Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lost, Ep. 21: Greatest Hits
“You all goin’ swimmin’!/
You all goin’ swimmin’!/
Flailing around like you’re stupid fish/
Lacking the needed gills!”

This is the week before the big finale, which means it’ll be a lot of lead-up to the huge events that are upcoming, and will hint at the things to come. A Charlie-centric plotline made about as much sense as having a Rose and Bernard flashback right at the end of season 2, but somehow they made it work by keeping the flashbacks to a minimum and focusing on the island conflicts. Karl and Alex are working against the Others to warn the Losties; Sayid, Desmond, and Charlie are trying to turn off the frequencies jamming the satellite signal so Sayid can work on trying to get them off the island; the Losties are rigging the tents to blow up the Others when they come to take the pregnant women; Ben shows he’s not the merciful person he’s made himself out to be… there was a LOT happening in this episode without it feeling too busy. Almost every character had a moment:

-Charlie relived his “greatest hits”
-Hurley got to say good-bye to Charlie
-Claire and Aaron had some screen time
-Sayid talks to Jack about the sat phone
-Sun tells Jin that she saw the baby on the ultrasound, but fails to tell him anything else about, you know, dying and stuff (welcome to Sun’s House of Withholding Information)
-Rose and Bernard ARE NOT DEAD!!! Talk about a shocking reappearance!
-Ben shows his vicious side, and the other Others look skeptical

Big inconsistency… or is it??
-on Day 5 or 6, a woman named Joanna died when she was out swimming and got pulled out by a current. Charlie stood on the beach, completely helpless as Jack and Boone swam out to save her, saying over and over, “I don’t swim!” (interestingly, he doesn’t say he CAN’T swim, but that he doesn’t). In this episode, he seemed to be able to swim down to that rig underwater pretty naturally, and we saw at an early age his father taught him how to swim. While I’m assuming he wasn’t really the Junior Champion swimmer that he tells Jack he is (he needs to say it to convince Jack to let him go) it appears he really can swim. So… did the writers forget what happened at the beginning of season 1, or was Charlie a coward who didn’t try to save a woman when he could have? Jack seems to remember every little person and word from three years ago, yet he doesn’t remember Charlie telling him he doesn’t swim??

Did You Notice:
-Rose and Bernard AREN’T DEAD. I’m hoping they didn’t bring them back just to sacrifice Bernard in the next episode when he doesn’t shoot quickly enough or something.
-now we know why Rousseau was collecting dynamite from the Black Rock when Locke was out there
-Jack’s still annoying
-YRE2OL is the license plate on the vehicle that DriveShaft is taking to their show when they hear themselves on the radio. If you assign numbers to the letters, it adds up to 77. That number has appeared throughout the season, most prominently in Enter 77.
-Charlie holds his pen in a REALLY weird way.
-when Sayid’s going over the map of the Looking Glass hatch, a tiny bug runs across. If you turn up the volume, you can hear it squeal, “Yay! I’m on TV!!”
-when Ben comes marching into the camp, Alex appears to be skinning one of his white bunnies
-what’s with Alex handing over guns all the time? Last week she handed a gun to Locke and told him she’ll need it, and now she hands one to Karl.
-the irony in Lee giving Charlie the DS ring (which, turns out, doesn’t stand for Drive Shaft, as we’d thought), where he says Charlie will get married and have a child. Lee was the one who ended up doing that.
-Jack continues to be annoying
-apparently the only song Charlie knew when he was a busker was Oasis’s “Wonderwall.”
-the woman he saved in the alleyway is Sayid’s Nadia. That ties her to Locke, Sayid, and now Charlie.
-Charlie lets Desmond take over pulling the rope so he can do some writin’. Nice.
-in the first 2 seasons, bad Charlie was always denoted by hoodie up, good Charlie was when it was down. When he sees Claire for the first time, he pulls it down, as if to show he wants to change his life now.
-Jack = annoying

-When everyone is tromping through the clearing at the beginning to see Rousseau, Claire is with them, as is Charlie and Jin, Aaron’s only two other babysitters. Who’s taking care of the kid?
-Sun has always kept important information from Jin: he doesn’t know that she knows his dad is alive, he doesn’t know that his mother is a prostitute, and he doesn’t know that she’s fully aware of what he did for a living. She always keeps him in the dark, but it’s always for his protection. But we saw what he was driven to do because of her lying to him before; what will this lie bring?
-how many of the Others will actually carry out Ben’s plan? Richard looks skeptical; I wonder if he’ll go looking for Locke instead?
-Karl tells everyone what happened, and then we cut back to the present. Rousseau’s standing right there and looks unaffected by everything Karl’s just said. Why isn’t she more moved by the fact her daughter is on the good side?
-Rose tells Bernard that this isn’t pheasant hunting in Montgomery County. They met and lived in Michigan, so why is she talking about a county in Ohio like they’re both from there? Are they?
-will Charlie’s ring blow up with the camp?
-why did Claire come off as a really pessimistic, distant person when Charlie sits down next to her for the first time? In the first season, she seemed like the ONLY person who had any hope and just kept up her spirits. Now she was more like the black-haired goth girl from “Par Avion.”
-was anyone else going, “Noooooooooooooooo” when Desmond offered to take Charlie’s place?? As much as Charlie annoys me, I don’t want them to kill him off, but I also didn’t want the episode to build up to Charlie just being a coward again.
-Was knocking Desmond unconscious really necessary? Desmond would have given in had Charlie told him to, he just couldn’t stand to see Charlie jumping to his death and being so sad about it.
-so who are the people who run into the station at the end? One looked like she could have Claire’s older, more cynical sister, and the other’s a Zooey Deschanel lookalike.

Oops: When Charlie first jumps in, the weight belt doesn’t seem to weigh him down at all, and he swims by pulling it up alongside him. Only later does he hold it straight out in front of him, indicating it’s heavy.

Interesting Facts:
-Charlie swims for the first time at Butlin’s. Butlin’s was a real summer camp, and you can see more about them here.

Next week: The finale!!! Two hours of insanity, and the writers have promised to sow the seeds for the next season, like they always do in their season finales.


Anonymous said...

The first thought is that this episode sucked. The next thought is that Juliet is definately setting them up. Third and finally Jack couldn't be anymore in love with Kate if he tried. And finally, why bring Rose and Bernard back after they've been gone so long as if they'd been there all along, it was very Paulo and Nikki-esq.

Oh yead, did I mention I hate Juliet, my only hope is that she somehow ends up getting exploded.

Anonymous said...

To be quite honest, I really enjoyed this episode.
It wasn't nearly as good as last week, but I still thought it was very touching at some moments.
It was a very nice set up for the finale, thats for sure. I can't wait for next week.

Anonymous said...

I think Desmond was holding something back. At this point Charlie doesn't look like he's going to flip a switch or drown.

I was glad to see Rose and Bernard. But where were the other people who are supposed to be with the Losties?

Don't kill Sayid. Don't kill Sayid.

I'm so afraid they'll kill Sayid.

Anonymous said...

well done to the writers for throwing back to butlin's holiday camps, that was a nice little slice of reality, and very authentic-looking, too. on the other hand, the alley outside "covent garden" actually made me snicker out loud -- not even close!

i'm feeling so conflicted about this episode. damn those writers, they've done an outstanding job at setting up the guessing game of Who's Going To Die In The Finale? at first, i thought it absolutely could NOT be charlie, because it was so obvious that it should be, so i figured they wouldn't go there. and then when he started saying his goodbyes and recapping his life, i thought, "okay, if he actually kisses clare -- like a REAL kiss --he's a goner." and sure enough, he did. and then i figured it was brilliant writing on the part of the writers to actually go ahead with it -- the bigger shock value would be to actually KILL him, as opposed to making us think he was going to die and then having desmond or fate or whatever swooping in at the last minute. so i figured, for sure, it was charlie.

and then desmond stepped up to volunteer to switch spots, and i figured, for sure, it was desmond.

and then bernard volunteered to be the third shooter (did we really think bernard & rose were dead? i never did ... just figured they were like rousseau, and only shown when they actually had anything to actually say or do), and i figured, for sure, it was bernard.

and then sayid and jack had their argument about leadership and the radio tower and settling it with the others once and for all, and i figured, for sure, it would be sayid. (i'm not entirely unsure it won't be jack, either -- because if ANYTHING would shake up the entire series, and be "three years in the making" it would be him dying (he was originally supposed to die in the pilot after all, wasn't he?) ... but then, there goes the jack/kate/sawyer triangle that they love to play with so much, so maybe not.)

and then, when jack was talking about needing a third shooter and he sort of looked over at jin, who was squatting down beside sun near their tent, i thought, for sure, it was jin.

and then, of course, we have locke bleeding to death on a pile of skeletons, so i figured, for sure, it was locke.

(at this point, the only male lostie i HAVEN'T thought it was is hurley, which means ... oh no!!!)

-Charlie holds his pen in a REALLY weird way.
hahaha, i noticed that right away, too! he does this weird thing with his index finger and sort of hooks the pen in between that and his middle finger, and then curls his thumb around it ... very strange.

-when Sayid’s going over the map of the Looking Glass hatch, a tiny bug runs across. If you turn up the volume, you can hear it squeal, “Yay! I’m on TV!!”
hee! i saw that! i thought it was very authentic-island-feeling of them to leave it in. :-)

-the irony in Lee giving Charlie the DS ring (which, turns out, doesn’t stand for Drive Shaft, as we’d thought)
could you please repeat what it does stand for? i missed that, on account of a certain someone talking over what charlie and liam were saying at that exact moment.

-the woman he saved in the alleyway is Sayid’s Nadia. That ties her to Locke, Sayid, and now Charlie.
ahhhh! it LOOKED like her, but i wasn't sure -- she seemed much paler, almost caucasian as opposed to middle eastern (possibly on account of the rain and overcast lighting?). thanks for confirming that!

-Charlie lets Desmond take over pulling the rope so he can do some writin’. Nice.
aw, leave my boy alone. he was pretty much writing his suicide note. *sniff* surely he's entitled to slack off a little in the (voluntarily) final moments of his life? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I liked the Charlie episode and I hope Desmond can somehow save Charlie. In the ABC previews, it looks like he is in the Looking Glass with Mikael holding a pretty big gun...

In that scene where Charlie was busking, I found myself looking around in the crowd and in the background for Desmond...

I am actually going to Vegas on Sunday and I am going to miss both the Heroes finale and the Lost finale. I have a PVR but I don't think I can wait and I will likely make it back to my hotel to watch the finales...sad..

Judging by the previews it looks like our band of three 815ers that stay behind to blow up the Others end up on their knees tied up. I am hoping that Locke runs out of the jungle and saves them or something like that....

DS=Dexter "bloody" Stratton

Anonymous said...

I think the scene with Charlie was the same one Desmond flashed back to in that other episode. He's singing the same song, Wonder Wall, and then it starts to rain, just like it did in Desmond's "flashback." Also, I'm not sure on this, but I think the one guy in the crowd was Desmond, but we only see the back of his head, so I'm not sure it was him. Plus is was quick, and I don't have TiVo or something. This would support Nikki's theory that Desmond didn't actually time travel. Either that, or it rains everytime Charlie sings Wonder Wall. Maybe it's like a Native American rain dance.

As to Claire, the reason she was cheerful in Season 1 is because Charlie cheered her up after the crash when they first met.

You know, I wonder if the woman who drowned early in Season 1 didn't really drown, but was taken to the Looking Glass. The same thing almost happened to Clair this Season, but Desmond saved her.

Nitpick: Sayid volunteering to stay behind. Like, they wouldn't want their RADIO expert to go to the RADIO tower instead of, I don't, going on a dangerous mission that could get him killed! But no, Jack needed to go, because they would need him.

Justin Mohareb said...

I was a bad boy and checked out some spoilers for this and next week.

If the spilers pan out as well for next week as this, holy Christmas. It really WILL Be a game changer.

I enjoyed this week. The flashbacks made a lot of sense this time, although the paddlin' did seem a bit excessive.

It was good to see Rose & Bernard again.

Anonymous said...

I loved the episode, yes it was totally manipulative with Charlie and the greatest hits with the list, but I totally got suckered in...and I haven't even liked Charlie!

Wow, I forgot about Joanna and that scene with Charlie not saving her! I guess that's why they pay you the big bucks Nikki! ;)

As to who was taking care of Aaron, my guess is Rose...

I never understood why Claire completely trusted Charlie again with Aaron after his psycho drug days where he tried to kidnap Aaron. I mean that kind of attitude change would never realistically happen would it?

After Alex is told about the attack, she immediately starts running into the forest, don't you think Papa Ben would get a little suspicious about her behaviour?
Oh dad, I just gotta take a leak! When you gotta go, you gotta go LOL

It was nice to see Rose and Bernard, I was beginning to think they got buried with Nikki and Paulo!

Charlie is gonna bite the bullet (pardon the pun) next week I think. Wasn't there news that he was going to be leaving the show? Now after that episode I'm actually going to miss him. Besides, he got to resolve his inner crises, and as we all know, that is the kiss of death with Lost characters!

Finally CTV showed a trailer, but once again ABC's trailer was so much better. They shouldn't have shown Jack declaring his love for Kate, total giveaway.

By the way for Canadian fans, CTV is showing the finale at 7pm. What time is the Idol finale? Are they delaying it by an hour on CTV? I had hoped they wouldn't run the final against Idol so it could have a chance in the ratings.

Anonymous said...

Ah Charlie. Maybe I'm harsh because I just can't stand him, but the first thing I thought of when he had his ring flashback was "he's going to give the kid the ring..." followed quickly by "I hope he doesn't leave it in the crib."

Let's see -- a three-month old child (albeit one that's huge) is fairly mobile and usually has an oral fixation. Basically everything that's in reach ends up in their mouths... so let's put a little ring in junior's grasp to let him choke on it and die!!!!

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm looking too much, but I could swear the mugger was Charlie's brother. There was something in the way the mugger paused, then ran that seemed odd. And also the way the muggee looked back and forth between the mugger and Charlie... But maybe I'm seeing conspiracy theories where there are none.

Going down that conspiratorial road... maybe the women don't die, but are just shipped underwater. All the people in that particular hatch are women (all two... OK, a leap of faith), but maybe.

The first thing my wife said when she saw Charlie writing... "What is he? Three?" That being said, I maul my pen when I do my chicken-scratch note taking during interviews so who am I to talk.

I don't hate Jack as much as everyone does. Yeah, there's a stick up his ass, but it must be frustrating to see the love of your life kissing Kate... oops. Now there's a plot twist!!!!

Hope things are well with you. All the best.


Nikki Stafford said...

Pedro: While I disagree about your thoughts on the episode, I must admit the *sudden* reappearance of Rose and Bernard -- when they haven't been seen in the background, weren't in any of the scenes of the entire group confronting Jack or Juliet, haven't been seen as the go-to people for any questions or advice -- very contrived. Oh, we don't really consider them part of the primary group, but let's make Bernard the third shooter. OK.

fb: I TOTALLY laughed at the Covent Garden backdrop (which looked like downtown, uh, Honolulu) and I've only been there once. Great rundown of who could die in the next ep; you're right, it's anyone's game. The DS stands for Dexter Stratton, as I think someone else posted after you, and apparently that's their great-great-great-grandfather or something. Obviously on the mother's side, since it's a different last name. And it's an anagram for RETARD'S NEXT TOT so... I think I'm on to something here. nyar nyar...

And no, I didn't really think Rose and Bernard were dead, I was riffing on the funny conspiracy theories that have been floating around the Internet -- that Rose and Bernard were actually Nikki and Paulo and the blast turned them into young Latin people; that Rose and Bernard are actually Others and feel their work is done here now, etc. etc.

Turns out Bernard was just out in the jungle braiding Rose's hair for several weeks.

Amsted: Oh no! Can you get back to your hotel room and watch it? I hate when vacation conflicts with my tv viewing (I'm such a nerd).

Brian: I was looking around for Des, too, but didn't see him. I haven't done a freeze frame of the scene, so maybe I should. If it really is the Desmond scene, then not only does it show that Desmond didn't time travel, but in his second version of events, Charlie wouldn't have been able to be a hero, because Des would have kept him from actually getting to the woman.

I never thought about the possibility that the women are being dragged down to the Looking Glass station; that's an interesting one.

Good point on Claire's cheerfulness; you're right, when we see her on Day 1 she's pretty sullen and quiet. (And I agree about the boneheadedness of not letting Sayid go to the tower. But maybe he figures it's just a switch or something and he's more experienced at war.)

Justin: I'm spoiler-free, but always excited to hear when people are excited by them. :)

Roland: OMG, someone's paying me big bucks?! I haven't been picking up my cheques!! Where do I go?? ;)

I also wondered why Ben didn't follow Alex into the jungle (or maybe he did and we didn't see that far?) especially since he totally gave her the cold shoulder upon his return for her having given Locke the gun.

I agree about the trailers; the big voice came on at the end with the piano music saying, "Stay tuned for scenes from next week's season finale," and I'm all like, REALLY?? And then it mostly sucked. The ABC one was way better a couple of hours later.

Jay: Your comments always make me laugh out loud. I'm trying to figure out how old Aaron is; I think they've been on the island 90 days, and he was born somewhere around day 35 or something, so he's 2 months old (and looks about 8 with his massive giant enormous head... but we can assume the, um *damage* THAT would have caused when Claire gave birth healed in a couple of days on the island). ;)

You know, I was really staring at that mugger, too, but he's flashed so quickly and his actions came off as such an extra that I didn't pay close attention. I'll freeze the scene and see if I can get a glimpse of him.

Sawyer + Jack. What an AWESOME twist that would be. :) Why AREN'T there any openly gay people on the island?? It seems to be a major oversight. There's a possibility Scott and Steve were gay, but now one of them is gone.

Anonymous said...

CTV's splitting the finale - an hour at 7pm and the rest at 10pm. Stupid AI.

I hope they don't simulcast the last hour with ABC.

I don't want Charlie to die. He's the only hobbit on the island. Maybe Sean Astin could turn up in one of the hatches...

Anonymous said...

If they wanted to stop the signal jamming, why didn't they just blow up the cable on the beach with a piece of dynamite?

Jason Halm said...

So, I am surprised that no one else has mentioned this, but the pilot from the helicopter said that she recognized the dead rocker that a big deal has been made of. There's a greatest hits album - yada yada yada. By my count, they've only been on the island for what three months - tops - perhaps as little as 75 day, right? So, let's do the math shall we? Plane goes down, and some time is spent looking for it - let's give it about 5 days. Plane is found and they have to sort through all the bodies and figure out who's dead and accounted for THEN make an official announcement. I say that's AT LEAST another two weeks, right? We're up to 20 days at that point. Some record executive gets the bright idea to release a greatest hits album, first has to get permission, then put it together, then release and advertise it - that's not to mention the advertising then has to catch on and get people buying the CD for it to take hold in people's memories. I give that at least 1-2 months. Say, aren't we getting past our 75-90 day estimate?

Last, but not least, the way the pilot tells Charlie that she "remembers" about his song is mentioned in a way that someone mentions a fond memory - that took place a long time ago.

"Yeah, I remember Smells Like Teen Spirit. Wasn't it by that guy who shot himself. That was a great song, the public really loved Nirvana." That's the way with which she delivered her line, imo. It was delivered in a way that you talk about something from years ago. When she went on to talk about finding the plane - and her memory was jarred in the episode 2 weeks ago... it seemed to me that she was delivering the line like a person would who's trying to remember the details of a memorable day from the past - signifcantly past. To me she also delivered the line the way that a person recalls something from childhood. Watch it again if you think I am stretching here.

When Evangeline Lilly was on the Jimmy Kimmel show she talked about how if she wasn't on the show - she probably wouldn't watch Lost - BUT ONLY because she doesn't watch TV. However, she told us, even though she's not a TV person, she would be hooked on a show like lost after the Season 3 finale. "Goosebumps" broke out on her arm when she was told of the big twist that we find out at the end of Season 3.

Here's what I think the twist is (and what I expected the pilot to say when she woke for Hurley). "You were on that plane? That's impossible - that plane crashed 25 (or insert a strange amount of time) years ago."
What if the island didn't have a cloaking device running out of The Hatch? What if it had something on it that displaces time and space? What if years have passed for the rest of the world while only months have for the Losties?

Ask yourself this as well. Where did Penny get her fortune to mount a massive search for Desmond? I thought that was Daddy's money. What if Daddy's out of the picture now - because significant time has passed, and he's dead leaving everything to Penny - who perhaps obsessed over the loss of Desmond. Maybe she was just looking for a body at this point.

Anyway - just some crazy thoughts floating around here.

Jason Halm said...

Oh yeah, take a look at my comments on the previous blog post Niki - be interested on your thoughts on my thoughs of Locke.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jason: Good comments! I checked with my husband, who's a sometimes music journalist for Billboard and other places, and he agrees with you that it would have taken a while to put the album out, and you're probably right. Just getting everything past Liam and having him choose the "hits" would have been difficult. (Also, and this is me talking, if they had 2 albums and one hit, what kind of greatest "hits" album could they have possibly put out??) That said, it still makes a great story. :)

As for Naomi talking about You All Everybody like it was in the past, I find most people talk about music that's a year old or older like it's in the long past. "Oh, *I* remember 'Hey Ya'... wasn't that on a double album?" In one of the Hurley flashbacks, we see him singing along to You All Everybody in a record store the day after he won the lottery, which is a few months before he got on the plane. He says to Johnny that it's an old blast from the past. Since that was from their first album, and they had a second one after that, it could be 5 or 6 years old. When Kurt Cobain died in 1994, Smells Like Teen Spirit was only 3 years old, but everyone talked about it like it was ancient history.

While I love the theory that the plane went down a long time ago, the pilot would have been far more surprised to see them all there, not aging. And at the end of season 2, Pen would have looked older if 10-20 years had passed. Anthony Cooper hasn't aged at all. So it might be a stretch. Then again, Richard doesn't age, so maybe there's something to it. :)

I'm assuming Pen was a trust fund kid. :)

Nikki Stafford said...

I went back and checked the episode, and sadly, it's 2 different instances of Charlie busking in the rain. Not only is Desmond nowhere in the crowd, but when I went back to Flashes Before Your Eyes to look at the scene there and compare it, Charlie's wearing a white and black striped shirt. In last night's ep, he's wearing a red one. Damn.

So I was right: He only has one song he ever covered as a busker. Couldn't he have learned "What's the Story Morning Glory," too??

As for the mugger in the alley, it's not clear. They keep him hidden. I freeze-framed it, and I don't think it's Liam; the guy's face is too narrow. Charlie says, "What are you doing? Leave her alone?" and he *could* be talking to his brother that way. BUT if we take the busking to be something he did before they hit it big, Liam wouldn't have been smashed out of his skull on heroin yet, and wouldn't have had a reason to rob someone, I wouldn't think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki and Everyone!

My computer is down so it's tough to post, but I wanted to post this about last week's ep (Ben's ep). For a nitpick, and this is a good one, why on earth would Ben and Dad sit in a van on a balmy island with all the windows rolled up? Part of the joy of being out in the wilderness on a nice day is opening the windows and basking in all that nature.

Please, please don't post spoilers to this site! I go out of my way to live in a glass house before these eps air, and spoilers kill the surprise. Please don't do that.

The most likely person to die would be Bernard (2ndary character), I'd think. Desmond needs to be around for Pen, I'd say. Charlie might "snuff it," but somehow it seems doubtful. He and Claire are a little too redneck for me in many respects, but maybe it's their age. Everyone else who I relate to (the women, really), seems a bit more level-headed.

"Jack"'s m.o. is nearly identical to the character that Matt Fox, the actor playing him, played on "Party of 5." That's on DVD. It was a neat show, and I guess a popular one. Watching too many eps of that at once is like watching the same ep twice: They're all similar. I can't help but wonder: Matt Fox is said to have skinny-dipping parties with his coworkers. I can only hope he isn't somehow being a chest-beater by showing it all off -- ha ha!

In the movie and book "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (awful movie!), Ripley, our psychopathic hero, kills a guy with a boat oar. I mean, really whacks him, and multiple times! Was it me, or did Charlie's one whack just not seem realistic? Poor Desmond. I like him./glenn

Anonymous said...

The mugger could have been significant, or they could have hid his face because the wanted to pay him less, or he was a production assistant or one of the actors we know just filling in.

I like the idea of time passing differently on the island, but I don't think it fits. Besides, there would be no point in blocking a signal if it was broadcasting in different time from the rest of the world. And how old would that make Ben, if Richard didn't age in the time he knew him, but Ben grew up?

It isn't that easy to knock someone out, but TV works on different rules - like the audience wanting to get on with the story and not watch Charlie repeatedly bash Desmond on the head (unless you aren't a Desmond fan).

I liked the Talented Mr. Ripley. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki,

Check your e-mail. I need you on Monday morning for a radio segment. I'm going to talk TV, specifically end of season TV (Heroes & Lost), how the schedules have impacted viewers, etc...

I know it's a vacation, but I can track you down wherever you go!!! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Yay, great episode, blah blah blah.... but this is bugging me, and you'll probably laugh when you read it.
Are you serious about the bug squealing "Yay! I'm on TV!", or are you pulling a Sawyer? And if not, then how loud are you watching your TV?? I have surround sound, and I didn't hear a bug squealing...

Fernando said...

Another oops.

I thought I wasn't going to like this episode, I've been like Charlie just die already! all season. But I liked him in this episodew. Kinda changed my perspective of him a little. I agree with your Jack comments, but I'm trying to image the place without him and it kinda wouldn't be the same.

Kinda spolierish, I guess? Has to do with the promo

In the promo it shows a man being blasted in the Looking Glass, kinda looks like desmond. I really hope Desmond does not die. He is seriously the best.. *crosses fingers for extra instead*

Fernando said...

Disregard my last comment, That was actually the camp. I totally didn't see the tree there on my laptop, but I got to watch the videos and relooked over them just now.

but one more thing about the promo that kinda made me sad. They show Jack saying I love you to Kate.. They should have saved it for the episode, I've been waiting for that ever since Jack needed some

Katherine Trites said...

Wow, love the posts and really have nothing to add, other than I really got back into the show with the last two or so eps, ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!
loved it loved it loved it!
So nice to Bernard and Rose again.
And I was in tears- not with Claire and Charlie- but with Hurley's "I didn't want to go on your stupid boat anyway" and Charlie's sweet I love you to him.sniff!

And um, Nikki?
I sometimes hold my marker that way when I draw.

I didn't think Charlie had to hit Desmond quite so hard. A quick push down and leap into the water would have been equally effective.

Anonymous said...

one last thing ... was the second gun totin' mama in the looking glass hatch cindy, the flight 815 flight attendant? i only got the merest of glimpses, and i haven't seen screencaps, but i seem to recall the woman was fairly tall, with short brownish hair. fits the description. if so, that is REALLY creepy, because they've done some massive programming and brainwashing to her over the past 3 months to change her from tailaway lostie to One Of Them.

or, you know, katie -- sorry, kate -- holmes-cruise could just be doing a quickie cameo, seeing as she has some recent experience in that field. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Jack's "I love you" was actually an edited misdirection.

He was really talking to a case of Dharma beer.

The Chapati Kid said...

Weep. Sorry for posting so late, but I've been avoiding your blog -- okay, not, but I've been skimming your blog like the plague until I finally caught up with the episode this evening.

Waah! I don't want Charlie to die! I wept a little during this episode. He's been with us since Day 1. I don't want him to die. It was the lovely Charlie from the first half of the first season back with us, and it was wonderful.

You know who else is back? Jack.

Okay, and Dharma Initiative anyone?!? I was TOTALLY not expecting to see Ben's former schoolteacher wielding a gun at Charlie in the Looking Glass. Looks like we now have reinforcements from the sea! Oooh, and does this mean we get to meet Alice?

I understand why Jack went and Saiyid stayed. Saiyid may be a communications expert, but he's also a crack shot and a trained soldier who can plan strategy and smell the bullshit from a mile. I think it was completely the right choice for him to stay and fight. Funny how last season ended with Jack et al. tied up, and this season features...

I'm still not totally bought over by Juliet. There's something smelly there, and not because her face looks unwashed. But Kate-Juliet enmity anyone?

The Chapati Kid said...

Ooo. I take that back. It's not the schoolteacher. But I still maintain that they're Dharma leftovers. Just because I can speculate.

Nikki Stafford said...

BAH. Just spent 10 minutes answering all of the comments since yesterday, and stupid blogger went kablooey. I'll do it again when I can find another 10 minutes. Wah.

Anonymous said...

I just had my teeth cleaned, and spent 30 mins eating an ice cream sundae (oooh, my gums ache from the cold!) while watching the taped episode, and I totally forgot to zoom in on the scene where Charlie's holding the marker. I erased the scene. OH WELL./glenn

Nikki Stafford said...

OK, I'll try answering again. :)

Pedro: The cable on the beach doesn't actually have any electricity running through it. It simply anchors the station to the land. Blowing up the cable means it'll just sink to the bottom, but it won't stop the signal -- it'll just make it impossible for THEM to turn it off.

Maddy: Maybe you can only hear the bug in HDTV? I'm sure it'll be more noticeable on the DVDs.... Ok, I'm totally kidding. :)

Fernando: The way they edit the promos, Jack could have been saying I love you to a tree. Or Sawyer.

Kathy: Totally agree about hitting him too hard with that oar. He could have killed him.

fb: No, the other woman definitely wasn't Cindy. The actress is different, and Cindy's already completely assimilated into the Others' camp (she was the one putting up the tent with Locke in "The Brig").

Chapatikid: I'm still not convinced Juliet's above-board, either, which makes me love her more. :)

Anonymous said...

As LOSTs "John Lantham" lives in New York and is leaving behind a teenage son, I suppose it is Michael.