Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lost Return Date Announced!!

Save the date: only 74 more days 'til Lost!

ABC announced today that Lost will be starting up on January 21 at 9pm, at least a week earlier than most people assumed, given last season's January 31 start date. This moves the show to Wednesday nights, which puts it with Private Practice, but which could (gulp) mean bad things for Pushing Daisies or Dirty Sexy Money, both of which are on that night.

The show will have a 2-hour season premiere and will run for 17 straight episodes. I'm so excited I'm going to overlook that bad feeling I now have about the future of my dear Pieman.


Brian Douglas said... reports that Lost will be taking the 9:00 Private Practice timeslot. Private Practive is expected to move to a different time.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

I heard it will start at 8 pm EST and have a three hour run on the 21st. the first hour being a recap and the next two hours being chapter one and two. then the next weeks at 9 pm from then on. sounds pretty kewl to me !!! WooooHooooo it's comeng back soon !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited! Back home to its original timeslot. Isn't it going up against its old nemeses, American Idol and Criminal Minds? I certainly hope that it still pulls in at least 10 million. C'mon DVD season 4!!! I want to see it now!

yourblindspot said...


Between this and the coming final episodes of 'Battlestar', I sincerely cannot remember experiencing a more profound tv season anticipation.

Congratulations, by the way, on finishing the new book! In light of your recent immersion in all things season four, what is your most burning question going into season five? And any sagelike predictions?