Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun online reviews of Lost Finale
The inimitable Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly has posted his follow-up article (after spending a week thinking about the finale) and it's pretty funny. (My fave part is calling Christian "Daddy Drinksalot.") He poses his always-wacky theories, which in the Lostverse, ain't necessarily so wacky. This is a review by a rabid crazy fan. (A man after my own heart.)

In the middle of the spectrum, on BuddyTV a casual fan has posted his response. This isn't someone who belongs to groups or reads blogs or looks up religious meanings, he just watches his show, enjoys it, and moves on. His post is actually very funny.

I'm still looking for a review that hated it, but can't find one. It must exist. However, what DOES exist are all the naysayers saying, "Yeah, the finale was great. Too bad the rest of the season sucked." Or, "I don't watch Lost, and don't feel bad about not watching Lost." Rob Salem of the Toronto Star had an article last week where he boasted, "I myself gave up on the thing right after that unforgivably lame first-season finale back in 2005. But I am assured by more faithful friends who have loyally stuck with it that, after a season-and-a-half of inconsistent mediocrity, Lost is finally back on track and on its way to reclaiming its former first-season glory."

I think he's watching a different show than I am; I loved that first-season finale. But whatever... only the COOL people hate Lost, right?

However, what's pretty EASY to find are people who hated the Heroes finale. Nyar nyar... (no, I just don't let it go). So here's another one.


ninja raiden said...

I don't know if this pertains to this discussion but I felt that Jack's situation in "Through the Looking Glass" fulfilled the prophecy of meaning of his tatoos.
That is, the idea that the burden of him being the leader of the surviviors has alienated him to the point to being fed up with his situation on the island. This supports Achura's prediction of him being angry because of this siuation.

In turn,for whatever reason Jack is disillusioned upon his return to the "real world", he finds himself not able to adapt to living in civilization and desiring to return back to the island.

"He walks among them but he is not one of them" could possibly refer to his alienation in both "worlds", leaving him angry and alone. This makes him the quintessential Other in the Lost universe and makes Stranger in a Strange Land relevant to his character because he breaks out of one symbolic cage (the island) and into another (greater civilizition) The leader as the ultimate other is the theme and Jack is a Stranger in both of these Strange Lands.

Anonymous said...

I'm in such Lost withdrawal, I'm scouring the internet for cool sites!

I'm not sure if you mind me posting these sites Nikki, but if you don't want me to, please let me IS your blog afterall, and don't want to upset the apple cart! But I hope that you and other fans who read your site will find these as fun as I do...

Here is a really cool site that has detailed information on all the major and minor characters of is amazing! Some characters that I've totally forgotten about! Hope you guys like...

Anonymous said...

My friend didn't like the Lost season finale, and she loved Heroes. But she friendlocked her post, so I can't share it. Doesn't count then, does it? :P

Actually, we realized the other day that the only tv things we agree on are that Spike and Lex Luthor are hot.

The Chapati Kid said...

Hey Nikki,
So I don't know if this means anything, but I just rewatched the funeral parlour scene of the finale, and I'm SURE that Jack says "Either" and not "Neither." I wrote that I thought this in the comments after the finale, but I wasn't sure. Now I am like, bet sure. This means the person in the coffin could even be Claire.

Nikki Stafford said...

Ninja: Great observation! It would finally give some credence to that otherwise blech episode. :)

Roland: Post away! I love following the links, and I'm sure others do, as well. :)

Chapatikid: While I love that theory, and think it would be a great twist to have Claire in there, the transcript of the episode (based on the closed-captioning, which is based on the actual scripts) says Neither. Also, why would Claire be in LA? Why wouldn't she have any friends? And why would Kate be so hostile about not being there? She looks completely taken aback and says, "Why would I go to THAT funeral?" Also, the newspaper reports said it was a man found hanging from a beam, not a woman.