Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had our Thanksgiving about 5 weeks ago up here in Ca-Nah-Dah, but I wanted to wish my American brethren a happy one. What am I thankful for? That Pushing Daisies existed at all, even if it was short-lived (and that the executives who cancelled it will be replaced some day). That Dexter is SO awesome this season. That Jim and Pam are together. That Friday Night Lights is back to its first season form and is so freakin' brilliant it makes me want to move to Texas and raise my son to play football there. That a certain team on the Amazing Race will have to do an extra task next week. That Alec Baldwin is on 30 Rock. That Lost is the most glorious series on television right now and I have the pleasure of writing about it on a regular basis. That Gossip Girl is the best guilty pleasure a gal could imagine. That True Blood is funny and sexy and way smarter than people have been telling me it is. That Entourage is funny, despite what people have been griping about this season. And that Buffy shall live on for eternity in DVD form.

So what will you be thankful for today?


Michelle said...

mashed potatoes.

ok, and lost.

Brian Douglas said...

This just in: The executives that cancelled Pushing Daisies were themselves fired, but not only fired, they were killed and ground into a fine powder that has a million uses.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for rae xaw. It will always make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Bollywood. Especially Shahrukh Khan.

Doctor Who is popular. And I think it's really true and I'm not a delusional fan-girl in a mental institution.

I'm rather thankful for Nikki, too.

Colleen/redeem147, and not really anonymous at all. Stupid google error.

Anonymous said...

LOST Season Five sneak peek: