Tuesday, May 01, 2007

She's Baaaaack!
And she's still sassy, folks. It's been a LONG time since Veronica Mars has been on my TV (the last episode was FEBRUARY 27... come ON, CW!). They tried putting The Pussycat Dolls in its place, because yeah, it's always fair to try some reality show in the timeslot of a serial drama and see what will do better. I watched two episodes of The Pussycat Dolls. The first episode was fascinating, like a car wreck where I just couldn't look away, not least of all because of the drag queen-looking choreographer who was one of the judges. And then I saw a second episode, and realized it just wasn't very good. Now I feel dirty that I watched it at all (but being Canadian, my viewing didn't count).

Before I talk about the episode, the big question is whether it'll last longer than the 4 episodes it's scheduled for in May, or if these really are the final four eps of Veronica. The CW's done a pretty craptastic job of advertising that it'll be back (I only knew it'd be back tonight because I marked it on a calendar about 2 months ago). They do an even more craptacular job of actually promoting it while it's on. But the most craporrific (score!) thing they've done is just leave us, the actors, and the show's producers hanging on whether or not they're going to renew it. It's May 1, and most show's were renewed in March. Veronica still doesn't know if she's coming back.

I love fan campaigns, and there's a really strong one going right now to save Veronica. You can find it here. It's co-hosted by BenBella books, the publisher who does great books on all the best shows on TV (I'll be posting a review here on their Veronica book soon). Check it out, vote, send in your postcards, and support this show. I admit season 3 has not lived up to the first two seasons, but I still love this show, and I don't want it to go away.

Highlights from tonight:
Veronica quoting Pulp Fiction while brandishing a paint gun: "Say WHAT again! I dare ya! I DOUBLE DARE YA! Check out the big brain on Brett!"

Mac and Logan pretending to reminisce about high school by alluding to teen movies.

Wallace calling Yo La Tengo "Yo Yo Taco."


Veronica calling her boyfriend a young Omar Shariff, and saying she had desert fever.

The guest appearance by Fred Stoller as the PhotoMart dude. That guy always cracks me up.

"Non-alcoholic beer. All of the peeing, none of the fun."

Keith giving Wallace and Piz fake IDS with Biggie Smalls and Jon Bon Jovi on them.

Seeing Max again and him liking Mac. "Seriously, did my firends hire you?"

"The dude abides."

Girl: You can spend half-time in my private box.

Piz kissing Veronica!
Veronica kissing Piz back!!
Elevator opening with Logan inside!!!!!!!! OH YES!
PLEASE don't let this turn into a Kate/Sawyer "I'm just trying to make Logan jealous" thing.

I seriously disliked Amira, not because she's a bitch, but because the actress can't act. "Oh no. I will be disowned. Did I mention I have to marry someone against my will. Oh no. What will I do."

Her acting was matched only by the guy playing the kid who was drunk and stumbling in the street. WORST drunk acting I've ever seen, and then he put his hands up in front of his face like he was in a B-horror film.

The whole Iraqi vs. Muslim vs. rednecks "why can't be all just get along?" subplot. It was trying WAY too hard.

Logan is sweet to Parker in a way he never was to V. :( But I'm more upset about it than Veronica seems to be.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this episode more than I have one for a long time. I think the Muslim plot is important, and I'm glad they did it.

I liked everything until that eye-gouging moment at the end, where she tried to use Piz to forget Spike, I mean Logan. :)

I'm sure they'll get back together again. They both have those longing looks.

Did anyone not see the thing with Dick's dates coming? I mean, it's Myspace.

Did Wallace grow up all of a sudden? He seemed older. I guess it's been long enough since the last episode that he is.

The Chapati Kid said...

What bugged me about the Muslim plot thing was the fact that the dude was wearing his prayer cap and an "Oriental" outfit. Whoa... so let's not discriminate against the people who dress like us and put American flags in their shops. Let's just discriminate against the ones who look like they don't belong because they don't wear jeans and t-shirts. At WHAT level was this subplot less discriminatory? I kept hoping they would redeem it by showing the "differently dressed" man to be a good guy, but sadly, I was disappointed. So the "towel-head" stereotype still remains. I wish they had him dress just like everyone else on the show. THEN you could say, okay, discriminate on a case-by-case basis where it's valid, but don't make the bad guy the one who doesn't dress like you. It's like Cowboys and Injuns all over again. I couldn't believe that the man at the photo processing lab was shocked that Veronica was dating a "towel head" -- but shocked to the point that he doubted her and she had to PROVE it to him. What the hell is that?! Is Neptune, like, this little honky village in the deep South? Oh gosh. Can you tell I'm mad?

Agreed Colleen: Piz= Spike; Logan=Angel

Another great Veronica line was her TV show reference, that I simply cannot remember now. It wasn't BSG, it was some other show that I watch, and I can't for the life of me remember which one it was!

Nikki Stafford said...

Colleen: As a Bangel, I'm thrilled V is with Piz. heehee! I suggested way back in February that Logan will always be V's Spike, and so far it's ringing true!

Chapatikid: I couldn't agree with you more about the whole Muslim thing. I kept muttering about it throughout the episode, like, "Oh look. He's wearing the terrorist uniform. ARGH." I just KNEW he'd be the bad guy, and then they sweep it all under the carpet by having him deported. Nice.

Oh, and I forgot to add another of my fave lines in there, that I'll try to remember as best I can:
"Things I'd rather do than go to this party:
Seven minutes of heaven with Scott Peterson.
Being in an elevator alone with Dick."

The Chapati Kid said...

Ah, so you think Logan is Veronica's Spike? See, I think Logan's her Angel. Because no matter how hard they try, they can never be together. And poor Piz, who worships Veronica, becomes her Spike -- her rebound boy, her sex toy, the screwdriver in her toolbox. (I just said that.) Speaking of Buffy... today is May 2.

Nikki Stafford said...

Chapatikid: You're right, now that I think about it. Angel came first, and then Spike moved in on the territory. But there's still a very definite Spike vibe to Logan. As in, whenever they're together, they just seem to hurt one another, which is what Buffy and Spike did. And Logan is DEFINITELY the bad boy who's not right for V. no matter how attracted to him she is, which is Spike.

Anonymous said...

Veronica's back! Yeah!

Well, I think Logan and Veronica will end up together in the end. They have been through so much together, and keep coming back to each other. Yes, they have their problems, but so does every couple in real life.

Piz is too good for Veronica, who has as much baggage as Logan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what's his name from season one is Angel. Piz is Riley. Or maybe Jonathan. A really tall Jonathan.

Nikki Stafford said...

No! NO! Piz is not Riley!! Nononononononono.


Anonymous said...

No, Spike's the guy Buffy CAN have sex with :)

The guy she can finally rest with when she's safe in his arms.

The guy that she makes fiery hand gestures with.

So not Piz.

I get everyone's reservations with the Muslim plot now. Though Baber on Little Mosque dresses a lot like that guy, and I kinda love him.

I guess I was so surprised to see any kind of positive portrayal of a Muslim family in American TV that I missed the stereotypes.

I figured my darling Sayid was an anomaly. Doesn't Jack on 24 torture Muslims a lot? Or so I hear.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with the episode. All I could see the woman that came into Veronica's offie looking for help, was her being a player on Saturday Night Live, back when I still watched. She did a hilarious imitation of Donatella Versace.
Same accent used.
Now Piz + Veronica = yay!
I think Logan is TOTALLY her Angel. They just make each other miserable.
I don't think Piz will be her Spike though- and in no way shape or form Riley. to steal from Nikki- Nononononononono
I rewound my tape; yes, I tape what I watch obsessively, in case I miss something; and watched the look on her face as she wonderingly touched her lips and rushed after him. Some hots were had! :0)
hmm, maybe Piz is Zander, you know, if he had the guts to kiss Buffy back in say, season one?

Anonymous said...

I can go with Piz as Xander.

I think he's going to end up with Parker, though.

Anonymous said...

Except that Wallace is Xander.

This is all so confusing.

You don't think it's another show altogether, do you?

Anonymous said...

Wallace isn't Xander!
well, maybe

Would that make Mac Willow?
I've thought that before.

I think we all just really miss Buffy.

Katherine T