Friday, November 21, 2008

Lost Season 5 promo!

So earlier today (see below) I outlined Bad ABC, and now it's time for Good ABC!

We have to go back... like, NOW. (Oh why do I have to wait until January?!) This promo is amazing. (Thanks to The ODI for sending me the link.)

Things I noticed on a first pass:
-Locke is holding the compass that Alpert put in front of him when he was 5 years old and told him it "already belonged" to him.
-Charlotte's nose is bleeding... is it from a fight or is it the same reason that Desmond's nose was bleeding in The Constant?
-Desmond is shirtless.

I really didn't notice much beyond that, since my brain went all foggy after that last image. Mmmmm... ;)

There's a flash in the video to what could either be a short ARG or just a new promo for the new season: Ajira Airways. I've already gone and signed up for updates.

So what else did y'all catch in this?

UPDATE: I've watched it a few more times, and here's some more:
-shirtless Desmond appears to be in bed on boat, so maybe he and Penny stay on her boat as some sort of home where they can escape at a moment's notice
-possible continuity error? Jack says why did all this happen, and Ben says, "Because you left" and he's wearing a black scarf under his coat, but in the next scene, which is from the finale of season 4, he's not wearing that scarf. Did they add a piece of clothing when redoing the scene that shouldn't have been there? I'm wondering if the conversation with Ben continues elsewhere, because I doubt they would have done that by mistake
-Locke finds what looks like a child's shoe. Zack or Emma? Another child? Someone from the DI?
-I'm really creeped out by the look Hurley gives Sayid as S is lying on that table. We see Hurley with a gun, then glancing at Sayid with no emotion at Sayid is unconscious, and then we see Hurley bombing down the street driving what appears to be Jack's SUV. Then we see Hurley praying at a table. Has his paranoia reached new depths, and he no longer trusts Sayid? Could it be because he's discovered that Sayid is working for Ben?

Words cannot express how excited I am for this new season!


Eric said...

Hurley with a gun ... Faraday being approached by someone in a Kelvin-like orange suit ... was that Ms. Klue? Looks to me like we have lots of reasons now to believe that the island has gone back in time.

Eric said...

Okay, guy with the gun on Faraday is in a yellow suit, coming out of one of the hatches. Lots of other scenes mixing the left behind with various Others, some of whom look familiar, but maybe the folks with the bows and arrows, and the flaming arrows, are the hostiles?

Also noticed Sayid in at least two fights, one with Jack?

Who is the guy who's face briefly appears right after we see Sun at her brief meeting with Widmore?

Anonymous said...

Gave me chills...
Caught the Jack and Sayid fight, and caught Sayid lying on a table with Hurley peeking out of a cell? Looks like the Oceanic 6 are not getting along!

Robbie said...

Wow Nikki I'm surprised you missed the HUGEST reveal in this promo.

Brace yourself.

Sawyer and Juliet are HOLDING HANDS! When the firey arrows are flying around.

A better quality promo can be found at

Unknown said...

At 2:23 there is a quick image of some blazing star image with Arabic or Indian type script. I really didn't want to play the video over and over again hoping to see it but someone out there can stop it and find the image.

Nikki Stafford said...

Eric: Guy in the yellow suit... I wonder, if they have somehow gone back in time, could this be Kelvin or an original Dharma employee? I was intrigued by that scene, too.

Roland: It's not just the Oceanic 6 not getting along; it seems to be SAYID who's not getting along with anyone! Hmm... what could our favourite Iraqi be up to? Is he fighting them returning?

Rob: HAHA! I've already mentioned that possible ship in my season 4 book (which is in production now), though I guess if we'd seen him running through New Otherton with Claire in his arms we'd have thought they were together, too! :)

Josh: That flash is the airline I mentioned in my note. Click on the link and you'll see the same image. :)

Anonymous said...

"Guy in the yellow suit... I wonder, if they have somehow gone back in time, could this be Kelvin or an original Dharma employee? I was intrigued by that scene, too."

I don't think it's possible for it to be Kelvin. If the Comic-Con video is any indication, Faraday goes back long before Kelvin's arrival on the island. I think the more likely explanation is that the Hazmat guy is Radzinsky. This strikes me as especially likely because we've never seen that character and so they can cast any actor in the role.

Plus, Radzinsky traipsed all over the island to make the map, so his story is probably really interesting and could be a good way to provide answers.

Anonymous said...

One other thing, Niki...

"-Locke finds what looks like a child's shoe. Zack or Emma? Another child? Someone from the DI?"

It actually looks like he's picking up one of those drug-filled Virgin Mary statues from way back in season one.

Which is intriguing, especially with that shot in the previous promo of the drug plane falling.

Unknown said...

did you here the actors could go on strike in the begining of january :-( that would shorten season 5 and make abc regret keeping daisies and eli stone.

A.G.Wooding said...

Hey, did any1 hear the rumours about Rebecca Mader being demoted from main cast member to guest star. Apparently something to do with contracts. Hope this doesn't mean the awesome stuff we saw with her on the trailer isnt going to lead to nothing.

A.G.Wooding said...

Yeah the news about Pushing Daisies sure did suck, y are tv stations so threatened by a different style of show.
Anyway onto Lost. Best part of the trailer had to be those weird solider people turning up with bows and arrows at the beach. Is this the scene that the survivors finally abandon the beach camp, something that was hinted by Damon and Carleton in a podcast.
Also there was a weird scene were Juliet, Sawyer, Charlotte, Miles, Rose, Bernard and some other survivors are at the beach camp but everything is covered in grass and weeds and their stuff in gone. Because Daniel isn't there this leads me to believe this is before he gets back from the Kahana so could this mean the losties have been teleported back in time 2 a point were the beach camp looked like this. Scary stuff and a perfect excuse to pack up and head inland. This truly looks like one of the best seasons of Lost ever.

A.G.Wooding said...

Woa, I didn't even think that Hurley could have been the one who shot Sayid when I watched the trailer, good stuff. Also Sayid strangling Jack was a bit weird but I did notice he seemed to have an oxygen mask hanging from his neck.
My theory is that Sayid gets injured when he is trying to rescue Hurley from Santa Rosa. Hurley then tries to get him to a hospital, which is when we see his car weaving in and out of traffic in the trailer. Hurley takes Sayid to Jack's hospital but why Sayid would try to strangle Jack I don't know.
Hurley shooting Sayid adds another element to the scene tho. Mayb Hurley gets cold feet and decides to help him but when Sayid wakes up he thinks Jack and Hurley are conspiring against him.
Who knows but we'll find out in Janurary anyway. Omg it's 59 days.

A.G.Wooding said...

One character who was missing from the trailer was Jin. I know it would be a big spoiler to have him appear on the trailer, but the fact that there are a lot of scenes without him worries me. Come back Jin!
Also when i was watching the trailer i thought there was a moment were Miles was being attacked by the smoke monster but when i looked back i think it was just a bomb in the ground. Even then it still looks like Miles has a lot to do in this season which is good.

Jonathan said...

I think Jack is desparate to get back to the island because music in the real world is generic and bland.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jonathan: Not a fan of The Fray? ;) Well, considering the only music Jack seems to listen to at loud volumes so far is The Pixies' Gouge Away and Nirvana's Scentless Apprentice, I'd think his music has been pretty awesome so far. But that's me and my 90s taste. :)

Jonathan said...

Oh I was only referring to the Fray. Not his taste in general.

Anonymous said...

Random thought: one thing I have noticed is that when Jack says "Let's go get 'em", he looks like the same Jack he was on Flight 815 (suit, clean shaved face and such).
So, my guess is: in order to go back, do the Oceanic Six have to "perform" the people they were before the crash, and what they were doing? I mean - Jack and the coffin, fugitive Kate (she must remain in California but we see her leaving in a hurry, possibly running away), crazy Hugo and so on...

Unknown said...

Another clue to being back in time is at 2:04 a blond woman (Juliet?) uncovering the window of the Swan hatch that Locke finds in Season 1.

Anonymous said...

I am having fun watching the re-runs on Monday nights on Sci-fi. 4 shows a night!! YIPPEE! Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the frame of the blood-covered baby (not sure if it is on this video or another one)? Alex, perhaps? After the island travels back 16 years in time, perhaps?