Friday, November 07, 2008

Good News... and Possibly Terrible News

The facts are these: Rumour has it that Bryan Fuller, who was on the writing team on Heroes during the first season (a.k.a. its heyday), will be returning to the series in January to revive it and bring it back to its first-season glory. The problem? He's the creator of Pushing Daisies. Fuller has stated he is exclusive to Pushing Daisies until its 13th episode, but if by then it still hasn't been picked up for a full season, he'll be heading over to Hero-land.

This is such a conundrum. Like Ned, Fuller could use his magic touch to bring Heroes back to life. But Pushing Daisies must be the fatality that will suffer the consequences. I loved Heroes in season 1, and the thought that it could return is definitely squee-worthy. But at the expense of Pushing Daisies? Sigh... I'm afraid my loyalties have shifted from the time/space-bender to the piemaker. Getting Heroes back will be a bittersweet thing, if this all comes to pass.


Anonymous said...

Heroes can survive without Fuller. Pushing Daisies can't. I know where my loyalties lie.

Not that interested in Heroes now that my brother Jeph has been booted.


Anonymous said...

My choice is definitely Pushing Daisies. I have stopped watching Heroes after the first 3 shows this season.

A.G.Wooding said...

I have to say my loyalties do lie with Pushing Daisies. Heroes is a good show but it will survive without the return of Fuller but Pushing Daisies will fall without Fuller's help. Let's hope that the piemaking, crime solving drama will not be given the touch of death (I can't believe I just said that.)

Also psyched about the upcoming Lost book, here's hoping it hits the UK shores soon.

Austin Gorton said...

I don't watch Pushing Daises *ducks virtual internet tomatoes and other assorted rotten fruits* but at the same time, even if Fuller were to come back to Heroes, I doubt that one writer could singlehandedly restore the show to its place near the top of the pop culture zeitgeist (as it was in season one), though he might, at least, deliver another Company Man-esque episode or two which would certainly be nice.

But I've been enjoying the show this season regardless, so I'm not yearning for a Pushing Daises cancellation or anything just to get him back.

Nikki Stafford said...

Oh my dear Teebore, I will forgive you this momentary insanity. As long as you rent season 1 and watch all of it, and then somehow catch up on season 2. Then all will be forgiven, and tomatoes will be withheld. :)

But yes, by the comments being left on my recent Heroes posts, I'm not looking forward to catching up on the show. :( But I'm actually curious about how bad it could be. Wah. I had such high hopes for it after the promising premiere. It had its massive leaps in logic and huge plot holes, but it was better than season 2.

Austin Gorton said...

I wouldn't say this season of Heroes meets the high points of season 1, but I would say there isn't anything as bad as the low points of season 2.

More than anything, it's a bit jumbled and scattershot. But I'm still enjoying it, and they definitely improved on some of my major issues (the plot-hammer is still around, but it gets used a lot less).

I am curious to see what you think. And in the meantime, I might just have to jump on the Pushing Daisies bandwagon :)