Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brace Yourselves...

The networks are sharpening their axes. Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy were both just cancelled on NBC, and FOX has cancelled MadTV by the end of this season (after announcing a few weeks ago that the brilliant King of the Hill is coming to an end). I've never watched Lipstick Jungle, but friends of mine who have really love it. I've really enjoyed what I've seen of My Own Worst Enemy, so that was a disappointment, though I can't say it's a surprise.

Please say a quick prayer for Friday Night Lights (which is ROCKING this season) and Pushing Daisies.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki. I'm really not all that surprised that My Own Worst Enemy was cancelled either. Don't get me wrong, I totally thought the episodes were great, and the premise was really interesting too. I think that maybe the show could have done better as a mini-series. I guess what I'm trying to say is, "How far could have the series gone before it got redundant?"

You know what I mean? "Oh, look, Edward's on a mission... I bet Henry is going to surface from his mind... AGAIN, and trouble ensues."

Hopefully the last episode has some sort of resolution to Edward/Henry's problem. I remember there being a couple of tv shows that were cancelled and having a weird cliffhanger finale.

Also, I was kind of wondering why you weren't surprised that the show got cancelled. I'm eager to know!

Also Also, King of the Hill IS a brilliant show!

Nikki Stafford said...

Xander: I'm not surprised for EXACTLY the reasons you say. And that the show hasn't gotten a lot of press and hasn't really found an audience, and that typically spells disaster.

Also, is it just me or do most shows that feature a movie star end up in a trash heap a few episodes in? I remember big talk about Ray Liotta's show last season (or season before? Can't remember) and it was the first cancellation. When I heard Harvey Kietel was in Life on Mars I thought "Uh oh..." though that one seems to have found some legs.

And I think Bobby Hill is one of the great television characters of all time. :)

Robbie said...

I didn't know MADtv was cancelled! Thanks for letting me know :)

Austin Gorton said...

Bobby Hill is, indeed one of the great TV characters.

There's been some rumors floating about that ABC might pick up King of the Hill. The rumors have more legs than usual it seems, but likely nothing will be decided for awhile, since Fox will be airing the show (due to the lead time for animated shows) until next season (so into 2010).

Also, Nikki, have you watched Life On Mars at all? A friend turned me on to it, and while I missed the first episode or two, I've really been enjoying it (in fact, I look forward to its new eps far more than My Own Worst Enemy).

Nikki Stafford said...

Teebore: I'd heard that about ABC, too. That would be great. Have you seen the episode called "Bobby's Balls" where he goes to a women's self-defense class and learns to kick other guys in the groin? It's comedy GOLD. My husband and I have watched it about 100 times, and to this day we're always saying, "That's my purse!" and making a kicking motion with our legs. :)

I haven't watched Life on Mars, actually. I'm ashamed to say I didn't enjoy the British series at all -- it was so dull and just seemed like a cop show with a twist. Last night I watched about 10 minutes of an episode, and when Michael Imperioli was on camera with that GINORMOUS mustache, it took me aback. But it looked pretty good, actually. Might be something for me to look into on DVD. :)

Austin Gorton said...

Yeah, I love that ep of King of the Hill, particularly the way Bobby COMPLETELY lays out Hank when he's trying to teach Bobby "real" self defense.

My wife is particularly fond of mimicing Dale's "sha-sha-shaaaa"s.

Life on Mars is definitely worth a look on DVD, though I never saw the British version. It's basically a better-than-average police procedural with a dash of high concept thrown in to make me feel okay about watching a police procedural :)

But the performances are pretty strong and there's definitely some thematic meat to the episodes.

Brian Douglas said...

Bad news. It doesn't look like ABC is going to renew Pushing Daisies:

Sorry Nikki. I know how much you love that show.

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey Brian, thanks for the link. I'm trying to stay optimistic, but it's getting harder. I read another article based on the same news source that played the story the opposite way, saying, "They haven't ordered more eps yet, but they haven't cancelled it either!" Looks like they have the same blind optimism I do. :)

Apparently all the execs at ABC really love Pushing Daisies. It's sort of the same problem Friday Night Lights faced: NBC adored the show and didn't have the heart to cancel it, and they've come up with a way to keep it on, albeit only for a few episodes. ABC might try to do the same thing... I doubt it, but a gal can dream. :)

Anonymous said...

If you liked My Own Worst Enemy, you might like to try the British mini-series Jekyll. Sounds very much like it.

For some reason, I can't post here any more under my name. Weird. I get a google error, whatever that is.


Anonymous said...

Haha! "Bobby's Balls"/"Bobby Goes Nuts" is my all-time favorite King of the Hill episode too! I went a whole week with my friends randomly yelling at each other "THAT'S MY PURSE!"

Bobby's kick in that episode just look utterly hilarious to me.

Also, I wonder what will take MadTV's time slot when that's over and done with.

Anonymous said...

I don't think prayer will save Pushing Daisies. I just read on Dark Horizons that it, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone all got cancelled. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.