest of the cast was kept in the dark), so knowing that, they asked him what his reaction was when he saw it:

Now that the finale has aired, do you have any freaking clue what’s going to happen when you start shooting again?
No, because I didn't know what the end of the episode was until I watched it. That was a secret scene with Jack and Kate — only Matthew [Fox] and Evangeline [Lilly] were given that text and it was shot in secret. I had to wait until last night to have this earth-shattering revelation: Now not only are we going to live in the present and the past, but also the future. And the little things they dropped made my hair stand on end!
[note from Nikki: Isn't his hair ALWAYS standing on end?]

Like what?
Kate and Jack got off the island somehow, but other castaways didn’t, and they’re sick about it. And who’s in the coffin? And who is Kate living with?

Or is he dead or on the island?

Do you have sympathy for Ben's character?
I have full sympathy. I believe he has a mission and an agenda that he hasn’t shared with us yet. The survival of the earth may depend on Ben’s work, so it justifies his ruthless behavior. Maybe I’m just fantasizing or deluding myself.

Is Naomi, the British woman who parachuted from above, really bad news?
She’s a messenger from the dark side. I think we can take Ben at his word. Whoever is on the boat that they just called mean them no good. As soon as we’re in season four, I think we’re gonna discover that everyone is in deep trouble.


Katherine Trites said...

I was giggling with glee watching "Ben" get interviewed.
"Is a thumb really a finger"
"What polar bear?"
thanks so much! I never would have known it was out there!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nikki for the Ben interview! Mr. Emerson is the greatest! I have a feeling he would be so wonderful in comedy as well...

Carlie said...

Thanks for the interview goodness. Shame that other woman couldn't act. Emerson has always rocked my sock... he just looks so damn creepy, poor man! :)

Saza said...

Oh my to give Eme his props for playing along. Question is: when did 5th graders start producing tv shows?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki, thanks for all your diligent work on this LOST blog...I have been following closely for the past few months.

Did your notice? 1) The scene when the Losties were on the cliff, after Sayid, Bernard and Jin had their shoot-out on the beach....Kate had her sweat-shirt hood up on her head....just like Charlie did during season one...there are a couple of nice shots that highlight her profile with the hood on and none of the other characters have a hood on.

2) Did you notice... Hurley holding and rocking baby Aaron on the beach, while Claire is packing her bag. I thought it was another jesture of Hurley being mindful of Charlie's absence and looking out for Claire.

Anonymous said...

What Polar Bear?

Ahaha, that Emerson clip...awesome. And yes, his hair is always on end XD Just what makes Ben Ben.

Nikki Stafford said...

Roland: I agree... it's like Alec Baldwin going from drama to comedy -- Emerson would be GENIUS.

Carlie: You're right about the other woman... a little cringeworthy.

Saza: HAHAHAHAHAHA... your comment made me laugh out loud this morning! :)

Anonymous: You're welcome! Glad to see so many people keep coming back. :) I didn't notice Kate having her hood up like Charlie -- maybe spending time with him off-camera has led to her picking up some of his habits? I did notice Hurley, however; I think the moment Des and Charlie said they were going out together, Hurley knew Charlie was going to die. It's why he wanted to go to the boat. Hurley rocking Aaron is an indicator that he knows Claire will be alone, and he feels someone else needs to step in to help her out, and that someone will be him. I love Hurley.

Anonymous said...

...I too love Hurley, Niki, and I was thinking that maybe we need to pay closer attention to his character and look at him with a different lense and not as just the guy trying to fit in or popping in! Hurley's words and actions don't always match-up -- he is much more observant and mindful of what is going on and knowing who is doing what, when and where. He uses humor to off set people.